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  1. This was my whole point. How did they get passed the SFA criteria and how did they remain LL if they were a completely different club?
  2. I don't need you to dictate where I post thanks very much. You have been against the LL since the start. Mechanics of the LL have you no read Fairweather fans quotes? You're just no getting it. Cove had a massive impact on the LL because they were ambitious enough to want SPFL football. The only chance they had of getting that was by a LL getting formed, this meaning the play off was inaugurated. Likewise with Spartans.
  3. Never knew you could only input into a forum your team is in. 😂 You seem very bitter about my team wi that statement when I havent even brought them into it, al no sleep tonight now 😂 Dont let my facts get in your way though,now what about Cove being the biggest instigator of a LL pyramid.You seem very quiet on that one.
  4. Aye ok 🙄 Basically a scenario where maybes a club disappear totally from their origins and become a new club wi a new name. Licenses including books are supposed to be checked every so often,everything must've been ok then 😉👍
  5. They suddenly became a brand new club on social media then kinda retracted their statement if I recall?
  6. As far as I'm aware there were no boys clubs in the LL when it was founded? All clubs whether west south or east had a chance to apply. In fact if I mind correct there was only 12 to start wi? Plenty clubs had plenty chances to get in the LL,I reckon the biggest issue for many and still is,is the licensing issue which is ever changing? You might want to vent your fury further North as well,yes Spartans were heavily involved but so were Cove who were desperate for a pyramid to be set up. That seems to have been forgotten about.
  7. A lot of hard work been done doon Christie Gillies Park,sadly they've had a slight setback. I'm sure they'll bounce back though.
  8. Why the name change? The only problem I have with them is they are a totally different identity to what they were set up as. Changing the name and staying in the LL was a master stroke. Good luck to them it seems to have bypassed the licensing committee.
  9. Exactly,yer probably correct and all about opinion, surprised you've opted for a top 9 finish though, I thought you'd be aiming higher based on yer 2nd half of season? My point was players will have moved on and some teams will be totally different. So they did,there you go,forgot aboot that one. Big boots to fill. Al just be happy when we get a chance to watch a match again especially wi the fan base teams like yourselves bring. ⚽️💰🍻👍
  10. You cannot base anything on last season especially teams you hadn't even seen? It's a fresh start for everyone next season.Players will have moved on. Some will benefit others won't. You canny say they ALL will be top 9 though,that is just impossible to predict especially with the likes of Tynecastle coming in.
  11. Concrete foundations for the lights done today
  12. Ormiston are still part of East Lothian though and the council have given payment to other teams. Money whether funding floodlights or not could've been spent equally among all the clubs involved.
  13. Certainly not at the bar anyway so I heard 🤭
  14. Maybes take it up when an AGM can take place. Least you'll get to see the books 🤷‍♂️ Saying that we do seem to have more gk coaches than gk s 😂 Some experience brought in hope theyve got legs to last the season and bring the younger lads on. Might have misread but manager has stated he'll be giving youth a chance so can see a few 20s getting a start or two. Hopefully Lough can find his shooting boots again. I've a feeling we might no see any fitba for a while yet though.
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