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  1. Be nice at the start of July for the club to announce we are ready for the start of the new season with all players in place. Seems every season we are way behind every other team in terms of sorting a squad of players out. And Barry Smith playing today FFS!
  2. Christopher McLaughlin a left back formerly with Ross County and Dumbarton is one.
  3. Fantastic, clearly you don't deserve to earn that amount of money anyway using language like that.
  4. Can't wait to see how CityDieHard will misspell the new managers name. Smit perhaps?
  5. At the post match v Montrose Dods blamed the poor first 20 min display on 'getting back home from Peterhead at 2am from the Tuesday night game'. This was 4 days ago Darren! If they had played extra time then yes i can accept that, but not this excuse. I'm sorry but time has run out for him.
  6. The late wacky comic Frank Sidebottom was fond of the word 'bobbins'.
  7. So looks like another season playing the 6-4-0 formation?
  8. 4:4:2 ? No 0:0:10 it has to be. And we'd still not score!
  9. Nice to get away from the likes of you. On the whole most teams on here have been very welcoming to Brechin but without doubt Morton have some of the most vile supporters on this website.
  10. Think he has to go at the end of the season, give a new coach time during the summer to get going. If we give Dods a few games at the start of next season and we get off to a poor start as i fear we could, the choice of a replacement could be more limited. Has Dods stopped giving press conferences after games now or are they just not being posted on the website? I miss him saying 'disappointing' every few words!
  11. The embarrassment is that it's only 19 goals to choose from.
  12. Goal of the season voting now on the website. Just 2 of the 19 to pick from. Embarrassing or what.
  13. If they could just let us score one goal, preferably first to get Jeff Stelling off his seat....
  14. I hope you're not implying Diehard, sorry slangs wasn't at the game?
  15. And you'd replace him with who? Dick Cambel Ray McKinon Alan Stubs or how about Billy Dodds at least you might spell his surname correctly!
  16. His new car, registration number DODDS1, which i doubt he's very happy with!
  17. How can you tell how we defended whilst watching your lot (Alloa) concede a last minute goal yesterday?
  18. Must be time consuming going between the Championship forum and the League 1 forum where your team (Alloa) resides?
  19. And looking at the tables on BBC text we are top of the league already!
  20. White shirts for the home kit. Really? We don't want to start looking like Airdrie now do we?
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