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  1. Don't know who I want to win this as Coventry is the first FA Cup final I remember watching, or Luton as they have a old school stadium
  2. Was very much a product of it's time when it first started, FHM, Loaded, Soccer AM, lads, lads, lads. Social media and Wall to Wall football means things like showboat could be seen in advance. Was a great piece of TV years ago in the same way Hollyoaks omnibus was on a Sunday. Fittingly Lovejoy is now on the Sunday Am C4 slot which sort of sums it all up.
  3. Good news on the signing fronts and if the manager knows how to get them to play together then looks optimistic for the year ahead. Scott Sinclair is only going to get better as he gets older and stronger so if we can keep the defence solid and get a formation that creates chances then we'll be up there.
  4. These last few playoff games have been tremendous yesterday and today.
  5. https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/baggage-essentials/lost-and-damaged-baggage/making-baggage-claims As long as the delay matches the amount of stuff bought then I'd imagine you'd be fine, might be worth seeing what you're travel insurance says as well as that might be more generous.
  6. Couldn't see how it would work either but just passing on what I had been told as it came from someone who is involved with racing and knows nothing about the football team.
  7. Someone told me the guy who owns the Lochgelly race track has bought Cowdenbeath stock cars. Also said we are getting kicked out and moving to Venters Park. No idea if any of this is true just saying what I heard
  8. I'd be more than happy to see them kicked out and never go anywhere near a league in any tier to balance it out.
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