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  1. With power supplies and Graphics Cards being scarce and expensive it's not a great time to buy. Something with an integrated GPU like an AMD 3400G wouldn't be a bad idea and then you could stick a GPU in it in a few months time. Would you be able to build it yourself?
  2. I've never paid the sticker price on a car. Think of it like sky TV, people paying full price mean bigger discounts for people who haggle. Asking for a discount in Currys often works as well.
  3. Can't see us finishing in the top 4 or 10th so I'd be happy for a null and void and just divide up any monies equally between the clubs. Not keen on current placing if teams have games in hand, ppg if there needs to be some sort of conclusion but null and void would be my preference. Did the league produce any sort of document detailing the plan for this happening again?
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