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  1. 6 hours ago, Eric's Cantina said:

    Wouldn't it be more worthwhile for Gretna to go into the South of Scotland League from a travelling point of view

    Yes that's why I stated earlier Vale could do a few teams a favour and stay up.

    If Vale come doon the East Premier needs to be 16 teams thus risking 5th bottoms place in the Premier. 

    You are correct I would presume Gretna would go SoSFL though. 

  2. 15 hours ago, Crow said:

    Half the squad missing from the Musselburgh game ... what’s  happened now Newky?


    I have absolutely no idea. 

    I just cheer the lads that are on the park.

    I could've brought my boots yesterday and got a game likes. 

    Struggled for a bench hence me saying earlier a severely depleted team? 




  3. 1 hour ago, Deanburn Dave said:

    I think the 5th team goes down if the WoS top team (currently Auchinleck Talbot) beats the EoS top team (Penicuik) in the play off so no East team promoted to the Lowland League. Also needs the LL bottom team to be located in the East so they drop into the EoSFL.

    Got ye (I think).

    So EoSFL winners lose play off stay in Premier then 5th bottom makes way for bottom LL. 

    Well some of us maybes hope Vale can do the miracle and send Gretna doon. 

    Thanks Deanburn. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, HibeeJibee said:

    Saturday 20th November 2021
    Camelon 2-3 Musselburgh Athletic
    Crossgates Primrose 4-3 Whitehill Welfare
    Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts 4-1 Dunbar United
    Lothian Thistle HV 2-1 Hill of Beath Hawthorn

    LTHV gulped in the sustaining oxygen of points with a vital win at Ainslie Park. Once again Camelon and Whitehill came away from high scoring encounters with nothing. Inverkeithing swatted aside Dunbar with surprising ease.

    Worrying gap of 4pts-7pts opened between bottom 4 and safety:


    Can you confirm how a 5th team would go down again please?

    A severely depleted WW lost a goal after a defensive error aboot 46 seconds in today and were 3 down at half time but fair play to the lads for battling on and after going a 4th behind early in the 2nd half managed a 3 goal comeback and wi Crossgates down to 9 men almost snatched an equaliser from a nigh impossible position. A match played like a cup tie proved disappointing wi another defeat but pleasing the young lads never gave up. 

    7 points from safety and looking grim but results will tell against teams in the lower half of the table. 

    Best of luck to Crossgates in next weeks final. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Crow said:

    Looking back a 3-2 win against 10 man Dundonald the only win and even goals scored since getting knocked out the Challenge Cup by Coldstream at the beginning of September.

    There will be no global pandemic to save this time. 

    Until its mathematically impossible I'm no giving up. Nitten looked doomed only aboot 3 weeks ago. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Crow said:

    3 games in a week ... 0-11 on aggregate. 

    At least you got some more new signing news while the game was going on yesterday. The squad must be up to about 50 now. 

    3 against top 6 teams who are probably a bit better than this league, its bottom 6 we need the results against. 

    Whether they will come is a different matter.

    Still only 4 points away from what could be safety.

    Nervous Marc E Bassy GIF by Yung Bae

    I take it we'll know if 5th bottom goes down soon though. 

    That's my only whinge about this league.

    Superb support from Musselburgh yesterday ringing the tills. 👏💰


  7. 2 minutes ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Think being in the city itself helps them but certainly surprising that Civil Service Strollers have done so well so far. It will be a struggle for almost all of the present day LL clubs to be permanent fixtures at tier 5 or above (even for Bo'ness United with a repeat of a season like this one's) after all the top clubs from the west have arrived. Clubs finding their natural level has a long way to run yet.

    Yip that's why the SPFL wont open up relegation any further. 

    Towns like Larbert Coatbridge Stranraer etc may find themselves in the LL or worse but it wont happen overnight. 

    Shire and Berwick might even find themselves EoSFL, unthinkable only a few seasons ago.

    Now who wouldve thought clubs would've had the nerve to start up a LL and challenge for a place at the top table. Now those that were stuck in a prehistoric era are reaping the benefits 😉 

  8. 29 minutes ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Only because they were in the EoS rather than the east region. With clubs like Tweedmouth around in a four division format they are not going to wind up like Rosewell Rosedale and will eventually find a level where they win more often than lose so better days ahead. Finding your natural level is part and parcel of having a pyramid.


    Yip a club that embraced the pyramid when others couldnt see the wood from the trees. 

    You seem to forget clubs could've applied to the EoSFL at any time not just the last few seasons.

    I have no reason as to why so many played east juniors before your beloved grade died. 

    There is hardly any interest in the club at present so I very much doubt the club would be there long enough to see Tweedmouths level. 

    I wouldn't bank on your "better days ahead"!

    Cheers for another wee dig though. 👍

  9. 1 hour ago, Crow said:


    Trying to add them up from the Tranent Twitter ... did Wayne get 5? 

    Yes was always going to be tough to take something from the game but bad enough playing with 10 for an over fussy ref for 82 minutes. we won't need reminders a night to forget for the Ferguson Park faithful. :barf


  10. 1 hour ago, magoo said:

    Down to 10 men after 8 mins...if someone more capable than me would like to put our red card count this season i would be most grateful..i will have a rough guess at about 12...

    Ruined the game. 

    Don't think was sending off. 

    Seem to be a target for refs this season. 


  11. On 17/10/2021 at 15:02, HibeeJibee said:

    Upcoming month...

    Sat 30th Oct     A v Gretna 2008 (16th)                9pts ahead currently

    Any lingering hopes might be finally dashed today though the gap is only 6 points? 

  12. 13 hours ago, berwicksfinest said:

    Personally speaking Cup exit to a higher opposition and seeing the highlights is no disgrace, Mid table less so but after the fall from grace and the lurgy going round and the turmoil we have just gone through. You cannot expect instant success. signs are improving, I'm happy with that

    With Auchinleck Pollok Clydebank Kilwinning Darvel and Irvine Meadow as well as Tranent Penicuik Linlithgow Jeanfield etc champing at the bit to get a shot at the pyramid, no offence intended, you better hope your improvement happens quick otherwise you might just find the East Premier your level. 

    Its little wonder the LL are in no rush to open up their relegation structure. 

  13. 22 minutes ago, bravehearts dad said:

    Yes the top 2 REAL CLUBS (albeit Spartans voted for the dreadful 2 entry into the League) in the LL meet at Ainslie Park today at 2.00pm. Arguably the best game in Scotland today. I don’t expect we’ll see as many goals as we did midweek. 

    C’mon The Rose 🌹🌹🌹

    Best game in Scotland.

    Theres a massive international match taking place today. 

    It's a shocker that games are even being played this afternoon!

  14. 1 hour ago, Connor7 said:

    The lowland seriously need to be relegating 3-4 teams a season. Get the pyramid flowing. We could be seeing results like this for at least another 3-4 years unless they change things quickly. The premier division is probably a more competitive league in terms of all the teams in it. Some good clubs with a lot of ambition in the league below but will take a while to get to where they want to be.

    Same clubs never had the ambition a few short seasons ago. 

    Now await a huge reconstruction from the LL.

    Over to the LL bud. 👍


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