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  1. Current 7 day per 100k infection rates (to 25 October) for local authority areas. Will obviously be a factor in determining which Level each local authority will be placed in. WOSFL Areas South Lanarkshire - 388.4 North Lanarkshire - 341.6 Glasgow - 322.1 East Renfrewshire - 261.7 East Dumbartonshire - 261.4 North Ayrshire - 251.6 East Ayrshire - 240.1 Renfrewshire - 223.9 West Dumbartonshire - 185.5 South Ayrshire - 166.1 Inverclyde - 69.4 Dumfries and Galloway - 67.2 For comparison in the EOSFL region West Lothian - 239.2 Clackmannan - 153.3 Falkirk - 109.4 Midlothian - 106.0 Edinburgh - 91.8 East Lothian - 89.6 Fife - 87.5 Stirling - 86.0 Perth and Kinross - 69.1 Borders - 39.0
  2. An indication of what can be gained from streaming. Over 100 on PPV for a game scheduled opposite Scotland v Czech Rep.
  3. It's not that we have too many professional teams (there are only around 22 full time professional clubs). The problem is that we have too many semi-professional clubs who have a disproportionate influence on how the fully professional game is run, e.g. a half a dozen part time clubs in SPFL L1 and L2 can block a league reconstruction that has the unanimous backing of all the full time clubs.
  4. Shutting down all part time football isn't a solution in itself, just like shutting pubs, restaurants, restricting the use of public transport, flying etc. won't get rid of Covid. Covid will eventually peter out by itself, or we will learn to adapt to it always being there. We don't know what the future holds in two weeks time, far less three months, six months or a year ahead. Stopping activities is a defeatist approach to the problem. A load of Lowland League and EOSFL clubs are already adapting to life without fans by streaming games. Among them are Kelty, Bonnyrigg, Boness, Civil Service Strollers, Spartans, Berwick, Musselburgh, Penicuik, Netwongrange and probably several more besides. Most started off with pilot streams free of charge, but some are now charging on a PPV basis. When fans are allowed back it will remain an option to generate additional revenue. Necessity drives change. At the moment clubs should be looking at alternative delivery channels for fans, other than standing on a terrace. It's sad to see so many clubs stuck in a time warp.
  5. Extending the argument that Tier 6 should not be allowed to go ahead, you would end up stopping football across all of Tier 5, Tier 4, most of Tier 3 (excluding Partick and Falkirk) and even some in Tier 2 (Arbroath, Alloa ) would be affected.
  6. There is plenty football going on, even with the current restrictions. I was in Peebles yesterday where Peebles Rovers were playing Luncarty in the EOSFL and an amateur game was going on in an adjacent pitch. There were maybe 35 people watching the EOS game, from a distance, (excluding those in the official parties who occupied the stand). That is not much different from Peebles normal home attendance. Today I was out for a walk around the Gyle in Edinburgh. There were seven youth games going on concurrently, with around 20 or so people (mainly parents), all socially distanced, watching each game, plus the usual dog walkers and joggers stopping for a few minutes. None of those kids had access to changing rooms or showers and the games progressed just like a "normal" Sunday morning. I think clubs are far too precious when citing the lack of changing rooms and showers as a primary reason for sitting out the season. There is only one overarching reason they are sitting it out, and that is money to pay players and other match expenses.
  7. There is no reason why the WOSFL can't have promotion at the end of this season 2020/21. All it would take would be an agreement to run two equal divisions at tier 6, i.e. a Premier League A and B, with say 14 clubs in each league, for season 2021/22. End of season playoffs would determine the WOSFL Champion Club and, if licensed, to also play off for a LL place. Run that way for one season then return to a 16 team Premier League in 2022/23, with the bottom 6 in each league forming the tier 7 league along with next season's tier 7 top sides.
  8. The South of Scotland Football League has decided to "null and void" their season and not to put anyone forward for a play-off to join the Lowland League. That could be a bonus for Bo'ness who will now be the sole nominee to join the LL. Let's hope that the LL does accept them (subject to confirmation of their SFA Licence) and operates the league with 17 teams next season (if Kelty is not promoted via reconstruction). Such a decision would also allow for the promotion of a third team from the EOS Conferences to the EOS Premier League next season.
  9. Depending on when football can resume, 3 conferences may be the way forward to limit the number of games at tier 7.
  10. I agree with all you have said, but if the suggestion that the SFA has been lobbied by two of the WR Juniors biggest clubs is true, then it doesn't bode well for the future of the WOSFL if such influence allows the SFA to ride roughshod over agreements made between the LL and 67 new entrants to the WOSFL.
  11. My personal view is that the Board has got their recommendation as near to a fair solution as was possible in the current circumstances. The aim will have been to avoid punishing any individual club unfairly. By "punishing", I mean, putting into effect a relegation that was previously just a risk of relegation. At the top end of the tables, I don't have an issue in designating champion clubs on a PPG basis, allowing the nominated clubs to be considered for promotion For the chasing clubs, they have lost out on a "potential" title winning or promotion promotion place. I don't see that as a "punishment" per se, more like the loss of an opportunity. I don't consider it as bad as losing your current status in the League I think the proposals, as a package, represents the best and fairest result that could be achieved for all clubs in the circumstances that the League finds itself. Some clubs will have gained a little, while others have lost a little, but no-one has been "punished" unfairly.
  12. Both the Highland League (Rod Houston) and Lowland League (George Fraser) are represented on the Budge/Gray task force, which is at least a step forward. https://spfl.co.uk/news/reconstruction-group-announced
  13. I hope the Buffs weren't planning on salvaging too much from Abbey Park
  14. The Gowfers don't appear to be very happy with the ERJFA, or very happy about anything really https://www.thegowfers.com/club-statement/ .
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