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  1. Mo isn't going anywhere let's be honest, no cash to make it happen. We'll get enough points to be safe but probably end up in the lower quarter of the table come end of season. Stirling were a good side though but our game was honking on the night. There was no idea both on and off the park.
  2. 2 gallons of petrol wasted, spineless performance.
  3. McFadden talking a lot of sense there. This format beats friendlies any day.
  4. Aye, it was definitely a penalty saved as opposed to a penalty missed.
  5. And when he left looked like he had a young child with him, should have been made to leave for his conduct. Complete embarrassment of an individual and a terrible role model for those he had with him.
  6. Penalty saved, hit the post, couldn't take our chances. Game was a bit rubbish after the first 30 mins or so.
  7. The new flag is a total GIRFUY to the football supporters on the terracing.
  8. I was on a flight from LA to San Francisco and when I asked for a beer and a G&T the reaction from the cabin crew was 'you want a beer AND a Gin and Tonic?'. Yes, was my reply.
  9. Bringing on Jean-Luc Picard is a good call, not sure he should try to break the prime directive though.
  10. Yes, you can get a full refund, I'm assuming your itinerary starts in the UK (or EU). Doesn't really matter TBF and you're always got the section 75 option if they don't play ball. Don't expect you'll have many issues getting a refund.
  11. Just looked up the dictionary for pasting in case I'm missing something but can't see what it might be.
  12. Per cycle, not Per hour. The most you can put down a 13A plug is 3000W approximately which would be 3kWh.
  13. Good luck to him, his fan club might show up at Tranent.
  14. God for him, I would have kept him another season to be honest.
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