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  1. Not sure when GTF day is but can we just have a thread which doesn't run for a single season. Call it 'when the sun shines' or something.
  2. This. I feel (maybe wrongly) that we've been late to the party when it comes to signing players once the current season comes to a close. I'd buy my season ticket now if it was possible to help get money in.
  3. Spence probably the last goalscorer we had and even his goals disappeared when Smith jetted off to Australia, so we need the right kind of player to get the ball to a striker as well to convert the chances.
  4. Club 42 straight down, replaced by the winner of the HL /LL playoff, loser of said playoff gets another chance against club 41. That would sort out the imbalance quicker.
  5. Look at me red card by the ref ETA that's a shocking challenge.
  6. Hopefully the plan is to build a team to go straight back up, that means a squad capable of winning the play off not just winning the LL. I expect a few players will want to play at tier 4 or better so might not be here next season. If Mo Ross wants to remain the manager that's fine with me, let him build a team, use the parachute payment well and hopefully we can do it. Gill, Mullen, Thomson, Barr, Morrison, Ompreon, Barrowman, Coulson would be worth keeping as they are L2 level or better. Rovers might not want their player getting LL time though. I'm sure Liam Buchanan could score for fun against some of the LL teams but we'll need another couple as well up front.
  7. Even Keltys ground is poor in parts, if you are in the covered terracing at the high Street end you can't see a fair bit of the pitch due to the dugouts, thick steel beams and covered sides with window cutouts. The other 3 sides are fine though. In the new stand at our ground if you are near the back towards the high st you have an unobstructed view. The main issue at the back of the terracing is stupid flags blocking the view, the floodlights don't really affect it much. Let's face it, a lot of grounds have their features.
  8. Enjoy league 2, know what it feels like to win games like this. Some days you're the pigeon other days the statue. Sure you will do well.
  9. Suzanne Vega - Luka, about a child getting a beating at home.
  10. Elgin, Stirling, Albion all likely if they don't sort themselves out are all likely candidates.
  11. Football is an inconvenience to the owners though. Just taking a look at the lowland league, it'll be nice to see a few different grounds TBH.
  12. Yes http://www.cowdenbeathfc.com/index.php?act=viewNews&id=3161
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