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  1. With both clubs having a free week they have agreed to bring forward their fixture to this Saturday 23rd.
  2. Denmark took 80+ minutes to break them down. No as easy as folk think.
  3. Best game in Scotland. Theres a massive international match taking place today. It's a shocker that games are even being played this afternoon!
  4. Same clubs never had the ambition a few short seasons ago. Now await a huge reconstruction from the LL. Over to the LL bud.
  5. Left for pastures new previously at ww letting us doon. Says we accepted bid from Tranent? I'd say it shows them up more than us despite our lowly position and lack of goals which we no doubt need I thought they were ticking along nicely at the top. Every player has a price I suppose It's a funny old game.
  6. Why dont you approach and join the committee and try sort things out then? If I recall the current committee saved the club from the previous committee so theyve been knocked down before and I'm sure will bounce back whatever league they're in. Some on this thread even have them folding. Ruthrie put them right.
  7. Unfortunately ww have been victims of that crime on a few occasions this season. You're quite lucky if that's the 1st time it's happened. I'm sure referees were briefed to clamp down on this type of behaviour.
  8. I see what you did there. A Sean Wringe header wi last touch 1st half sent Tranent in 1 up and was a kick in the stones to the WW 1st half performance followed by 2 late goals sealed the points. WW had couple 1 on 1s wi Tranent keeper had we taken one o them mightve been different story.WW keeper outstanding again. 2 sent off and a Tranent coach sent off I dont think anyone knows why. Tranent just about worthy winners though maybe not as scoreline suggests.
  9. Surprised it's on. Fair play to the ground staff.
  10. Aye 6 or 7 no easy is that at Blackburn too ? does that include chair, vice chair, president,vice president ? Difficult times.
  11. You've obviously never been a victim of the marshmallo effect internet bullying at its finest
  12. Theres only 6 or 7 on the committee at minute. They are doing their best. As a matter of interest what is the numbers on committee's/boards at other clubs? I'm fairly certain a lot more than that. (might even be for discussion as a separate pnb topic). Just shows how much work one man put into the club I'm sure despite his opinionated views done the work of half a dozen folk? Anyway Tranent away tomorrow not gonnae be easy but you just never know in football. 5 or 6 down this season doesnt help the cause for sure. Brutal.
  13. A bit local interest in Penicuik v ww at 2.30 sadly is trumped by the 5 o c kick off at Hampden. Even earlier kick off times elsewhere still makes it difficult. Disappointing but it is what it is
  14. Never say never Tranent and Penicuik up next to keep the gd doon. Oh and the keeper played yesterday. There is hope
  15. As the old saying goes it's definitely a 6 pointer on Saturday wi Sauchie as the visitors. 2 consecutive away games at Tranent and Penicuik to follow.
  16. To think Berwick used to play the winners of this cup. Whatever happened to the City Cup? How the mighty have fallen.
  17. Aye I thought offside was there as well until seen the footage. Looked well off wi original pass though. The game is history now onto next one.
  18. Yip I did say there was nae arguments from me. Always up against it wi 10 men 2nd goal no offside though?
  19. What about those that leave the ground and bring their own drink in then? Never ever seen that before. Next time they come we'll have it members only then wi maybes auld heed the exception as hes the only one who noticed the strange behaviour from his own set of fans.
  20. The small band of committee are stretched as it is. The bar lad that does it every week was unavailable yesterday. As I've said in previous posts take it up wi the club. Obviously looks like an oversight.
  21. You can drink from a plastic glass at almost any non league ground that I've visited in the North East. You can also drink under the stands at St.James' Park. I'm sure that's been a ruling in England for years. Drink hasnt been allowed in grounds in Scotland since the 1980 cup final. Maybes we should've been more strict yesterday and stopped your fans from leaving the ground and bringing drink back in with them. Anyway a good 3 points for you yesterday, its good to have a decent following from a team that are gonnae be nowhere near the top of the league.
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