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  1. Not as harsh as Clyde being docked 4 points for an admin error Or...... "exceptional circumstances" meaning it was ok for Hill o Beath Hawthorn to field an ineligible player in the Scottish Cup last season.
  2. So what actually happened for it to be abandoned and the scenes on football away days as well?
  3. A short notice midweek friendly was arranged this week v Easthouses Lily to which ww won 4 3 with a trialist getting a hat trick. Today St.Cuthberts Wanderers from Kirkcudbright are welcomed to Ferguson Park.
  4. Did someone mention unnecessary cost? Rules are made to be adhered to and with the amount of midweek games I'd say floodlights forcing and nearly crippling certain club(s) would be more in that category than a handful of seats. I'm no bitter though it's all for the good of the game going forward.
  5. Geography lesson for me here..... Is Kelty no North of Cowdenbeath yet they are in the South? Why are Hibs in North and Hearts Ed City South ??
  6. I've said it for a while the longer ye go without football the more people are likely to find other options to do on a Saturday. Also making matches all ticket,track and trace,mask wearing etc might put people off. Some might just prefer to turn up on the day without all of the above. Not that I'm saying that is the case here like. We should just be thankful clubs have survived this pandemic,many hospitality grades etc will never reopen which is very sad.I somehow think we havent heard the last of the financial impact this pandemic has left us with. Stay safe Casey.
  7. I'd be very surprised if we get anywhere near 500 (250 kids + 250 adult) crowds every week Casey. Plus the loyal band of fans we have. Would be very impressive if we did though.
  8. To be honest season tickets were few and far between in previous seasons. A great incentive by the club to get a wee bit extra support. The village is outgrowing itself so hopefully maybes some new fans can come through the gates be it through a season ticket,a paying adult with their childs season ticket or paying at the gate on the day.
  9. Pre season going well so far. Arniston 1 WW 2 Threave 0 WW 2 Wishaw 0 WW 4 WW 2 Hearts xi 2 Next up St.Cuthberts Wanderers next Saturday at Ferguson Park before the season starts away to Dundonald on the 17th. A lot of drainage work been done on the park as well as a memorial bench for honorary president Derek Waterson. 250 season tickets given to local school kids while it's only £50 a bargain for adults. Onwards......
  10. Is this a similar scenario to MK Dons and Wimbledon then? One team stealing another's place with a totally different identity. Are they gonnae be able to compete like the old BSC in the league or will they be struggling near bottom? This could give Marshy a heart attack if they end up piss poor and keep his beloved Vale up.Red dot and rage incoming Wtf has happened to Jerry Maguire? Always Had plenty previous to say aboot all things LL.
  11. Not quite EoS but since other non EoS clubs have been mentioned on here I'd like say congratulations and well done to all at Wigtown & Bladnoch. Another club who have managed to secure floodlights which couldnt have been easy in these troubled times.
  12. A covid alert at Tynecastle resulted in the game v Berwick Rangers being postponed. Other news. Wishaw 0 WW 4
  13. Friday... Good to see you and tam the bam among many others outside Ferguson Park for Sir Peter's funeral on Friday. A lot of well known faces not just associated with ww but EOS football in general. If it was up to me I'd be renaming the park in his honour. Saturday... A fine 2 0 win away at Threave with like you say a double from the man himself. Today.... Onto the Oriam for a behind closed doors friendly v Heriot Watt. Mon the Welfare.
  14. Na no really I've had every respect for BSC from the start bud. Most on here would confirm that. The pyramid is there for a reason I would start yous back at the bottom if yer going that route. Just an opinion of course as it's a fitba forum.
  15. Who mentioned history or fans and what the fcuk has ww got to do wi it? Ive defended BSC on many occasions wheres Jerry when you need him
  16. Nail on the heed but the previous quotes just dont get it. Absolutely feck all to do wi history.
  17. Maybes to the highest bidder though. Yous are well and truly taking the piss now just like Edu or whatever they're called did.
  18. A new thread to hopefully and fingers crossed bring in a full season. A 2 1 friendly win away over Arniston on Saturday was a positive start. Mon the Welfare....
  19. Some clubs have small committees and as much as social media can get information out it's not always feasible to have the time to do all the media updates. Gretna have a very small band of loyal fans who I'm sure will be kept updated. I'd imagine many small clubs are in the same position regarding social media.
  20. A good way of getting extra income. Could prove pivotal in being able to compete longer term in the LL. Good luck to them.
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