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  1. EOSL in Scottish Cup 2018-19

    When is the 1st round draw ?
  2. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Money does talk but was nae long ago ww blew the likes of the vale gala civil "oot the water" strollers sitting 2nd just now I'd like to see their budget ? I doubt it much higher/ lower than ww. It's aboot time the past was forgotten and think aboot the just now imo. I've said before there's only aboot 5 or 6 teams in this league that are above the rest and fitba wise ww should be in a far better position than they are.
  3. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Just read it I reckon the loss of wee Andrew is massive. Another with over 40 years service put into the club Knows the rules and the LL back to front and upside doon.
  4. Selkirk FC thread

    You like yer rumours James
  5. Selkirk FC thread

    I take it kelty are nae the LL club offering 20 players for the season They might just save the club so fair play to the non named LL club for trying. Sadly it still doesn't look good. Mon the souters Get out this mess !!!
  6. Where’d the welfare thread go?

  7. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

  8. Selkirk FC thread

    Please sir he started it
  9. Selkirk FC thread

    Sigh. This is the only user name I have, the only silliness is from you and Rab. Ye made a James hunt of it once and were caught oot. No need to be in denial. It happens now and again Mon the souters
  10. Selkirk FC thread

    If Hamish is your thing, fill your boots. Always suspected you liked the ugly ones more. Someone who pretends to be someone else is just weird.only an opinion of course Now can we get back on topic please instead of making silly playground comments
  11. Selkirk FC thread

    Well you know what they say about hands and........we'll leave it there. Gutted. Ok Hamish pal
  12. Selkirk FC thread

    Careful the thread police be along shortly let's keep it in line wi the topic
  13. Selkirk FC thread

    On a LL thread (a league my team happens to be in) aye ok Get yersel on the committee BM ye seen to have the knowledge of all things LL
  14. Selkirk FC thread

    So you'd be quite happy if your club was in bother and have it all made public,warts and all. Aye ok. I thought it's already explained aboot the league format. If it was nae for a club like Selkirk there be no pyramid ! Don't think there was as much of a public hanging when the rangers went bust Something definitely needs done I think we can all see that.
  15. Selkirk FC thread

    To be fair gogsy whilst no the best worded post there are still some points in there.