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  1. The appointment of Eddie Devine as SMISA chairman is really making me think about cancelling my membership. All the shit stirring etc. a month or so ago seemed at the time to be pretty orchestrated. This just confirms it for me.
  2. Given that Erhahon's contract runs out in June, we might try to get some cash for him. McCalmont seems to be a defensive midfielder, so a like for like replacement. Of course, Gogic would be first choice replacement. Also, now that Ferdinand is Erhahon's agent, that might enhance his chances of getting a decent move.
  3. Report: Blackpool 0-0 St Mirren | Blackpool Football Club (blackpoolfc.co.uk)
  4. Another club. Their obsession with Robinson seems to have abated. It's a fan of a club with a similar financial history.
  5. Competition time. Guess which walloper posted this elsewhere in relation to Baccus.
  6. Absolutely. I suspect that we've used the money in a similar manner to most clubs that took up the option of the loan. i.e. to use it to support the infra structure of the club in the absence of certain income streams due to Covid. Of course, £1.7 million is a lot of money. However, other club's loans were considerably more. It would be interesting to see if they have spent their money or whether they are keeping it for a "rainy day".
  7. It's shafted us big style. The Sunday Mail do a "No VAR" league table " in which we're third with 25 points. Seriously though, It's preposterous that it was introduced part way through the season. Inconsistency with refs was a huge problem before VAR. Nothing has changed in that respect IM.
  8. The blue bigots were awarded a free kick for this yesterday. Brother Dallas obviously thought that it wasn't worth reviewing. It was obviously accidental, but it was still a foul IMO.
  9. Did you forget your most recent foray into Europe? That was a monumental failure too. He has certainly been unfortunate given the injuries you have, although signing Souttar was always going to end up with him being injured. I suspect that if Colak was playing yesterday, that you might have won the game, as he's been a big player for you.
  10. It was pleasing to watch the likes of Fatty, Kent and Kamara being pish yesterday. Remember the days they were referred to as £20 million players? They'd be lucky to get a penny chew and a lucky bag for them now.
  11. Fuming that his big team fucked up against us today.
  12. To be fair they are pretty shite. Not as shite as their brain-dead fans though. Too busy with their sectarian scumbaggery to notice that Clancy gave every decision their way. "Kevin Clancy we know who you are" they grunted. Obviously, they must know him from the local lodge given his performance today. It was pleasing to walk past them on the way out and have a good laugh at their torn baw faces.
  13. I haven't been for ages, but the guy who sits in front of me was there a couple of weeks ago, for our game against yourselves, and said it was excellent.
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