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  1. We have more than our fair share of doom mongers in our support. If you think it's bad now, just wait to after our defeat on Wednesday evening.
  2. We did punt a lot of long balls, but Obika won a lot of headers. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough guile to profit from this. I thought you passed the ball well, but created very little in the final third. Brophy was as quiet as I've seen him, and Hladky really didn't have a save of note to make all day. However, at least you managed to hit a corner in the direction of one of your, sadly unmarked, players and scored a goal. Whether you played badly or not, that was two pretty evenly matched teams out there today. Unfortunately for us, our forwards failed to deliver. If we don't sort that out, then we'll be seeing a repeat of last season's travails.
  3. Fuck knows how you felt about watching us this time last season then. We were much, much worse.
  4. Apparently the stewards were saying it was St.Mirren's fault as they hadn't told Killie that we'd bring that many fans.😆 Anyway, one of those games that should probably have been a draw, but a combination of poor finishing and one glaring defensive lapse cost us dearly.☚ī¸
  5. You can live on your memories of last season on that count. Two year extension.đŸ¤Ŗ
  6. Indeed. A better team, like Livingston or Motherwell, did actually take advantage of our horrendous first half display when we played them. We then went on to have better second half performances against both, but we didn't do enough to avoid defeat. Today, St.J were so poor that they couldn't take advantage of our abject shiteness for the first 30 minutes. We took confidence from that, and when we scored, we never really looked back. I'm certainly not getting carried away, unlike one lesser spotted poster, as despite today's result, our shortcomings against better teams than bottom of the league, are there for all to see.
  7. I did hear rumours of a guy dressed in a gimp suit going round pubs asking if anyone had seen a big angry guy from Bute.
  8. No. We've set two seats aside for the rush of away fans on the day.🙄 In reality, there will be the option of buying a ticket on the day for the away stand.
  9. Paisley Daily Express awarded him man of the match.
  10. I want to sign him just for a chance at a sing song, went on for ages. Imagine what it will be like if he ever scores a goal.🙄
  11. Even with Heart's injuries, when I looked at their starting XI they had players of better quality than ours (except for Hladky). Levein is a shit manager. Get rid of him and you'll do better.
  12. Indeed. Knickerwetting has begun early. This time last season we were a basket case of a club. Kearney acted as sticking plaster and I'm extremely grateful to him for keeping us up. Goodwin will take time to get there, but IMO he's got us going in the right direction. If we can get a bit of luck in front of goal, then that might be the catalyst for more to come. P.S. A huge thanks to Killie for releasing Broadfoot.👍
  13. Played for Stockport in National league one today, so not happening. Our players need to pass more accurately and spot runs when they're made. Too often today we either fucked up the pass or missed the opportunity to make the killer pass. Far too pedestrian. The chances that we're creating for our forwards are few and far between. Although with the odd one that we have created, the forwards should be at least testing the 'keeper.
  14. Sadly for us, he'll be off at the end of the season. We need to appreciate him while we can.
  15. IIRC Mallan's equaliser was a diving "header" that was actually a blatant punch into the net.
  16. I was in the Dubai desert getting pished at the expense of Smith & Nephew when that game was going on. The texts from my mate at the game for the goals near the end arrived in the wrong order, causing no end of confusion.
  17. You don't know JG very well then.😉
  18. It did actually. It was one of the reasons that useless cunt Stubbs got his marching orders. This season we have a real manager.👍
  19. Three of the spaces in M3 will be due to excess alcohol consumption on Saturday, as me and my brother are taking my mate, who sits next to us out for his 50th.🙄 Long live Gordon Scott!👏
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