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  1. If the proposal goes through then I expect there will be a lot of regular fans who will boycott games against the OF. I don't follow one particular team and tend to mix and match my games between LL and EOS, so it's likely that I will give priority to EOS games next season.
  2. If the proposal was as simple as an arrangement with the OF for each LL club to play four friendlies against OF colt sides over the course of the season, in return for a wad of cash, then I would have no objection. However, if the proposal is for those results, or indeed the Colt teams themselves, to be included in any LL league table, then it's a big no from me.
  3. Excellent statement by Bonnyrigg https://www.bonnyriggrosefc.co.uk/news/celtic--rangers-b-team-entering-lowland-league-members-vote-results-2615312.html
  4. I think that this proposal is George Fraser's first major mistake in charge of the LL and that he has misjudged the mood of the other clubs in the pyramid. He would be better served by extending the LL to 20 teams for next season by inviting the best licensed EOS sides from last season, Jeanfield, Tranent, LTHV and Linlithgow, (assuming Kelty goes up). You could then relegate 4 and promote 2 for the next two seasons (one from EOS and one from WOS, assuming that the SOS participant in any payoff loses to the stronger leagues), to get back to the optimum 16 team league. That would also have the benefit of accelerating the period for the weaker teams in the LL to find their correct level for their ability.
  5. Sauchie Juniors [email protected] Couple of friendlies now confirmed 22nd of June- Home to Bo'ness United FC 26th of June - Home to Cumbernauld United.
  6. I agree that a 14-14-14 setup would be best for next season. I don't see the benefit creating a multi-level EOSFL at tiers 6/7/8/9. Pyramids are meant to be widest at their lowest level.
  7. Meadow tweeted this a month ago. Talbot had their floodlights SFA certified in October last year, one assumes to meet licensing requirements. https://www.auchinlecktalbot.com/floodlights-gain-certificate/
  8. I haven't heard them mentioned. Kilwinning is the one I would expect to be added to the list if they have applied.
  9. Only Dunbar from the EOS as far as I know. Clydebank, Cumnock, Auchinleck, Darvel, and Irvine Meadow from the WOS expected to be confirmed.
  10. Three missed out. Harthill to go to the WOSFL. Linlithgow and Sauchie community clubs to go back to the amateur ranks?
  11. It is probably worthwhile posting all known pre season friendlies on a single thread to allow fans to know what games are scheduled and when. Fans, in limited numbers, will also be allowed as soon as Scotland moves to Level 2 (May 17), then onto Level 1 (early June) and Level 0 (late June). Level 2 - Max outdoors seated - 500, free standing - 250 Level 1 - Max outdoors seated - 1,000, free standing - 500 Level 0 - Max outdoors seated - 2,000, free standing - 1,000 Haddington Athletic has published the following.
  12. Again, I'd have no issues with that. If the standard was a 16 team league, and there were exceptional circumstances leading to an expansion, then the number of relegation places should be increased for the next season accordingly.
  13. I've no issue in expanding L2 just as long as the trade off is two automatic relegation places between tiers 4 and 5.
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