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  1. Correct answer. Sometimes, though, if i'm less hungry 8 is too much, so I'll cut it into 6 slices instead.
  2. This is an interesting point. When the likes of Leitch and NS re-iterate the current restrictions on indoor mixing (i.e. it's currently still forbidden), to what extent do they think people are still following said guidance? Anecdotally I have seen an almost 100% collapse in compliance in this area in the last month or so.
  3. That thought changing microchip is working well then!
  4. Similarly, 500 at the likes of Rugby Park, Dens Park or East End Park would be farcical. There is no scientific basis behind the number 500, and as far as income goes I imagine any profit after paying for ridiculously increased stewarding numbers etc will be next to nothing. By this stage the SG ought to be be doing more than plucking arbitrary numbers out of the air, and impacted sectors need to apply pressure for them to do so.
  5. Not convinced the article which she links to paints quite the same picture of positivity. She still wants folk locked up IMO and can still GTF It's quite literally an article promoting #ZeroCovid
  6. I'm absolutely confused about the desire to keep vaccinated and unvaccinated people apart tbh. Vaccines protect those who are vaccinated - If the concern is that the vaccines isn't 100% effective (a ridiculous concern in itself), then what is the danger of them being next to someone unvaccinated that doesn't exist if they are next to someone vaccinated?
  7. Must have loads of speakeasy and shebeen type nail bars
  8. I think everyone can see how this is going to pan out. the 'test' events in England will more than likely be successful, restrictions down South will ease, and restrictions in Scotland will be eased in line shortly thereafter. The frustration with the SG is not that they aren't saying "yeah that will be fine, go ahead and plan that" but that they are giving nothing away to event organisers and the like about their confidence level of this happening, which places additional uncertainty into the viability of said event, and increasing the appeal of either re-locating it, or just not bothering at all. I understand why publicly 'guaranteeing' that restrictions can be binned may be counter-productive, but caveated conversations should be happening with event organisers outlining what needs to happen for their event to be allowed to run, and what confidence level they have that said scenarios will be realised according to their data projections. No-one expects a cast iron guarantee, but the "we just don't know so will give no indication whatsoever" approach isn't useful at all. There are two notable exceptions to this approach; the Euros being allowed crowds, and the "Flagship Events of International Importance" exception being added to allow relaxing of Physical Distancing (presumably with COP26 in mind). I'm not convinced if the SFA had asked for a guarantee that at least 25% capacity would be allowed for the Scottish Cup Final to be played in June or else they would move the game they would have gotten it, yet this guarantee was given to UEFA to avoid risking the loss of the games. Politics, not data nor dates would be a more realistic tagline for the approach to easing.
  9. Some desperate stuff here to avoid the suggestion that masks and wee shitey screens are not very effective at preventing the spread of an airborne virus at all.
  10. No, but the SNP have made it quite clear they are going to go much, much slower than the rest of the UK. Introducing uncertainty into industries already struggling in a way that isn't being done so down South. Why are the SNP so determined to go slower than the UK Gov, and leave entire industries off of their road map? That is the question.
  11. Which mainstream party is offering anything different? I don't really understand this argument. Remembering that we are talking about SG policies, and the SG election, then there is only one party in a position to appoint advisers, only one party being advised by said advisers, and only one party forming policy based on their interpretation of said advice. "But who is saying different?" is a ridiculously weak argument against anyone unhappy with their namby pamby, ultra cautious, micro-managing approach. Up there with "but who'd do better?" when discussing the poor performance of a football club's management.
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