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  1. I agree, but with some mitigation as they felt aggrieved with the three penalties awarded against them. The first was soft with Austin feeling a touch on his back and going down easily. I was actually pleased to see the ref award the second, as many refs wouldn't have given it. The keeper made late contact after the Kelty player got his shot away. Most refs tend to ignore such late challenges if the striker gets a shot away. Swap the roles around and if the keeper clears a ball but the striker makes a late challenge, it is given as a foul 10 times out of 10, normally with a yellow card too. The third was a foul, but there wasn't a lot in it. Both the defender and the attacker go for the ball, the attacker gets a touch marginally before the defender then hits the deck.
  2. Lots of cash on offer to BSC if the prize and TV money numbers from another thread are correct Prizemoney PR1 - £3,000 PR2 - £3,000 R1 - £4,000 R2 - £5,000 R3 - £6,000 R4 - £9,000 R5 - £12,000 R6 - £15,000 SFs - £18,000 Final (loser) - £30,000 Final (winner) - £60,000 TV Money R1 - £2,000 R2 - £3,000 R3 - £5,000 R4 - £32,500 R5 - £32,500 R6 - £32,500 SFs & Final - £480,000 split among participants (implies £80,000 per club per game)
  3. How many of the teams that moved from junior to senior in the EOSFL for season 2018/19 would have deemed themselves as ambitious or progressive clubs when they joined? I suspect that the majority only moved as part of a critical mass, just so that they wouldn't be left behind. If you asked the same question again, I'd suggest that many more clubs would now view themselves as ambitious. You only need to look at the step change in facilities at grounds, attendances, the increased commitment to development teams and a desire to become licensed in order that they can reap the potential benefits of access to higher leagues and funds from cup competitions. The challenge is there for the West Juniors. How many clubs are ambitious enough to join the pyramid, and replicate what the Juniors in the East have done? We saw earlier today what can be achieved, as both Bonnyrigg and Broxburn played in the 4th round of the big Scottish Cup, Bonnyrigg in front of a sell out crowd of over 2,200 and Broxburn selling out an away allocation of 1,600. That is success and progress for clubs that are truly ambitious. I don't think that it would take many sides in the West to create a critical mass, but it does need one or two of the leading sides to demonstrate that they do want to progress, rather than settle for being the big fish in a diminishing pond, sweeping up the crumbs that remain in the juniors.
  4. I've seen them play on both. I think Spartans has first call on the main pitch, so if both Spartans and City are at home, then City will play on Pitch 2.
  5. I was standing under the enclosure, but had taken some photos on my phone at the game. A head count from the photos of those behind both goals and on the dressing room side was 582. I would estimate around 350 on the enclosure side, but without a photo to back it up, suggesting a total around 932.
  6. Funniest moment was at half time, when a guy walking behind the goal was smacked on the side of the head by a stray shot by a sub. He was knocked flying onto the terracing, but got up as proud as punch having held onto the two pies he was carrying, completely intact. 🥧🥧
  7. Bonnyrigg Rose [email protected] Attendance for tonight’s game was 339. Thanks to the large travelling support who made the journey to the Indodrill to see that we can do on a cold Friday night in Alloa. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
  8. I'd echo the comments above about the game and the 2nd half in particular. If I heard the announcement correctly, there were 339 at tonight's game, BSC's biggest crowd of the season by some distance.
  9. The pitch doesnt matter when you punt the ball continuously from back to front Yes ........ just the five hoofball goals today ...................................Not!
  10. Easy win for the Rose today. Could easily have been a few more. I was a bit disappointed by the Colts TBH. The pitch cut up a little with a few bobbles as a result, but was perfectly payable.
  11. This is a concern. (For BSE read BSC) East of Scotland Football [email protected] Should go without saying we, as all decent-minded people hopefully would, condemn outright the alleged behaviour alluded to here. Disgustingly ignorant - it's to be hoped the culprit's taken to task. @Tadi_Muzambi @ScottishFA @EastScotlandFA
  12. I tried to watch both games at Ainslie Park from the balcony at the cafe. Spartans had a penalty saved, then 30 seconds later they were 1-0 down. A penalty for LTHV made it 2-0 at HT. Spartans still looked like they might get back into the match but were killed off by the 3rd, after which the heads went down and they conceded a 4th Edinburgh City were just too clinical for CSS. At 2-0 and 3-0 CSS had great chances to get back into the game, but the City keeper brought off a couple of great saves. I left with about 10 minutes left with the score at 5-0.
  13. Spartans 0-4 LTHV at Ainslie Park. Edinburgh City was 5-0 up on CSS on the adjacent pitch when I left. East Fife 2-1 Bonnyrigg Kelty 3-2 Caledonian Braves
  14. Much improved following the damage done as a result of games played in poor conditions. It's been tined to help dry it out.
  15. It's the same prices that Linlithgow charged against Falkirk in the last round. Bonnyrigg charged £10/£5 for the game against Montrose.
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