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  1. The way your club has acted canny say I'd be disappointed if you did get relegated. But wi one doon again and looking like Vale finishing bottom and the permutations that go wi it I think you'll be around for a wee while yet.
  2. Alan? Most definately. Quite abusive towards folk whether they on the park or on sidelines. Maybes needs some anger management lessons and another name change.
  3. When a grumpy old man devoted his time morning noon and night to the club for nearly 60 years albeit his way or no way it just shows the amount of work he actually done for the club that went unnoticed. Must've been the manpower of half a dozen folk. A massive loss for the club. Hopefully get back on track when the club has its agm next month. There were at least some shoots of recovery on the park last week before collapsing in a 5 minute spell near the end. Onto today and a run of 3 home games. If can keep discipline hopefully a vital 3 points can be had against fellow strugglers LTHV to kick start the season. Mon the Welfare!!
  4. Worrying times i knew clubs would be in trouble just wasnt expecting ww to be the 1st. Any help appreciated https://www.whitehillwelfare.co.uk/teams/207515/news/notice-of-agm-2636565.html
  5. The South Region Challenge Cup is as it says on the tin a competition for teams in the South therefore never was or can be a national competition. There is no comparison whatsoever.
  6. Seems like a crowd w**k alert here. What's the chances of a 5k junior cup final crowd now or are you still living in the past? The South of Scotland has gained many new clubs what's to stop the likes of an Auchinleck v Berwick Rangers Pollok v Bonnyrigg South Cup final attracting beyond that figure. Given the right promotions,advertising sponsors etc the south cup final could easily match your figures. After all the BBC have been quick to follow non league fortunes in the Scottish cup over the past few seasons and might just take an interest to this competition. What's maybes needed though is an all in Non league Scottish cup.
  7. What was sending off for? Was it deserved? Do you think ww wi 11 players wouldve held on for the win? Seem to be lacking a wee bit discipline here or is it experience as another game goes by without the full 11 on the park? Massive game against fellow strugglers LTHV next week,if we want to kick start the season that's a must win game.
  8. Patronising as fcuk post considering many teams will have changed personnel.....yer right though
  9. Any scores tonight. Disappointing theres no communication and updates from the league this season.
  10. Not laziness at all bud theyve been bottom for last couple seasons and some on here get in a rage that they're still in the league. They're probably favourites to go down but Edinburgh University were catchable when the league stopped last time and have had a poor start this season. When the 2 meet it could prove pivotal for the season.
  11. I reckon Edinburgh Uni might give Vale a run for the relegation spot. Can see the rage as Vale remain in the LL for another season
  12. A tough 90 mins ahead for sure. Wi 5 possibly going down it's a gonnae take a massive effort to stay up. Early days yet though.
  13. Aye comfortably beaten the score didnt really merit the game. Broxburn keeper could've brought a rug and a picnic basket was hardly tested at all. Early days midweek trip to Perth next. Who knows ,a league that produces the odd shock scoreline one win might just spur the lads on.
  14. I'm sure the home team would appreciate that as well. I just canny get my head round the fact all teams distance each other when changing yet can kick lumps oot each other on the park.
  15. The neutral venue that perhaps was Meadowbank maybes had a flower pressing show that day. City beating Welfare in a cup final was more remembered from a City point of view as they didnt come around very often. I do however recall a penalty shoot out win in what may well have been youre last ever game at non league level before going onto greater things so get that roond ye.
  16. Ferguson Park got a lot of cup finals back in the day Tam,mustve done something right compared to the Pet Show arena that was Meadowbank
  17. Normally they get figures from the cars parked and trolleys missing in the Morrisons car park and the Easy Jet flights above so I wouldn't worry too much.
  18. Keeper went doon in stages for that one. Then again depends the angle as others said it took some swerve from outside of boot. Both keepers looked nervous.Yer no.10 had some pace for whole game and for yer 1st goal. Either that or slow to react defending, losing 8 goals in 2 games shows where oor problem lies.Like you said game could easily have went other way. And what aboot the lino demanding the lights went on when it was clearly unnecessary. Best of luck for rest of season.
  19. Did you manage a lift tonight. Hopefully a decent game.
  20. Try getting up to Perth midweek or Dunbar nearly 30 mile away on New Years day then. Theres a lot longer trips in the conferences. Canny please everybody. It is what it is.
  21. We are a week into the season and yer having a go at the fixtures secretary already. Wow. Just be thankful there's games taking place and there's a full list (hopefully) to look forward to right through to May. And dont forget there will presumably be the reverse fixtures taking place at some point in the season.
  22. Technology never been my thing but there was pay at the gate with track and trace at the St Cuthberts match. Had quite an impressive shelter as well for the committee who need to stand at the gate in all weathers.
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