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  1. Nope, lots of places let you pay in BTC. Scan, for example.
  2. He was clearly going too fast and when you post stuff like this then you need to be able to accept it back at you.
  3. Would be better if someone like Radiohead did a concert like Oasis did back in 96(?) at Loch Lomond, cast, manics, black grape, couple of others. Great day and far better than a lot of the rubbish at Trnsmt.
  4. Aye, that's a tough one to deal with. You or anyone you know got a decent social media following, could try and shame Airbnb on twitter or something. Going public often yields decent results.
  5. Let frontline NHS workers board planes first!
  6. I bought the world's worst thesaurus recently, it was terrible terrible. (Stolen from the TV)
  7. You've got to remember that England binned restrictions about 2 months ago so the 'zoom up' might not happen as a lot of the cases that would have occurred due to schools going back will have been gradual over the last 2 months.
  8. She'll go on about reckless tories no doubt and how she's keeping us safe and makes no apologies for doing so and won't take any lectures because wE jUsT dOn'T kNoW.
  9. Think it's been proven that the jump in cases in Scotland is due to the wind coming up from the south blowing all the covid particles from England into Scotland, Apparently Boris said 'these things happen'.
  10. My wife's a nurse and there just isn't enough staff, loads are off on maternity, sick or isolating, everyone's working extra but breaking point is near. Clinics are getting stopped apparently too redeploy the staff in wards. Doesn't seem to be due to Brexit in my wife's ward but that might be more of an issue in the city hospitals.
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