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  1. We certainly weren't anywhere near "eye bleeding" yesterday. At times we played some decent football.
  2. It really isn't when everyone who enters is counted electronically.
  3. There were at least 12 season ticket holders around me in the main stand who were not there on Saturday. Very sparse overall.
  4. Millar was definitely injured for the last game before the split. He wasn't on the bench IIRC. I'm sure he's been carrying an injury. He was training in the video clip released along with the manager's interview last week. If one were to assume the principle of Occam's razor then his injury has flared up again.
  5. Since Erhahon and Millar have been absent we haven't won a game. We're set up far too defensively. We've been almost devoid of creativity in our last three games. Erhahon blows hot and cold, but on his day he can create a goal out of nothing. Flynn runs about a lot, but creates very little. Millar plays high up the pitch, which pressurises the opposition defence and creates room for McGrath and Ronan allowing them to get on the ball. It took us until the 61st minute yesterday to get a meaningful strike towards goal. Finally, I see that Eeyore is spouting his usual negative shite. What a dismal individual he is.
  6. Apart from the two excellent goals, that was eye bleedingly awful from both teams. It would have been extremely harsh on Livingston if we'd won that game. Watched Sportscene and looks as if the player headed the ball onto his arm, so not a penalty apparently. However, Mcgrath's goal gets better and better each time you watch it.
  7. Jim Goodwin determined to hang on to St Mirren number one Jak Alnwick and reveals ideal Jamie McGrath future outcome - Daily Record The players out of contract in the summer are: McGrath, Flynn, Power, Dennis, Tait, Alnwick, Erwin, Tanser, McCarthy, McAllister, Millar, Jack On the season's showing so far, I'd like Power, Tanser, McCarthy and Alnwick to be offered new contracts. McGrath obviously has already been offered a contract, but, sadly, there's no chance of him signing it. I like Millar, but I will reserve judgement until I've seen his contribution for the remainder of the season.
  8. To be fair, I think most of us are expressing our opinion on the strips without a meltdown. I don't buy a strip, but I do appreciate it when we've got one that looks good. Options 1 and 3 are hideous. Option 2 is pretty meh, so IMO would be the best choice. I think BTB has it correct for the away strip, although he omitted the polo collar.
  9. He looks completely bereft of confidence in front of goal. He looks as if he could play all day and not score.
  10. Don't be daft. It's because we're "playing the club more than the team". What a pile of horseshit.
  11. St.Mirren fans won't have any difficulty believing that Kyle Magennis is injured.
  12. My thoughts entirely throughout and after the game. Totally reprehensible. Enjoy your evening.
  13. Apologies to the Dundee fans who want rid of McPake for being so shite that we couldn't contribute to your cause. The players were rotten, but Goodwin needs his balls toed for being outthought by McPake. We could have played for three days and not scored.
  14. It is. Just pointed it out in case the poster wanted to avoid opposition fans.
  15. I'll not be writing any guide books to Paisley any time soon. If they've got SKY, they'll have BT sports.
  16. The Bankhouse in Gilmour Street, just along from the station, will probably show it. It will be full of Saints fans though. There aren't any pubs much closer. The Court bar is nearer in St.James' Street, but no idea whether it's got SKY. The only one that I definitely know will have it is The Bull Inn in New Street, which is in the centre about 5 minutes away from Gilmour Street. Both will have Saints fans in it. Avoid O'Connor's. Will be full of green bigots.
  17. We've had two so far this season. Three if you count the re-take. Kelly was almost at the penalty spot when he saved the first effort.
  18. Must be that famous Motherwell micro-climate.
  19. Something went in his hip as he stretched for Ronan's pass.
  20. Think it might be Marcus Fraser or Connor McCarthy or Joe Shaughnessy that flattens him. I'm fair narrowing it down. Fucking halfwit of a fan, deserves all he gets. Can't even blame all day drinking! Probably a fine heading our way.
  21. After tens of years of promoting sectarianism and bigotry, who would have thought a club and its fanbase would have the audacity to whine incessantly about racism against one of its players, whilst completely ignoring their own club's astounding hypocrisy, but here we are.
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