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  1. Can only buy them with £500 notes
  2. I don't think people who don't vote SNP are c***s. If you are wealthy etc then I understand a vote for the Conservative party. Voting for a party which most closely satisfies your needs and beliefs is normal behaviour. For me that is the SNP. That said, people like these most definitely are c***s...
  3. RyanMoody21 tears this apart on Youtube. Like FIFA, PES and many other sports titles now, Online play and microtransactions are where the focus is, and scripting is rife
  4. Picked up 15 bottles today. Stirling - Drip Road Sainsbury's
  5. Well that's not true. We've been consistently pumped by the Old Firm over the past few seasons with some truly horrendous performances. Fair point
  6. Always been the same. That the players can't motivate themselves for the bread and butter games is poor. Soon as the OF are involved, especially at home when the TV cameras are around, it'sca different story. Easy to motivate yourself to play against the best teams, but if you want to keep playing them then you need to get the finger out and play well enough to stay up.
  7. We have absolutely zero composure when it really matters. We consistently conceed goals just before half time and full time St. Johnstone away Ross County at home Rangers at home Now tonight we can't even see out 120 seconds. It's points like those that weve dropped recently that will make all the difference come May. Don't expect to go to Celtic and take anything. But you would expect to see out 2 minutes.
  8. Mad run of games coming up for Union. Schalke up next which will be tough, especially in Gelsenkirchen. If Union are to stay up this season, these games below that coming up are pivotal. 12, if not 13, points here would be a huge leap towards safety.
  9. I don't think you played poorly today, just like Dortmund, Freiburg and Hertha didn't play particularly poorly either. Union last season had the best defence in the 2. Bundesliga, and they are starting to be just as organised again this season. Hard to break down and then, once you do, you still need to get past Rafał Gikiewicz which is no mean feat! He's out of contract in the summer. We will do well to keep hold of him.
  10. Great result again from Union Berlin. Doing what they need to, especially at home, to have a shout at staying up. 4 wins in 5 now and, including friendlies, haven't conceeded a goal at home since September 27th
  11. Easy to say as it was us, but if you are going to seed teams in a bracket, the #1 seed should always play the final at home if they get there IMO. That #2 or even #3 could play #1 at home in the final is ridiculous, and wouldn't happen in any other sport I can think of off the top of my head
  12. The Kazakhs have squad numbered gloves. They aren't wearing the numbers which match their kit. Get in the sea.
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