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  1. I think the former are only too well aware of just how low down the pecking order they are, as they lost a 16 year old striker to Aston Villa for a couple of hundred grand earlier this summer.
  2. Apparently so. Can only see this ending one way. A couple of hundred grand and significant add ons.
  3. Dylan Reid a Rangers transfer target as Ibrox club set to swoop for rising St Mirren starlet - Daily Record
  4. First goal down to Flynn completely missing his header. He won't be able to do that from the subs bench or the main stand. A lot of tired looking tackles put in for the 2nd goal. Third was down to a 15 year old getting caught on the wrong side of his man. Definitely relegation material. Interesting to note that Brophy is being treated with "kids gloves" regarding pre-season, to try and rid him of the cycles of injury he has encountered so far. Looks like our new physio, has put this in place. Also, Baccus arrival, like other club's foreign signings, being hindered by red tape.
  5. Just put him on ignore. It will save you having read a copy and paste of what he's posted on here for the past few seasons. It also starves him of the attention that he seeks.
  6. Ahem. I think you must have missed this. Celtic and Rangers snubbed as two Scottish clubs among the top 10 best-run teams in Europe | The National However, I've absolutely nothing against Kilmarnock. Their fans are pretty decent, and like us have a healthy dislike of the old scum.
  7. I'm sure we'll be able to rearrange a game with The Burgh. They'll give us a tougher game.
  8. I presume, like Brophy and Main, that he's not deemed match fit.
  9. Arbroath tickets They weren't there yesterday. However, they are there now on the main ticket part of website.
  10. https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1135004978?-933:2059:latest_news
  11. Hearts confirm Connor Ronan move as they prepare more signings | Edinburgh News (scotsman.com)
  12. I seem to remember him being offered a new deal, before he fucked off to Bradford. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  13. Anthony O'Connor (footballer) - Wikipedia Apparently we're interested in him. I seem to remember him doing well at Aberdeen. Although, that was a few years ago.
  14. Gogic signing for Dundee United according to poster on their thread.
  15. Kiltie has been playing pro football for 10 years and in that time has scored the grand total of 25 goals according to various websites so I fail to see how he is suddenly going to hit double figures in a single season in the top division. That's not a criticism of Kiltie, I like him a lot but I just don't expect him to get more than 5 or 6 goals although I'd love to be wrong. The "if" in "if he stays fit", is also a huge "if", given his previous injury record.
  16. think you will find Robinson begged the board to get him signed,been reported he had a load of choices,so u will be paying him big bucks I'm afraid We'll be a paying a sizeable wage, but the only reason he's with us is because he dropped his wage demands. Happily, nowhere near the amount that you lot were paying him. Your significant pay off of his contract was extremely beneficial to us. Whether or not he's a good signing or not remains to be seen.
  17. I'm sure that one of the roles that The Kibble offers, is rehabilitation of young offenders.
  18. Stephen Robinson reflects on first week of pre-season training (stmirren.com) Have a look through this and see if he's there. Is this him?
  19. My interpretation of remorse, would involve a genuine apology and admission of guilt for a vicious, unprovoked attack. Maybe that's happened and I've missed it.
  20. I still can't believe, as much as I liked Goodwin, that you appointed him as your manager. Doesn't look look good, if you're signing a diddy 'keeper from Derby, as opposed to paying a fee a fantastic 'keeper in Hladky.
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