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  1. I see Musa was in goal for Raith yesterday in their friendly v Hibs. Rovers have been keeping tabs on the lad a while now.
  2. Would be interested to find out how many appearances Swain actually has for LTHV. A decent gk been around a long time.
  3. Grass bankings are taken into account for capacity. It's only the SPFL matches that don't allow grass banking. I think....
  4. Oh touch a nerve did it. Our house is perfectly in order just a shame some of you couldnt behave when you were there. As for getting it roond me,result of no significance to me,just asked about the match day experience for your visitors. All the best in the next round. You've got a bit momentum going this season.
  5. What about your overall treatment of the Sauchie fans. Piss poor I heard. Care to explain that one.
  6. Politics, as far as I know they fell out a few years ago. The social club has nothing to do with the football club these days despite being practically on the premises.
  7. It's a cracking club but nothing to do wi them nowadays.
  8. Yet some think they're no even worthy of a place in the league! An absolutely thoroughly deserved though not unexpected result. Well done the Uni their manager is a LL legendary goal machine let's not forget that! Congratulations a fantastic result for not only the Uni but the LL.
  9. Just a wee bit more suited for schools or 7 a side. They'll pick up many points on that pitch and good luck to them. Certainly wasn't a criticism, just an observation
  10. Yes thats a very tough month coming up but we've defeated Kirkcaldy & Dysart who are 3 points off the top twice away now. Got to take positives from that. On the negative side a very disappointing result away at the very tight Rosyth complex didn't help the cause and i think we've more games left against the top half than bottom. Still all to play for though.
  11. A few weeks back I was asking the same question for points to escape relegation. A tight league anyone from Leith down could go.
  12. I'm still confident WW will comfortably avoid relegation and finish mid table ready to push on next season. Best wishes to manager Jack Lynch for a speedy recovery from a recent heart attack.
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