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  1. Ross County 2-3 St Mirren | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports
  2. To be fair, it was mostly fans of other teams telling us that Brophy couldn't play up top by himself.
  3. As good a position that we're in, I still think that there are several areas we need to improve upon. We need to stop teams putting crosses into the box for a start. We allow wingers far too much space. We need to defend crosses better too. We also need to stop misplacing passes. Going forward, in particular we look good. However, as usual a slightly better final ball and a bit more composure in front of goal, would help. Some of that in the first 10-15 minutes of the second half would have had us on easy street, rather than having to experience the arse clenching last half hour. As JG says, there's still a lot more to come from the players.
  4. Losing to the Didees must be the last straw surely.
  5. Archibald was paid per game. I know one of the directors who was responsible for contracts etc. at the time. It was crazy money. Can't remember what the exact figures were!
  6. Indeed. The U-21 midfield is poor and lacks presence. Erhahon has his critics, but he's head and shoulders above the players in that midfield tonight.
  7. It hasn't. Except by people making up numbers they have no idea about.
  8. Why Jamie McGrath could be the solution to Celtic's midfield dilemma | HeraldScotland Appreciate this guy while we've got him.
  9. If any of our fans are on Millar's back, then simply put, they are ignorant wankers. The guy is clearly has been thrown in at the deep end, having had no training with a team or game time for several months. I think that he's improved the team, and once he's up to full fitness he'll be a huge player for us.
  10. Indeed. The most comfortable I've ever seen us play out a 1-0 lead. Also, Power was head and shoulders above the rest, although I thought our back three were great too. When Power concentrates on playing football, and avoids booting the opposition unnecessarily, he's a huge asset to the team.
  11. Indeed. Goodwin will have a replacement lined up anyway. If he goes in January we'll have ample money from his sale to finance any required deal. We'll also still have Ronan, who even playing at 50% fitness at present, seems to be capable of scoring against bottom six opposition. Also Kiltie will hopefully be fit and should provide another option.
  12. Definitely. If Brophy does have or has developed concussion, then I'm sure that medical advice would be for him to miss at least the next game.
  13. Nothing here about missing games. Although the opposition get an extra sub if they wish. https://spfl.co.uk/news/press-release-47485
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