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  1. The adjustable temp setting is the real selling point there tbf. Not sure it's worth upgrading for mind.
  2. Hopefully now that NS knows what it feels like to have a wee cold she'll take some time to have a wee look at herself in the mirror and consider how OTT her actions have been over the last 2 years.
  3. Surely can't be that; you need a data connection to use the app, and the ticket itself is a tiny amout of data.
  4. I figured there might be something like that, What about the download part though? Why would you not download it? I've no idea. I've never noticed that before tbh.
  5. If you don't activate it you can get a refund if you don't use it.
  6. On a serious note, it's stuff like this that highlights the importance of health experts etc being honest about the ineffectiveness of masks. Otherwise we'll always get people demanding we are made to wear them for absolutely anything and everything.
  7. It's what happens when said vital public service is run primarily for profit rather than to deliver a service. With driver salaries being what they are, paying enough drivers to cover all services without relying on overtime etc would be less profitable. I've said it before but public transport in Scotland in its current state simply isn't fit for purpose as part of the 24/7 society we now live in. That no part of our railway runs 24 hours a day is complete nonsense, and the main reason it doesn't is because it wouldn't make a profit.
  8. It's a parody of the opening post from the Covid thread, however it is true that more of the cases in the UK have not recently travelled to west Africa than have.
  9. Ding, of course, is back to tweeting like it's going out of fashion.
  10. Aye it wasn't great, but i watched it from behind on slow mo there and it looks so so bad. Really wish they'd stop harking on about Kent's miss too, mind - the ball was out of play before Roofe crossed it.
  11. That Ramsey penalty looks absolutely dreadful on second watching. Lazy, and hit with all the conviction of someone who genuinely looked like he couldn't give a flying f**k. I'm genuinely confused as to why Rangers thought bringing on a loan player, who they didn't trust to play any of the first 116 minutes, for penalties was a good idea.
  12. Rangers look scared. They sat off Frankfurt and showed them too much respect. Do that for another 45 minutes and they will score. Go and try to win the game rather than try not to lose it and they have a chance here.
  13. I didn't say there were no increased delays, I said that any increases were much smaller than people are claiming as they are making out the wait time was basically zero before, which is complete nonsense.
  14. Again, this has no relevance at all to the, frankly made up, claim of "Brexit now makes us queue to get into / out of the EU" as though queues weren't a thing before. There were always nonsense queues at Scottish airports as well btw as they never seemed to bother opening the e-Gates - something that Brexit has had no impact on. I'm convinced that not really being able to travel for 2 years has resulted in people falsely remembering internation travel before Brexit as some hassle free utopia where you could waltz through an airport in a few minutes without any queues.
  15. 100% Which makes the recent fixation over standing in a different airport queue than the queue we used to stand in utterly bizarre.
  16. Ah cool, gotcha. Yeah, as far as negatives of Brexit go, they are a pretty poor example of one.
  17. I'm not quite sure what relevance this has to a UK passport holder complaining about the queue for "All passports" when travelling to the EU.
  18. I see photos like this a lot. Queues are shite, but I also feel there's a fair bit of historical revisionism going on about passport control queues prior to Brexit. They absolutely existed, and they could take a considerable time to get through depending how late you got off your plane. They may be worse now, but not by anything like as much as is being made out.
  19. I mean some of that is utter nonsense The idea of interviewing the penalty taker right before he hits it is bat shit mental. What football needs to do is give access to the comms between VAR and the referee. Rugby have it, cricket have it, football avoids it.
  20. Yeah as much passion as i'm sure Imrie would/will bring, it'll be largely moot if he isn't given the opportunity to bring talent in to go with it - passion only gets you so far.
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