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  1. Think Think you’re taking the c**t pal judging from a previous thread about “Kevin Thacker”
  2. Have read it all and yes big Mackie is putting a good case on here but said it at the time and still insist that it was a disaster waiting to happen appointing him , big man has never been in it for the long haul anywhere in the juniors and I dont ever see it changing even in management , it's just my opinion which I feel I'm entitled to without upsetting anyone. Of course bud, everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  3. I actually feel for Chris Mackie.... quite clearly he had little money to work with to bring players in and done his best with the money available. Sadly there’s only so much you can do on a budget and in saying that, he was the one having to make sacrifices by selling his better players to fund other things. As for using his own money, no manager should ever have to do that, that’s an absolute farce if you’d ever seen one. Anyway that’s my two bobs worth. All the best Chris
  4. Thanks alot for the information mate. Much appreciated!
  5. Could also do with the whole squad information from you too mate if possible. All people giving info will be noted as helping towards getting this up and running. Cheers!
  6. Quite possibly will be adding more teams into the league to be honest with you mate. Need a wee bit of info from you gingerblastie.. Joe Coleman (Specific Position or Positions in Defence) Chris Craig (Specific Position or Positions in midfield) Darren Mclean (Specific Position or Positions in midfield) Lawrence McMahon (Specific Position or Positions in midfield) Ryan Borris (Specific Position or Positions in midfield) Cheers mate.
  7. Completely worded the whole thing wrong to be honest dude. Think I'm going to replace Rob Roy anyway quite possibly.
  8. Hi, Ive just started a new project in my spare time to boot most of the teams out of the lowland league and add some Junior Teams from North, East and West Premier. Included with team badges, Player Pictures, Real Competition Cash etc. I need information about each players SPECIFIC positions and ages if possible. The Teams are as follows: Pollok (DONE) Arthurlie Linlithgow Rose Auchinleck Irvine Meadow Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Kelty Hearts Bo'ness United Fauldhouse United Spartans Blairgowrie Haddington Athletic Hurlford Newtongrange Star All help would be appreciated. If you want to help out with rating predictions also feel free. List they're Current rating from 1-120 and Potential Rating also from 1-120 if you think they will improve in the future. Thanks.
  9. Have seen Ryan Ward (Goalkeeper) has been kicking about with Pollok. Has he signed or just sitting in as a replacement for Ross Harkness?
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