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  1. You get lucky eggs, incense and incubators and 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Not sure on quantity after 20 (it was 2 of each at level 20).
  2. Niantic will ban people if they find out they're using things like these, so tread carefully.
  3. Best time to go and take gyms so you can hold them for longer. Doubt I'd bother unless someone was driving though.
  4. I'm holding my evolutions for a mass lucky egg effort but I'm pretty sure that when I do evolve all my things, my top 10 will be 7 or 8 Hypnos.
  5. I haven't battled at all in Go, but from what I've seen people say, the recent update (as shite as it was for other reasons) has apparently made gyms easier to defend.
  6. I saw an article on it, seems to only be iPhone and the article I read said that people are signing in with the wrong google account, so sign out and sign back in and make sure you've got the right account.
  7. 1/4 of the way through Pokémon Go's RNG ride.
  8. Was at the cinema today so we went down to the Tiger Mural at Clydeside, caught an Omanyte and a whole f**k load of Rattata, Pidgeys and Spearow. If the game is still popular when I go back to College then I'll need a portable battery charger.
  9. Likewise, I haven't caught a single Eevee yet, I'd gladly trade living in a Drowzee nest for an Eevee one. I've caught fucking 104 Drowzee so far. Hell, I'd even rather have Pidgey or Rattata so I could farm xp with evolutions.
  10. I think that's just really lucky. When you focus on a pokémon in your nearby, you do it so that you can out which direction it's in (if you turn your phone so that your avatar turns on the map, when he's facing in the direction of the focused pokémon, a little green pulse, for lack of a better word, comes round the nearby box). The 3 step bug is just that pokémon's true distance isn't showing up, but the pokémon should still be spread out between 0 and 300m like they would be if the nearby thing wasn't broken.
  11. Wouldn't think so, if Nintendo/Pokémon Company have any say in it then they won't sell them since all Pokémon events for the actual games have always been free.
  12. Mew will probably end up being an event of some sort. Maybe same with masterballs/Mewtwo/Legendary Birds.
  13. Wouldn't be so happy, type effectiveness seems to not be as important in Go as it normally is. From what I've heard, Vaporeon is far stronger than Jolteon despite the types. Someone datamined the game and found that if you're standing still, Incense is supposed to spawn a pokémon every 5 minutes but if you're walking, it'll spawn one every couple of minutes if you've travelled 200m.
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