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  1. I've offered plenty of ideas and solutions, m9. Nothing wrong with updating your outlook as more information becomes available btw - i'd argue it was desireable. Pity the SG are still stuck in March in that regard.
  2. I assume there is some new scientific evidence that allows premises to remain open until 8pm & 10.30pm (depending on restriction level) instead of 6pm & 10pm, though, and it's not just a blatent attempt to appease the hospitality industry.
  3. Because for some reason we seem to view any covid deaths as wholly preventable, completely unacceptable, and that we must sacrifice anything and everything to try to prevent these, no matter how futile those attempts may be, or what the consequences are. This view remains constant even as the estimated IFR continually falls. Political wokeness.
  4. IF lockdowns were an effective intervention, we'd see a clear correlation between the stringency of restrictions and the growth in cases. But we don't.
  5. It's quite a switch in tact, given that a little over 4 months ago JS claimed blended learning could be in place until next June. Now, apparantly, sacrificing anything and everything to keep schools open full time is everyone's "number 1 priority" It's almost as if they are guessing and hoping for the best, whilst making statements that they think people want to hear.
  6. Todd_is_God

    FIFA 21

    If they would turn the goalkeepers on this would be a much better game.
  7. Glasgow isn't going to be in Tier 4. Try again.
  8. Rennie, Leonard and the Tank Commander all confirmed their party will support the bill though ! Hardly surprising, but it's interesting to note that there is finally some focus on asking the SG what the long term goal / exit strategy is, and an acknowledgement that Level 0 is still rather restrictive. He also made an excellent point that businesses that have adapted to be "covid secure" are being allowed to trade, apart from hospitality business, whos efforts and expenditure in implementing the guidelines are being overlooked at every opportunity.
  9. You are assuming that everyone works in the same LA in which they live.
  10. Richard Leonard made a fair point, there. It seems unreasonable to ask MSPs to vote on a framework without giving the opportunity to properly scrutinise it and ask questions about criteria, exit strategy etc. It also seems unreasonable for NS to essentially broadcast what areas will be in which level, and what restrictions will be in place at each level, before the framework has even been voted through.
  11. Banning household meeting initially even in Level 1 😂
  12. Slightly dumbfounded to hear NS use the slowing of the rate of infection as an indication that the measures are working. As with JL last week, surely she doesn't believe / isn't being advised that indefinite fixed rate growth would be realistic, even in a "do nothing" approach?
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