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  1. Do people really want gimmicks, though?
  2. "Terrible working conditions" often comes across as hyperbole thrown about by seemingly anyone not working 9-5 and not having to deal with the public.
  3. I know it's a bit of a clichรฉ, but now GKs need to actually stay on their line (especially where there is VAR) it is incredibly difficult for them to cover the full width of their goal, the top and bottom corners especially are almost impossible. Just run up and hit it hard and high or low.
  4. Most of the penalties in this World Cup have been rank rotten. It's as if the striker backing himself to score has been completely sidelined by psychology and data analytics. Trying to get the GK to commit then passing it to the other side. Just run up and hit it! Those that have done that, with the exception maybe of Messi v Poland, have scored.
  5. Right, that's a bit different to what I thought you meant!
  6. Absolutely f**k that. Unless you are planning on banning slow moving vehicles from the road.
  7. Leo is harmless. The old guy pretending to play the dustbin lid drum kit, on the other hand, is a bit weird.
  8. Once ahead they defend better, they counter well, and usually take good advantage of the chances this create. It's why getting the first goal is pivotal - they are a real challenge for anyone once they get in front. France included.
  9. GK needs to do better there IMO. Pickford made a tremendous save, and Senegal blazed over from 6 yards out. Henderson gets his shot on target and scores. Those are the tight "execute when you need to" moments at the highest level.
  10. Think as long as they never stop moving forward they can do as they like. I don't like it, personally - just run up and smash it into the inside of the side netting.
  11. Lloris off his line again at the re-take. In the last World Cup he'd have been sent off.
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