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  1. Your 13 points behind them and have 18 from 26 games. Your no catching Livingston, neither are Dundee. You could literally double your points from so far and still no catch them. Ok thanks for settling that
  2. Said to a pal recently I wouldn't be surprised if either us or Dundee finished above Livi this season. I'm confident we will avoid 12th - Brian Rice will set us up to have a good go every game which might catch some teams off guard before the split. Whether we can avoid 11th is another matter - Dundee have been a bawhair away from taking 9 points from their last 3 games. That said, this season has been an utter disaster, yet with 7+5 games to go we are a solitary point from safety.
  3. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Horrible feeling defeat. Thought a draw was a fair result. Abduhllahi hero to zero with that stupid foul. Still, off to Berlin on Friday - this will come in handy / soften the blow
  4. Darts...

    Yeah. Pish decision. Laughable
  5. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    That's a grilled cheese...
  6. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Union Berlin currently putting a cat amongst the pigeons in the promotion race
  7. PES 2019

    The order of your subs bench is making my OCD rage
  8. PES 2019

    Are you on the latest version of the game?
  9. Scottish pick up artist

    Fair enough. Least I know now
  10. Scottish pick up artist

    Like i say, I could be wrong.
  11. Scottish pick up artist

    I could be wrong, but I don't believe you can be "arrested on suspicion" in Scotland
  12. Why aren't you dead yet?

    I looked like that guy out of Twilight. Was some laugh...
  13. Why aren't you dead yet?

    I've got Ulcerative Colitis. Given the nick I was in when I went in to hospital in 2008 I'd have been pan breid before that Easter.