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  1. Middlesbrough monitoring Baccus too. Middlesbrough monitoring Australian international ahead of January - The72
  2. Scottish Premiership: What does the table for 2022 look like? - BBC Sport
  3. I was just joining in the fun. I can see the sending off from both perspectives. VAR, despite what some thought, was never going to make matters black and white. Referees seem to penalise players for the sort of challenge made last night, even if they win the ball first. It happened to us v Ross County with Shaughnessy receiving his marching orders. I was somewhat aggrieved at the time, but could just about see why it was deemed a red. I seem to remember that it was the fourth official that spotted it. Collum. Wee walloper. Last night, the VAR official clearly did think it was a clear error on the ref's part and, on review, the referee, having had a closer look, agreed. Rightly or wrongly, this is the world we've voted in for ourselves. I do disagree that the tackle wasn't out of control. If the player wins the ball by sliding in without his studs raised and foot off the ground and catches Baccus then it's a simple foul, with little controversy. However, I think we'll probably agree to differ on that,which is all in the name of healthy debate!
  4. Especially if it's an out of control stamp off the ground with studs showing just about ankle height. Nothing to see here.
  5. Potentially. Also, would it be more valuable than Ethan's current contribution to the team? Whether you rate him or not, he's been an integral part of a largely settled midfield, which, IMO, has performed consistently well so far. The gamble is whether Gogic is an able replacement or indeed will a new signing (possibly McCalmont from Leeds) do the job. Ethan leaving could be the difference between top six and bottom six. Still, if we require immediate funds to balance the books a bit, then it makes sense.
  6. I wonder what the difference in monetary value is between the quoted £350K* fee and any development fee we're due at the end of the season. *It's The Sun, so could be a made up figure.
  7. Just a pity that it has taken until now to find a manager that has got the best out of him. Forest Green and Portsmouth seem to be the two clubs.
  8. The only "f**k up" yesterday was all down to your shit defenders. VAR was magnificent compared to them. But hey, blame VAR for a poor manager and dreadful recruitment in the summer, if it makes you feel better.
  9. To be fair, your fans seem to be more upset about him than us. We're just laughing that you actually gave us money for him. Delightful. P.S. Declan Gallagher is miles better than any of the shite that currently inhabits your defence.
  10. Aberdeen seemed soft as shite, as opposed to us being overly physical.
  11. Absolutely correct. A player could be sent off for booting somebody up the arse then sticking the head in them and Walker would say, "I don't see why he was sent off". A fucking balloon of the highest order.
  12. Watched the game on Alba again and it was good to see that VAR, for a change, got all the major decisions spot on. You could say "penalty" spot on............. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but the Aberdeen defending for our third goal was magnificently shite and watching Kiltie roll it into the net from 35 yards was extremely pleasing. I also noticed that one of the Aberdeen diddies controlled the ball with his hand before they hit the bar in the second half, so that would have been ruled out by VAR.
  13. Indeed. He's been outstanding. What an engine he's got. He's also got a bit of skill and knows where the goals are. Could be a bit better at taking penalties though.
  14. 5 rules in football that most fans are confused or unaware about (sportskeeda.com) Fanny!
  15. Was one of them called Elvis? Aberdeen hit the post then scored. after that they didn't trouble us at all in the 1st half. Carson could have had his pipe and slippers out.We should have been ahead at HT. We continued to dominate up until Ayunga missed his penalty. We've only ourselves to blame for the last twenty minutes, as we should have been two or three up by then. Happily Aberdeen were as profligate in front of goal as we were. The icing on the cake was Roos going up with about 4 or 5 minutes left which eventually resulted in Kiltie finishing superbly. I'd say unlucky Jim, but that's not the case. You just weren't good enough.
  16. Looks like Taylor was at Southend United when Joe was there. The Waterford fans don't seem overly enthused about his footballing ability. Waterford FC (Blues Community) | Facebook
  17. Greive out today as he's back in NZ due to a family bereavement.
  18. Absolutely. Before the match Goodwin mentioned that he was studying Robinson's tactics on how to win against the green bigots. Clearly he either didn't or he did and completely misinterpreted Robinson's plan. I only watched the last half hour of yesterday's game and Aberdeen's performance was night and day compared to ours.
  19. I think the general consensus was that he was very good, although a wee bit naive at times, due to his age. He was recalled to Hull in January. I'm sure he's developed into an even better player.
  20. And that was with all his little co-conspirators spreading scare tactic stories across social media and via e-mail. There was also lobbying via e-mail, which is against the SMISA rules. Pathetic.
  21. The appointment of Eddie Devine as SMISA chairman is really making me think about cancelling my membership. All the shit stirring etc. a month or so ago seemed at the time to be pretty orchestrated. This just confirms it for me.
  22. Given that Erhahon's contract runs out in June, we might try to get some cash for him. McCalmont seems to be a defensive midfielder, so a like for like replacement. Of course, Gogic would be first choice replacement. Also, now that Ferdinand is Erhahon's agent, that might enhance his chances of getting a decent move.
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