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  1. Fine him £6. That will definitely ensure he doesn't try it again...
  2. More than once = repeat. That part isn't hard, and directly answers the question you asked. As for implementation? Body cameras / CCTV etc can be used to identify people who give false details (in itself an offence).
  3. How can this be a serious question?
  4. You wouldn't be getting a £1,000 penalty fare for skipping a £6 rail fare - You would be getting a penalty fare of £1,000 for being caught repeatedly not paying your £6 fare. The standard rail penalty fare in the UK, btw, is £20 or 2 x the value of your fare, whichever is greater. For the umpteenth time too, payment of rail fares / penalty fares is not voluntary - fare aversion is a criminal offence. How much of a dick would you feel if you ended up with a criminal record for repeatedly not paying a £6 fare?
  5. No you don't. They will when they are facing penalty fares of £1,000 for repeatedly doing so.
  6. They seem to manage it elsewhere. Why can't they do it here? As previously stated, it is actually an offence to give false details when being issued a penalty fare.
  7. I've posted network rail's guidelines on this. They've boarded a train without a ticket, which should incur a penalty. Had you read the links I sent you you would see that, for example, TfL issue an £80 penalty fair (reduced to £40 if paid promptly) for not having a valid ticket. If they can prove you were deliberately trying to dodge the fair this increases to £1,000. I imagine this is only really issued to repeat offenders, but it's certainly a deterrent. They are enforceable. Rack up enough of them to make doing so worthwhile and they will take you to court for recovery of them. Penalty fares are not designed to catch everyone, though. The idea is they are suitably large for those who are caught to make others think twice about trying it. You continue to miss the point. If I wanted to travel from, say Bellshill to Wester Hailes today, i'd have two options. Buy a ticket for £10, or board without a ticket hoping that I don't get caught, knowing that even if I do the worst case scenario is it costs me £10. Without the threat of being issued a penalty fare, what incentive is there for anyone to do the former?
  8. How can you work on the railway, agree that fare dodging is a massive problem, and still come to the conclusion that the best way to tackle it is to simply charge would be fare dodgers for the ticket they are trying to dodge Fare dodging is a massive problem because there is absolutely zero penalty for getting caught doing it.
  9. What? She has. I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. I think i've made it pretty clear why it's a shite system. But they are just excuses. There are multiple ways now to buy a ticket, as I have already pointed out. What do you think is the majority reason for people to board a train without a ticket is then, if you think it is not to see if they can get a freebie? Paid on the spot, or contact details taken and a fine sent to you like a council parking ticket. Like they do elsewhere. Failure to provide details being an offence. Requirement for a person to give name and address 13.—(1) Where a collector proposes to charge a person a penalty fare under regulation 5(1), that person must, subject to regulation 10(4), provide their name and address when required to do so by the collector. (2) Any person who fails to provide their name and address in accordance with paragraph (1) is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/ticket_types/187936.aspx#:~:text=If you board a train,a 'Penalty Fares Collector'. As I mentioned TfL earlier, their Penalty Fare policy is listed here: https://tfl.gov.uk/fares/find-fares/penalty-fares-and-how-to-pay-them#on-this-page-0 You will note also that, contrary to your claim earlier, Fare Evasion is a criminal offence.
  11. Regardless of whether or not a referendum actually happens next year (my instinct is that it won't as the outcome will be too close to be confident of it being not just "Yes" but strongly yes), I can't believe anyone is viewing NS's promise of holding one with any degree of certainty. She's promised a referendum "next year" every year since 2015!
  12. These are just excuses. If the ticket machine is broken, and the ticket office is closed, buy your ticket on the app. In 2022 with the technology that now exists then there is no excuse for boarding a train you haven't paid for. I don't think you understand the concept of a penalty fare tbh. For them to be a deterrent, they can't be optional. It's not "harmless" though, is it? Almost everyone buying a ticket on the train now is doing so not because they couldn't buy one before boarding, but because they were hoping they'd get away with not having to pay their fare. If revenue protection is the aim, then getting rid of the "if you get caught you can just buy the ticket you chose not to" option would be a good start.
  13. Of course it's both feasible and right. It happens all over the world. With digital, automated machines and manned ticket offices to choose from now there is absolutely no valid reason for using a service like a train without paying for it first. You don't pay for a ticket for the cinema, theatre, football etc once you're in, sat down and have started watching it - why is it "not right" to apply the same logic to a rail fare? The bit in bold is part of the problem.
  14. True, but station staff are there anyway, and are not on a basic salary of £33k plus incentives.
  15. Alternatively, you put barriers at all / your busiest stations. Automated ticket machines, automatic barriers. It works for TfL. Or, alternatively again, you have random ticket inspectors who, when they catch someone travelling without a ticket, actually hand them a penalty fare that is sizeable enough to be a deterrent instead of doing what they do now which is just sell you a ticket. If I was travelling to and from two stations I know have no barriers, there is currently no incentive for me to not chance not buying a ticket.
  16. This is just wishful nonsense tbh. Define win?
  17. Simple - blame to Tories for not giving more money away. NS will also join in with this, further lighting the fire. That their simultaneous desire to ensure Ukraine are able to continue slowly losing a war is a massive cause of everything being more expensive will be ignored. Because we must do something. It could not be more obvious that no-one in the West considered that their sanctions would not cause Russia to back off within weeks, and now, 4 months down the line, they have no option but to continue to cause their own citizens to suffer more and more the economic consequences of a war they have no business being involved in. The irony being, of course, that if Ukraine (or literally anyone else bar Russia) had decided they were invading the likes of Afghanistan for reasons known only to them absolutely no-one would give any fucks at all.
  18. Of course. We should all support/demand the Tories shovel more and more money onto a bonfire, and then call them all sorts when the cost of living increases even more because of it. That's how modern political optics works isn't it?
  19. It's called Monkeypox because it was first identified in monkeys. Personally I'd suggest it says more about anyone who derives a racist connotation from the name Monkeypox than anything else. Up there with the facebook maw pish about how you can't call it a blackboard anymore IMO, only this appears to be actually a thing.
  20. There are chevrons painted on a Northernly section of the M6 to encourage you to leave a gap between yourself and the car in front. They have painted 99 sets of them which irritates me massively.
  21. Unless i'm missing something, these are the same thing?
  22. A draw is better in that game for us is it not? We aren't going to win the H2H v Ireland if we finish in a tie with them, and our GD is likely to be the worst of us, UKR & RoI in a 3 way tie
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