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  1. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    In what way are you due a win? Have you been the significantly better team in any of those games but still lost? No. It's a thing football fans say to try sound optomistic...
  2. Last Lanarkshire Derby? Accies v ‘Well

    We've played Motherwell many times in the same situation, and been rode every time. We are due a win, hopefully.
  3. Bundesliga 2018/2019

    Union Berlin have absolutely shat it for the second time in three seasons. Still in with a shout though, and winning their last 5 will earn an automatic spot.
  4. PES 2019

    Getting the correct logos / font colours would be a start. Accies' shirt sponsor logos, St. Mirren's home shirt number colours, Motherwell's away shirt number colours etc. I know these are minor things in a minor league, but given the limited licences PES do have they should be accurate. Saying "Hamilton" rather than "Hamilton Academical" every time in commentary too.
  5. How Fuckin Shite Is Edinburgh Airport

    On the subject of big airports... Brussels. Had to walk what seemed like a mile, to get onto a bus to take me back to pretty much the gate I arrived at.
  6. Moray Cup

    The clue is in the name...
  7. What games would you like to see remade?

    To the poster who said the Sensible Soccer remake was pish - it wasn't. It was faithful to the original, and, as a result, had exactly the same attention holding power as playing SWOS on an Amiga emulator. It's fun, for a bit, but ultimately has zero depth compared to what we have now with PES and FIFA. I'm not a massive fan of straight remakes of games tbh - i've already played and got the game, why pay for it again? A new 1080° Snowboarding game would be good, though.
  8. Livingston v Hamilton Academical

    I don't get it. Where is the hunger? Livingston have nothing to play for; Dundee and St. Mirren are both losing yet we offer f**k all again. Why are we not attacking like survival depends on it? Win tonight and Saturday and it's pretty much job done. But no, that would be too easy. So fucking frustrating.
  9. Up there with the poster who claimed to put away a good few pints and 15 vodkas in 3 hours at the airport before boarding a flight.
  10. Irn Bru

    There's a massively out of date bottle in Inveraray Jail. Would still drink it before the New Shite
  11. Irn Bru

    I pretty much ignore Irn-Bru now. Cherry Pepsi Max or Coke Zero for me now. Used to never turn my nose up at a can of Bru. I'll buy it very rarely, then feel dirty. Had a can of the good stuff on Saturday, followed shortly after by the new stuff. It's even worse than I realised. Got about 16 good cans left - dated June. Pretty much a Sunday treat now as I now have weekends off for the first time and, like a child, I can't stop myself getting pished on a Saturday. My dad threw some out before Christmas as no one drinks it there now and it was out of date. I was raging
  12. Calling Cards of Morons

    Toast Bacon Sausage Tattie Scone Beans Fried Egg Hash Brown Haggis
  13. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I had it with BT. Had to pay a £35 disconnection fee but that was it. Thought that was fair enough as it was me who was moving house, not them.
  14. I backed Bellshill weeks ago. So you've no chance, sorry.