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  1. I know you're probably joking, but I don't understand why anyone would want to miss this game. Other than the dummy spitters that whine incessantly that "it's not on my season ticket, so I'm not going" We'll have at least three new signings potentially on show in a Scottish cup tie, and Broxburn have added to the occasion by ensuring a great atmosphere. Plus it's been a few weeks without football since we hammered Killie 1-0.
  2. You'll need to go in the home end. Broxburn have sold their entire allocation for the away stand, which is an outstanding effort.
  3. Don't you have an income from concerts and conferences?
  4. He's out of contract at the end of the season, so hopefully they'll not be after too much. Whether we'll be able to afford a transfer fee at all, is debatable.
  5. They certainly shelled plenty of balls in his direction, but , for the most part, Foley and McLoughlin dealt with him very well. Apparently Foley was saying in the club after the game, that he hasn't ever played centre half before yesterday.
  6. They did, in the post match bit, where they showed all the chances we missed. It ended up a decent block by one of the Killie defenders, once MacPherson had finally decided to shoot.
  7. If it's a Norwegian Blue, then I'll save you the trouble. It's dead.
  8. It won't be nil against our makeshift defence. As underwhelming as Waters has been for us at LB, our usual filler (P.McGinn) is playing at CH due to injuries to Broadfoot and MacKenzie. We also have Ryan Flynn playing at RB. Although, he has actually been quite decent in the past couple of games. We did draft in a youngster , Glover, at CH against Livingston, but he wasn't that great IMO.
  9. Not unless you fancy getting neutered. It's a Vet surgery now.
  10. I don't know. I've never seen anyone catch him.
  11. Ralston won't be up against Foley (if he's fit) as he's a central midfielder. Will probably be Durmus, who has been quite effective in the last two games. Morias would be more likely to play before Mullen. He's better than Mullen. He doesn't give the defence a minutes peace, and is built like a brick shit house. He was outmuscling players about twice his height in our last two games. Has an eye for goal too. If Foley and McGinn are both fit, we'll have a very different line up compared to Saturday. If not, then it will be Flynn at RB and U-19 player Glover at CH.
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