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  1. I do find it slightly amusing that Humza reckons telling people that 1 in every 30 people testing positive for Covid is a good example of controlling transmission. On top of this, the point he wants to highlight - "Closing nightclubs and banning vertical drinking reduced covid transmission by 50% compared to England" seems incredibly unlikely, and ignores other important variables (like previous rates). Overall it's just a really shite point, badly communicated.
  2. Is it not the case atm that while electronic signatures are being accepted now to speed up the process, Scots Law still requires the solicitor to hold a wet signed copy? That being the case there's not a whole lot that the lenders can do about.
  3. I mean I could somewhat understand it if there was a plethora of evidence to support them, but the reality is, over the last 22 months, the impact of face coverings in real world settings has been close to zero. I just don't get why they view them with such strategic benefit.
  4. The SG obsession with face coverings is extremely wierd.
  5. I don't see any way it doesn't tbh. The SNP & Green MSPs will support it unanimously, as they are obliged to.
  6. I was in an ASDA in England on Monday who had removed almost all of the (previously very prominent) posters regarding face coverings ahead of the relaxation today. Face mask wearing was noticeably down on the previous visit. Nobody seemed to be bothered either way. It is, of course, up to Sainsbury's whether they want to make people wear face masks or not, however I don't imagine they will be punting people out for not wearing one, making it a pointless exercise.
  7. Genuinely bewildering how many people still appear to not understand this btw. Is it any wonder we are in the shit we are with the likes of Brexit when we allow people with zero grasp of fairly basic statistics to vote on whether or not we should leave the EU?
  8. It's also a rather selective statistic. "⅔ of people supported restrictions i put in place to combat the threat of Omicron" doesn't give any information about many people still support them now, nor that you put the fear into people by greatly overestimating the threat.
  9. I don't know if the people making these statements on my behalf fall into the category they say needs protecting or not, but even if they do, they shouldn't be using their platform to imply that their views are representitive of everyone like them. On a different note, NS defending her covid response by claiming 2/3rds of people support her choices isn't the home run she wants to represent it as either. A popular political leader demonstrating popular support for her policies is not the same as showing those policies were right or effective in any way.
  10. As an immune compromised / vulnerable person, I am becoming a little bit fed up with people speaking on my behalf. I didn't feel any different before covid, and I don't now either.
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