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  1. Maybe. However at the same time the SG have estimates of how many cases their actually are per week. It's miles above the number of confirmed cases. Providing hospital admissions keep coming down I'm not sure they would be overly concerned, particularly if the milder cases are being isolated.
  2. Perhaps noteable that 1.9% of tests being positive is the lowest on record since the 8th of March
  3. That's fair. Regarding the latter point, refer back to my previous post. It was based on cases continuing to fall.
  4. Well no. But new infections going down, and new deaths going down is a big part of it. Hospital admissions, ICU admissions etc too, but id imagine they would be reducing if the rest are. The point is that if there is no adverse reaction to stage 1, then we should move on. But we'll see i guess
  5. I think we would all be disappointed if not down hearted if we were not. That said Leitch just saying on the briefing to get the notion we will be moving to phase 2 in three weeks out our heads basically. They have set their parameters, they need to ensure they stick to their end of the bargain. I think if we are have 7 day averages under 35 cases per day (down from 51/52 today) and still trending down, and 10 deaths per day in 3 weeks time people will be angry at not moving to stage 2, not disappointed.
  6. Interestingly SPFL are pitching their restart plan to the SG based us still being in phase 2 on 1 August. Not sure where that steer will have come from. Worst case scenario maybe? Better to plan for no spectators then find out limited numbers are allowed than vice versa.
  7. Same. I want to spend money having fun, but need to be allowed back to work to give me more money to spend 😂
  8. Cafes, pubs etc maybe need some sort of extension but most businesses can open with rotas or shifts if they cant socially distance atm or do three days on then four days off for example. Cafés, (indoor) pubs and restaurants are a phase 3 opening up here. That gives 9 weeks for us to get through phases 1 and 2. On the current trend that is possible. England, however, are already on their stage 2, and have an eye on stage 3 on July 4th. If they do move to stage 3 by then, I imagine there will be no provision for extending the furlough scheme in those sectors in Scotland come August beyond what is currently being suggested i.e. Part-Time work if need be, pay split 60% by govt / min 20% employer
  9. Can some companies not have people back part time and use furlough this way? I was under the impression that is how the government want it to be used. But this would need to current rules around it to be tweaked.
  10. This is exactly what @virginton refers too when he expresses the need to ditch a mythical magic circle and mandate face coverings instead. The forcefield is all well and good in a lockdown, but if the aim is to stimulate the economy and get people back to work it is unworkable.
  11. There are 3 metrics, though. The positive test one. The one where it's listed on the death certificate (ie the positive tests + suspected/assumed) and excess deaths. The cases he is talking about here fall in to the second category, and would show up in the NRS figures. I know it goes on, but I expect the numbers where this is actually the case are fairly low and are being grossly exaggerated by those trying to make it look like a conspiracy.
  12. None of which changes the fact that, unlike people boarding an aircraft, it's impossible to prevent absolutely everyone not wearing a mask from boarding a train.
  13. People don't smoke indoors as it's A illegal and B punishable with a fine. If wearing a mask on a train is required by law and non compliance punishable by a fine then people will wear masks. If not, many won't. Not solely because people are arseholes but because, like i mentioned earlier, they aren't readily available.
  14. I don't know why that's relevant. It is physically impossible to prevent everyone from boarding a train in Scotland without a mask on. I don't understand how you can even begin to disagree with that.
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