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  1. There is also no evidence to say they wouldn't have taken something from their games against Vale and Dalbeattie though.
  2. Which club is it you are associated with if you don't mind me asking ?
  3. As I've said before the EoSFA have been around for decades and wont be influenced whatsoever by anybody on here. That is for certain. How many teams in the EoSFL now and how many actually post on here. Very few. Remind me your team again ?
  4. Telt again only one person making a James Hunt of themself here and it's no FWF
  5. A fine spin on things but ye forgot to mention one of the teams has 72 points still to be played for and the other 66.
  6. You seem awfy sure have you heard about the vaccine where you live? I think the idea of the vaccine is to prevent the above where I'd be more confident of getting a full season in when most if not everyone has had their jabs but I'm no scientist.
  7. Following events over the past year aye right I'm a fan of my club not a committee member of course I'm gonnae defend my club on a public forum. As I said last night the EoSFA has been established for a very long time. They ain't gonnae be influenced by petty squabbles on here. Aye yer new here alright,that's the biggest laugh bud. 👍
  8. I've got to laugh at some saying it's all about self preservation on here. Looking at the EoS Premier theres 18 teams.I think me and Magoo are the only WW posters. We dont speak on behalf of the club. Of the 17 other clubs there is virtually nowt from LTHV,Nitten,HoB,Tynecastle,Crossgates and Inverkeithing. Theres loads of Lithgy fans on here but compared to their large support,its a tiny percentage of that support. Musselburgh and Tranent also have big followings,again only one or two voicing there opinions for their clubs on here. As for the other leagues you'll find it hard to even find a poster supporting a club. The point I'm getting at here is theres a helluva lot more to the EoSFA than a few petty squabbles on pie and bovril where all member clubs will rightfully have their say. So aye Burnieman might be shouting from the rooftops for Blackburn,likewise myself for WW or the lad from Dunbar for that matter but we're no hiding behind any names slating other clubs on here. Jeezo one lad on here does nae fancy starting up again and hes even been abused. Will I be disappointed if WW go down on ppg,of course I will but at the end of the day it's only a game. The EoSFA have been around for a long long time and won't be influenced by a handful on here. That is one thing that is guaranteed here. At the end of the day we should all be thankful we are all healthy and finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel in getting on top of this horrible disease.
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