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  1. How many countries have successfully become independent from the UK? Dozens. How many of them have the UK stopped trading with? None. Why do you think Scotland is uniquely incapable of both? No other country has extricated themselves from the EU in the manner the UK are attempting. There's a huge difference. Lying and making false comparisons is all Brit Nats like yourself have left.
  2. The same type of bias and smears from the establishment that the Yes movement was subjected to in 2014, Labour were more than happy to be part of, and from who Corbyn thinks we should have no choice in removing ourselves from. The ironing is delicious as they say [emoji39]
  3. Hang on, is it not Oaksoft who regularly voices doubt as to whether Scotland is capable of being the same as every other nation in the world because our young people are lazy or some such nonsense. Lecturing people about negativity [emoji23]
  4. Scots cringers won't care. Never mind what he said about Scotland, something something wee Jimmy Krankie!
  5. Having your piss poor arguments in favour of the Union destroyed by logic isn't the bullying you seem to suggest. The big bad cybernats are abusing me, standard Brit nat tactic of deflection when they can't justify their position.
  6. Hold a 'consultative' referendum with the same level of binding legal force as the EU referendum. If the will of the people has to be respected in one, it surely has to be in the other. If some Yoons decide not to participate to withhold legitimacy then all the better, I still think we'd get a 60%+ turnout.
  7. Are we all enjoying the delicious certainty, safety and security we were promised in 2014 if we stayed part of the Union? A Union that has served us well for hundreds of years, if it ain't broke don't fix it, why take the risk etc? I don't know how many Scots cringers I had this argument with at the time, how many times I said that it doesn't quite work like that, a No vote isn't a vote for everything to stay the same forever. The SNP should be shouting this from the rooftops and reminding unionists what they said at the time but as usual they're wasting the opportunity.
  8. Remember back in 2013/2014 in the run up to the referendum when the Tories hated us Nats for 'creating division' between the people? That line might be a harder sell this time round.
  9. Remember back in 2014 when the broad shoulders of the UK = Job security?
  10. Remember when the SNP had to have a plan A, B and C for what we were all going to have for dinner in an Independent Scotland etc? The Scots cringing Britnats have gone very quiet on that front.
  11. We argue though, do we not, when Scotland's figures are not good, that we don't have the necessary control over the real economic levers to change things. There's a lengthy and well written article on Wings where Nicola Sturgeon is hypothetically considering what she can do to improve things? Increase immigration? No. Vary certain tax rates? No. Why then are we on the yes side 'celebrating' good figures? It only gives the Yoons a stick to beat us with when things change. Surely we either do have the necessary control or we do not.
  12. The UK Government have taken their eye off the ball due to their obsession with constitutional change. When are they going to start getting on with the day job?
  13. My anecdotal evidence is that a lot people I know who have voted SNP or Green in previous elections unfortunately appear to intend to vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour. I share the concerns that have already been voiced by some on here.
  14. Who is responsible for immigration policy within the UK? There are parts of England which Westminster are responsible for and are slums. By Britnat logic, on that basis the UK is incapable of being independent and should allow a larger more competent country to administer it's affairs.
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