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  1. Hamilton Accies are going to have some transfer budget now
  2. I cannot believe that, 27 months down the line, people still use such dumbed down analogies to argue for something. The difference now is that many people aren't buying it anymore, and that includes politicians. If masks worked there would be clear data that could be presented to show this. But they don't, hence why they can't do so. The only people still trying to draw covid out are the fringe celebrity experts who seemingly don't understand that pretty much everyone has moved on to the latest things like Ukraine and the cost of living now.
  3. Going to be some laugh people trying to get home with the current last train times
  4. If that was their worry they would be best placed refraining from saying anything at all tbh.
  5. Aye. GIF is one of those words where you'd only look like a complete dick if you pronounced it correctly. Foreign football clubs / foreign footballer player names usually provide the best examples of this genre.
  6. I'm not sure I've ever called anyone a "lying simp" However, no, it's not actually rational at all in the context of your argument.
  7. This is a bit rich given you were willing to believe, without hesitation, the opinions of a dentist on said virus btw. Why not just say what you really mean - that you will reserve judgement on the opinions of anyone who holds a different view / opinion to your own.
  8. Superb. Best race this season by an absolute mile.
  9. I don't think he's bothered by the ruling itself, more that he's asked the stewards to leave his car alone as he wanted to try restart it, and they've gone and recovered it anyway.
  10. Lewis Hamilton looks even more of a helmet riding a mini scooter.
  11. That was absolutely wild. The safety of modern F1 cars is actually incredible.
  12. In fact I've just read they can't show a replay until it's confirmed Zhou is ok which, given he is still stuck in his car, it obviously isn't.
  13. The wee dude's face after taking his hat off made me chuckle
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