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  1. It's all fun and games going to see Broomhill until it's winter at Broadwood. They'll be lucky to get 100 numpties still supporting their team at that point.
  2. I saw the fans up the right hand side holding a banner/flag up but couldn't read it from my seat, what did it say? I presume that was in support of Goodwillie or against the council. I also heard fans talking about boycotting the food stands and it was noticeably more quiet.
  3. I thought the same, if we've somehow lost money from the Goodwillie saga compared to the position we were in a week ago then the board need to answer for it. Should've bitten Raith's hand off for the ~£50k and never looked back. Now we've potentially squandered some of that money, made our club look even worse than Raith and we're right back where we were once we sold him (in footballing terms) but with a worse relationship with our landlord. All in a week's work, smashing.
  4. They can f**k off with Goodwillie and the sponsor(s) trying to blackmail the club into signing him. They're not true fans of the club.
  5. Even if he can't actually be banned from the stadium legally, if we are to challenge it and then play him then we're definitely not going to be playing at Broadwood anymore when the lease runs out. So come 2023, we'll be looking for another place to go. By that point, Goodwillie will be 34. Assuming we are stupid enough to take him in the summer, we'll be out of a place to go and have a 34yo striker. Even from a footballing point of view, that clearly is a stupid and braindead move.
  6. What makes it worse is the board came to the right decision and rejected Raith's offer only to come back and think "nah, we'll have some of that" because of an ultimatum by the sponsor. The board should out who the sponsor(s) is/are, name and shame the idiots who might be responsible for putting our club to the wall. The Rutherglen bus is from the Castlemilk Branch, I've been going on the bus for years but the numbers are dwindling season on season. I think the pandemic has really reduced the numbers and it being an aging support who either pass away or stop attending.
  7. Fucking joke. Get him to f**k. I hope all the arseholes who post on the official forum and from the Glasgow Branch are happy. How much is it going to cost us to go to another stadium now? Are the sponsors who threatened to pull their support gonna put up the money to move us now? Who the f**k is going to touch us now? It's absolute beggar's belief that anyone thought we'd just be able to sign him again without picking up the shitstorm that Raith got. Brilliant.
  8. I'm not sure if it was just for last year, but at the end of the year they said that balances either had to be spent on the club shop, donated to the club, forwarded onto next year's balance or could be refunded back to you. So they clearly have the facilities to refund the balance back to customers.
  9. I'd hope that there isn't "plenty" of people who have been accused of rape and then taken to a court and found guilty of it. Nevermind the charges of assault and all that that he's also got to his name.
  10. Guy behind me in the queue at half time said Rumsby was away on a stag do, the stag being the son of someone who he sits beside.
  11. I really hope we wouldn't but fear we might. The backlash for taking him back would be considerably more than any we faced when we signed him initially. We need to move on from him and not take another disastrous move for our club's reputation.
  12. You get lucky eggs, incense and incubators and 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. Not sure on quantity after 20 (it was 2 of each at level 20).
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