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  1. @Marshmallo @virginton Instead of the petty red dots can you answer the question please? A lot of shouting aboot the LL opening up relegation spots (rightly so) can you confirm the HL are doing so this season with the Midlands opening up? Where does their champion club go subject to licensing? It's no just the LL that needs a complete reboot.
  2. Have they got a relegation spot in place up there yet? Aye but a free hit at the play off.
  3. As much as everyone thinks it being down to allowing Colts in the league has anyone thought that the Broomhill split might have something to do with it ?
  4. 942 to be exact, Hibs and Hearts playing a day later would've helped but Bonnyrigg always been a big supported footballing toon and i can easily see them getting up to that as an average with or without playing Colts teams.
  5. Not many ww folk were surprised by Saturday's result. What price were Coldstream like? 2 Saturday's on bounce ww would've been coupon busters. Getting back on topic and they're no even worth defending on the park but could it be that Vale have been decimated by having to fund the floodlights or did they get the money from elsewhere?
  6. Who is in the LL self preservation department? The LL have been very quiet since the colts shambles. Has there been any correspondence from clubs regarding the current LL committee recently as to wtf is actually going on? By the way 9/4 was a shite price considering the 4 leagues difference.
  7. Not shocked by ww result a good few chances missed when Coldstream took their chances. Well done the Streamers and a nice local derby to now look forward to. Very best of luck.
  8. South Challenge Cup v Coldstream tomorrow a trophy we have won twice in the past beating Dalbeattie Star and Edinburgh City in both finals. For selfish reasons wouldve preferred the match in Coldstream but then again apparently there are some tasty pies to review. Not really tempted myself.
  9. The outdoor pursuits ruin it as well. Watching them on a trampoline is hardly worthy for a sports quiz.
  10. Thanks bud and good to see a few through from Dunbar. A harsh but ref going by book last man sending off. Yer man Miller played very well for us I thought and our big keeper was very steady. Delighted wi the 3 points. Hopefully catch up Dunbar.
  11. No trying to make excuses but having heard from the manager this week the squad is on its arse wi players no being fit. Hopefully cut out silly mistakes and give you a game today.
  12. Bring yer boots ye might get a game. On a serious note I hope you enjoy your visit,the bar will be open should you wish a refreshment or 2. I'm a tad disappointed it kinda clashes wi the match at Hampden as I usually make a day of it for the International matches.
  13. Its gonnae happen a lot more than you think if they open up the LL.
  14. Just got to concentrate for 90 mins from the start. Goals and games have been lost within a few mins. Saturday and last nights game were over within a few mins 1st half.Look at Blackburn game 2 up wheels fell off. Tynecastle a point was in bag till last min. Agree goal difference needs to tighten up though. 4 points from safety desperately got to get on track Saturday against the in form Dunbar.
  15. Exactly but can you see anything changing anytime soon?
  16. Everyone can see common sense says the LL has to open up more spaces for relegation. Bleating on about VoL being rock bottom isnt the problem. I dont want to defend them either by the way after they and the rest voted the Colts in but as it stands they're only 1 win away from safety. I like the LL but its management have taken the piss out of all things LL. Is there a Highland relegation this year? The problem for me seems to be far too many teams in the South part of the pyramid but unfortunately that is always gonnae be the case. The LL ain't gonnae open up more relegation slots anytime soon unfortunately. Let's hope I'm proved wrong.
  17. Did they no used to say that aboot Fort William?
  18. Thanks for popping by. Doesnt seem 5 mins since yous were pumping us although we can still say we were robbed in a cup tie taking yous to extra time. A massive gulf between us now but good to see yous doing very well. I'm hopeful of avoiding the drop this season but considering the amount of teams dropping doon to the new 1st division next season it might be a big ask. A.G.M next Thursday only got 7 of a committee and looking for a chairman vice chairman secretary and treasurer. Tough and worrying times ahead.
  19. You might need to enlighten and give a clue as to what you're getting at here ?
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