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  1. Think we all got a bit carried away with ourselves with the name calling and stuff. It took the Kilmarnock/Arthurlie fan to pint out we are just supporting our team....or teams in most of you boys cases. Anyway I'll leave you with this as a short snippet into the workings of you big boys who belong in the big league etc etc blah blah 4 years ago Neilston paid money for 2 players from Arthurlie,small fee's,but money none the less. The 2 players came through your academy but your manager at the time ,who I know for a fact was backed better than any manager before him in recent years,wanted the cash from these 2 transfers and was given the green light by those above. Those 2 players have went on to be pivotal in everything Neilston are doing at the moment. Best bit is you had one of them on trial at the beginning of this season but for whatever reason he ended up back in the sunshine up yon hill fast forward to 2/3managers for yourselves later and at the beginning of this season you signed 3 players who were released by Neilston (never heard of in all my years following Neilston) 1 of whom is back with us,1of whom has chucked it altogether and 1of whom I believe is still with you but isn't getting a game? what I am getting at is your club has been in a steady decline for the past 10 years,support is dwindling week in week out,depending on where your other teams are playing and changing manager after manager is not working,that is obvious for all to see. So you can come on here with your insults and your shitty comments to me and anyone else that has an opinion. That is all
  2. There you go again with The name calling cause I Support neilston you associate me with a farm. That’s like me calling you a junkie cause you support arthurlie and I associate that with the Main Street in Barrhead. Silly boy
  3. 🤣🤣 hit a nerve with that last presumption satori. No need for the name calling.
  4. Probably my profile where it says what team I support,maybe🤷🏻‍♂️🤔
  5. Try get to as many Arthurlie games as possible if Barca are away from home i take it,like all the other part time fans with an opinion on the Arthurlie thread😏
  6. It's Neilston and yes I am. Are you a Celtic fan?
  7. The drama surrounding your club keeps me coming back. What can I say. It's rivalry and when your threads keep churning out the same comedy gold it's hard to not comment. I'll watch from afar in future. Good luck with your youth academy
  8. To be honest I've been on here before we entered in to the season that we are having criticising the managerial merry go round at your club. I just take an interest in how a once "big" club in the juniors can fall away so rapidly while banking more cash from selling off surrounding areas of dunterlie than they banked when they were winning Scottish cups and the likes. Fair to say that some of the reactions I have read tonight points to lessons haven't been learned but I suppose time will tell. As for living in our heads rent free you couldn't be further from the truth but as you replied to my reply to someone else's post on this thread tells me that my comments got in your head🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Think you’ll find there’s a load of farmers up the hill that Cannae get their work done for pissin themselves 😂😂😂😂
  10. Lets go and get ANOTHER manager!! I think I must be missing something here? Clue is in my opening sentence!
  11. I reckon there is only one team in our league with a bigger budget than Arthurlie and it's not Neilston or Blantyre
  12. Busy time of year for the taxi boys.
  13. Great turn around in results since the manager got the memo to stop saying unlucky to the players.
  14. Good to meet you and your mate today Marten. We were in the pub with the kid after the game. Safe journey home
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