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  1. Imagine being outbid by championship clubs. That's already sent some of the plums in our support into meltdown.
  2. We'd be interested in signing Neymar too. We've no chance of signing either him or May.
  3. I'm sure like myself plenty of us have concerns. We just don't choose to be overly dramatic and wet our kecks at every opportunity. It's frustrating as hell, but life in the real world goes on. I'll be at EK tomorrow, hoping that we can get a result which will lead to us having a meaningful game at Albion Rovers on Tuesday.
  4. How are we treating Tansey? Don't spare us any factual details.
  5. So not a Scottish premiership club then. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48990731 As I stated earlier, if we're going for quality players, then, we'll have bigger and better competition for a player's signature. Are we focussing on unrealistic signing targets? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, time is in short supply, relative to the start of the season. Six weeks of the transfer window still to go though. Pampers at the ready everyone!
  6. Even if we did offer him a deal, which has not been confirmed by anyone at the club,did it cross your mind that we offered him what we thought he was worth and he wanted more. I certainly wouldn't be paying over the odds for Louis Longridge.
  7. Maybe he was applying one of the Scottish meanings for the emboldened word. 2. A place for emptying rubbish, a dump
  8. If Goodwin has indeed identified "quality" signings that will improve the team, then it's going to be more difficult to attract them to the club. Both in financial terms and in competition with other better teams. Is he supposed to sign any old shite, because there are hundreds of players out there who fit that category, just to appease the fans? I'm happy to let the club pursue players that will improve the team's performance compared to last season. I look around at other club's relative to us and I can't really say that I'm impressed by their standard of recruitment so far. Maybe I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but following Saints I'm used to that! IMO we now have a better manager than last season, who will be able to commit to the club 100%. So having better players might just give us a chance of surviving in this league more comfortably than needing four penalty misses by the opposition in the final play off game. You can bookmark this and cast it up when we're 10 points adrift by Xmas, and any shred of optimism has long since disappeared.
  9. If it's a team with more money to offer than us, or were significantly better than us last season, then there will be no meltdown from me.
  10. Hladky was our best player by a country mile on Sunday. No debate really.
  11. The "4 or 5 new faces in" will be, in terms of numbers, like the "4 or 5 new faces" we brought in during the January window.
  12. The thing is that these fans react as if these things only happen at St.Mirren. They don't. Have a quick read at the Thistle thread. Boardroom meltdown and their online ticket website isn't working again. Although our fans would have you believe that only happens to poor little us.
  13. Gordon Scott is running a business. He needs to get the best out of his employees. He obviously wanted more commitment from OK. Nothing wrong with that IMO. Employees all over the world fall out with their bosses and move on. We need to stop acting like needy drama queens.
  14. Aye it's not as if any of us have booked a European trip during peak holiday times.
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