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  1. NFL General Discussion

    Have you guys found this game yet? http://www.first-pick.com/ Enjoy!
  2. NFL General Discussion

    November 8, 1970. Not bad
  3. NFL General Discussion

    Correct. vs Detroit Lions. Jackie Burkett was the snapper Joe Scarpatti was the holder. I think the date was November 19th, 1970- but I can't remember.
  4. NFL General Discussion

    That's him. NFL record holder.
  5. NFL General Discussion

    Back in New Orleans we had a guy on our team who apprenticed at Arsenal. His right leg was super powerful. He was coaching a local high school team and saw the FG kicker practicing, so he jumped in. Hit a 65 yarder with no problem. The coach was impressed and put both lines out there.. and once the whistle blew and the line was coming at him, he couldn't make anything. Now if you are already kicking and are used to the pressure of the line, make or break, then it would be great.... except the pressure would be intense.
  6. NFL General Discussion

    WOW! I'm jealous. New York - great place. Loved it when I lived two hours away. DC- Spy Museum - I really loved this place. Underrated, but lots of cool stuff. You may not be a baseball fan, but check out the Nationals if you can. Team of the FUTURE! Miami - I assume South Beach is on the agenda. Nuff said. Orlando - bit touristy for me, but should be fun. NOLA - Party capital of the world. Of course hit Pat O'Briens, but Cats Meow is a local hangout in the Quarter that is a lot of fun. Houston or Dallas or both? San Diego - Always on my list of places to go. LA - Never been, but should be awesome. If you have time Nashville is a pretty nice place, and more than just country music. Chicago - haven't been, but would like to. Seattle - very pretty.
  7. NFL General Discussion

    What's the rest of the trip? One thing about New Orleans, stay on the beaten path, especially in the French Quarter. If you think you see a short cut on a dark alley, go another way. Stay with the crowds. if someone, street urchin says "Betcha I can tell you where you got your shoes at." The proper answer is "On my feet." If you like to tip Live street music, keep some change/ small bills in your pocket. Do not go for your wallet. Or just put a sign on your back "Pickpockets Here I am" Restaurants - so many great places to go, but Drago's a place the locals love. The owners are friends of mine, and we used to have our fantasy football draft at his original location in Metairie. He would serve us fries, onion rings, soft drinks, and CALAMARI for $5.00 per person. It was amazing. if you need any tips, feel free to ask.
  8. NFL General Discussion

    In other news, Gregg Williams reinstated by NFL, hired by Titans today.
  9. NFL General Discussion

    I hope Mingo is drafted by the Saints at #15, but I've heard he could be gone closer to #12.
  10. NFL General Discussion

    Welcome to the team. Are you going to NOLA in May? Well just eat like you have never eaten before... make sure you hit Drago's Restaurant.
  11. NFL General Discussion

    Wait! Now local reports say that Ryan was not offered the job, but will interview on Friday. Todd Grantham from U of GA and former NFL DC will interview on Thursday.
  12. NFL General Discussion

    Apparently Saints will hire Rob Ryan as DC. I think I feel okay with it.
  13. NFL General Discussion

    Saints needs - pass rush. Cam Jordan looks like he will be very good, but we need a serious pass rush. Linebackers - moving to the 3-4, we'll need to upgrade the LB's. Corners - I love Jabari Greer, but I think he's back as a nickel, would like a big corner safeties - Malcolm Jenkins is hit or miss, with mostly miss. Maybe he should go back to corner where he did so well. Roman Harper - have to keep him around, but hope new DC can use him better. Probably need to drop an OL, WR, and maybe another TE. Would love to get Ed Reed as a free agent signing, come home Ed, come home. Jacoby Jones - yeah, same thing. Come home Jacoby, come home...
  14. NFL General Discussion

    Well that was a cracking way to end a season, and now for the Saints to make a run in 2013. Which 49er coach becomes our Defensive coordinator? Or is it a Ravens coach?
  15. N H L Returns

    New Orleans had an ECHL team back in the 90's. I was PA announcer for 9 games. Team drew well, and then they got the Hornets NBA team and that hurt attendance. Lafayette's Ice Gators were one of the top attendance teams in the league for a long time, averaged about 9,000 a game. I'm just outside of Huntsville, Hockey Capital of the South. University of Huntsville has been playing hockey for 30 years or more, We get Preds games on Fox TN. A lot of hockey fans in the area.