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  1. St Mirren 1 - 1 Hearts - Match Report & Highlights (skysports.com)
  2. I'd say that he's way more mobile. He was all over the pitch today, tracking back and making tackles.
  3. And then blew a chance to win the game by blazing wildly over the bar rather than squaring the ball for Main to tap in. Like it or not we've been sold a pup with Brophy. Cheers Jimbo!
  4. He's in good company then. All of our strikers today had more than decent chances and wasted them. In fact in our two previous matches both Greive and Brophy had even better chances and wasted them. Also, Gogic is a defensive midfielder, so I'd expect him to be far better at closing down than a winger.
  5. Indeed. Whether you agree or disagree on the end result, it was a needless challenge.
  6. You must be seeing things that I didn't. He was fine when he came on. Robinson was going mental at every player for most of the second half. In his time on the pitch Olusanya created a great chance for Main and made a great run, which unfortunately resulted in a finish which matched our other two strikers in its lack of quality. Then he won the free kick that wasn't at the end with some great play. Although, he did give the ball away twice before winning it back. Great entertainment!
  7. On balance of play, I suppose a draw is a fair result. Although, we should have been a couple up at HT. Even with Heart's improvement in the second half they only troubled Carson twice. One of which was a rather fortuitous goal, due to our shite defending. The other was Shankland's header which was straight at him. We forced their keeper into several saves in the second half. I left thinking that we'd dropped two points and that we should have punished Heart's defensive mistakes. Not a bad result considering we were without four first choice players. Hearts moved the ball a lot faster in the 2nd half and were a different proposition all together. However, Baccus being subbed contributed to that as Kiltie wasn't as disciplined in closing down the space as the former is.
  8. From the individual that said Baccus was too lightweight. Olusanya was hooked so that we could bring on a defender to fill Fraser's position. It's standard procedure to remove one forward and keep your best forward on, as Brophy found out last week. Only a fool would think otherwise.
  9. Gallagher not being available is a bit of a blow.
  10. I don't think you're rivals. Just a shower of wannabe cream bun of wankers. There. That should do it.
  11. In an interview a few weeks ago (9th December) he said that he hadn't received an offer. 'I haven't heard anything about a new deal' Ethan Erhahon opens up on England ambition as St Mirren midfielder's future remains uncertain - Daily Record
  12. The stupidity of KTID26 is certainly a factor.
  13. Power certainly wasn't. I wonder where he ended up.
  14. I think that you may need to improve your research skills.
  15. Given that we've been linked with two young defensive midfielders from Leeds (McCalmont) and the green bigots (Robertson),I'm sure we'll have a similar player to come in if needs be.
  16. Preceding Jack Ross, we had a horrific spell of appointments in Tommy, Craig, Ian Murray and Alex Rae, that took us to the brink of the third tier.
  17. I think it's way past your bedtime. Mind and get someone to tuck you in.
  18. Not as funny as the tear stained posts from Kilmarnock fans.
  19. I think he's just pissed off that his big team blew their lead earlier in the day.
  20. He was fantastic in his spell with us before he left for Liverpool. He did a turn for us when he came back in the mid eighties too. Sad news.
  21. I suppose a day when it doesn't rain in Greenock is a highlight of some sort.
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