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  1. I'm absolutely gone at it having two sets of brakes as well. Who, when using the thing as intended (i.e. a mobility aid rather than a toy) is going to be going fast enough to require brakes?
  2. England. Manchester and Newcastle Airport must be rubbing their hands at the prospect of the SG not following suit.
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/new-uk-travel-rules-full-25010473.amp?__twitter_impression=true The baby steps back to normality continue.
  4. I was under the impression someone who tested positive whilst already in hospital was then counted as a new admission on the day they tested positive. Is that no longer the case?
  5. These are two different measures. One is confirmed positive cases and one is records processed - presumably the technical issues have led to a bit of a mismatch of these. It can't be 5,529 over 48 hours either, though. That would represent a 57% week on week reduction over the same 2 days from last week.
  6. I can't be the only one that is astonished something like this exists. Looks like one of things you see getting laughed out of Dragon's Den for solving a problem that doesn't exist.
  7. Not at the level of 1% of the population per day it wasn't. It averaged around 20k per day, with a similar %age positive.
  8. Absolutely, school kids have been largely shielded from exposure throughout. It's not a problem, of course, but it does give a good indication of how little use masks are. I'm not sure we will see a bounce from unis going back tbh - that demographic have already had high exposure etc.
  9. Aye. Not with school kids, though. Who are now making up around 40% of cases. Thumping dub for the vaccines. Massive L for masks.
  10. It also claims to be 48 hours worth of cases, yet lists 5,529 in the last 24 hours, and 5,885 in the last 48 hours. 356 cases from the previous day simply cannot be correct.
  11. It's difficult to argue from this that lockdowns did much at all, though you can't say definitively that they didn't either. However, what we can say, with almost certainty, id that the level of immunity now is at least as effective in stopping and reversing the spread as lockdowns ever were, and therefore lockdowns can be fired into the bin.
  12. I think it's perfectly fair to put the onus on those wishing to impose new measures to outline what the perceived benefit will be. With their recent "reckless toaries" shtick, and their continued belief in masks, calling the judgement of the SG into question is also absolutely fair.
  13. I think it's almost certain that they are acting politically. That doesn't, however, mean they are automatically wrong. Remember what they are ultimately working towards is returning to what would be considered "normality" - the SG in particular seem to be hell bent on dragging that process out, under the banner of "caring more" As VT has pointed out below, their recent results from doing the opposite of what the UK Government do / did are not great.
  14. "Doing something because the Tories are doing the opposite" doesn't require much "mental gymnastics" As Elixir has already mentioned, these decisions, like unanimously wearing masks and bleating about the other side not doing so when they don't have to, are based purely on political grounds, nothing more.
  15. Have they been admitted to hospital requiring treatment for Covid, have they been admitted to hospital for treatment for something else but tested positive, have they tested positive after already being in hospital (i.e. caught it there) and are now requiring treatment, or have they caught it whilst already in hospital but require no treatment? I imagine that number will be spread amongst all 4 categories. I still find it absolutely staggering that, not only do we not appear to know, but that no-one seems to have thought to ask.
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