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  1. The relevant bit from the SPFL rules reads: Annex 9 - I(c) Any amendment to these Pyramid Play-Off Rules must be agreed by each of the Scottish FA, SPFL, SHFL and SLFL prior to it becoming effective. Edit: That looks as if the SPFL’s proposals could be deemed “ultra vires”, therefore subject to challenge by the HL / LL. Of course, the HL / LL could use the situation as a bargaining tool to facilitate the automatic relegation of Club 42 in future years.
  2. Does anyone have a note of which prospective WOSFL clubs currently have floodlights? I suspect that those facilities may need to be hired by other local clubs looking to catch up on any postponed league or cup fixtures, should we have a delayed start to the season or a bad winter. Obviously the number of clubs with floodlights should increase as more clubs seek an SFA Licence.
  3. Forth's ground is at 280m. There might be others at a similar altitude in the Lowland area. Also possible that there will be North Region juniors that could surpass that figure. Edit: Shotts 231m, Fauldhouse 232m
  4. I'll be interested to see how many WOSFL clubs enter next season's U20 league. Currently there are 29 teams split into two conferences, but they are drawn from multiple leagues, SPFL L1, SPFL L2, LL, EOSFL and SoSFL. Depending on numbers, there may be a case for regional conferences to cut down on travel costs, with most games scheduled to start at 8pm on Friday evenings. Unless clubs already have a 3G surface and floodlights, games are normally played at Council, School or University facilities.
  5. I remember Tommy Traynor who played for Hearts, Dundee Utd and Falkirk in the 60s and 70s.
  6. The geography of the country is quite deceptive. Berwick's Shielfield Park (55.76o N) is fractionally further North than East Kilbride's K Park (55.75o N)
  7. Currently at tier 7 in the EoSFL, there are 9 Licensed sides out of 24 (or will be once rubber stamped at the next SFA AGM). Three of them came from the East Juniors, Dunipace, Easthouses and Haddington just two years ago. Those clubs showed ambition to progress, improve their facilities and embrace what the pyramid offered. Alongside them are a mix of similarly ambitious ex junior clubs who are still progressing their licence, such as Dalkeith, Oakley, Edinburgh Utd and St Andrews. Others such as Glenrothes, Kinnoull and Arniston may choose to go down the licence route or they may not. If they don't, then they can still be promoted to the EOS Premier League at Tier 6. No side has been "cast adrift" or left behind in any other way. The 8 new ex-East Junior applicants to the EOSFL for next season will join at Tier 7. Each of them will find their level (at tier 6, 7 or 8.) after just one season, but ultimately it will be up to each club how they embrace the new league. If they are comfortable at that level then great. The EOSFL allows clubs to operate at a level that matches their ambitions, but they will still have access to the various competitions that will allow them to face the "Big Guns" with the luck of the draw.
  8. The challenge for WOSFL clubs is to get compliance with a licensing audit by the end of February 2021. I would have thought (notwithstanding the impact of Covid on potential sources of funding), that a few clubs could make that deadline., e.g. Auchinleck, Kilwinning, Clydebank and Cumnock. They would also have to win the conference play-off as well as being licensed, of course.
  9. That is the position for the current season. It will be up to the LL clubs to agree to any change, although I would expect them to come under pressure from the EOSFL and WOSFL, in particular, to increase the number of automatic relegation places.. Equally so, I'm sure that the LL would like the SPFL to automatically relegate club 42, instead of going through a play off process.
  10. Kilwinning Q&A live now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tDoKGHLYQ&fbclid=IwAR2nkjapnVZ3HLhWtyTQZhT7fT0GLB_-GlqZjeKbBJKJkTF4YlT-3vXYLWA
  11. The EOSFL clubs voted to delay dispensing with the conferences until season 2021/21. Apparently is was a close vote on the date, with many clubs looking to dispense with conferences in season 2020/21. With the influx of at least another 8 teams (mainly from Fife) for next season, the decision to retain conferences for another season does offer a final opportunity for clubs to join at just one level below the EOSFL Premier League.
  12. It's more likely to be tier 9. I think that it would be better to have conferences at tier 8 going forward. The essence of a pyramid is that it gets wider towards the lower levels. Creating WOSFL and EOSFL "towers" extending from tier 6 to tier 9 seems an unnecessary hierarchy. Creating a tier 9 would make the "pyramid" look more like a cigar. T1 - Prem T2 - Champ T3 - L1 T4 - L2 T5 - HL / LL T6- WOS P / EOS P / SOS T7 - WOS C / EOS C T8 - WOS L1 / EOS L1 T9 - WOS L2 / EOS L2 Adding the NRJFA and NCL would only serve to bloat tiers 6 and 7
  13. I would expect that the WOSFL conferences would be seeded as they were in the EOSFL. It would still mean 4 clubs from each division in each conference, but Kilwinning, Pollok, Auchinleck and Irvine Meadow/Glenafton* would be seeded into separate conferences. * It will depend on whether points per game or current positions are used for seeding purposes.
  14. I'm not sure that one word would describe their position. However, It seems very much in line with the five stages of grief, somewhere between "Denial and Isolation" and "Anger" Next season they may go through the "Depression" stage, and then enter the "Bargaining" stage with the EOSFL to see at what tier they can enter the pyramid, and finally "Acceptance" of what they are offered at tier 8 or whatever.
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