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  1. Aye there was and been moved to Peffermill tomorrow
  2. When you quote "!!" after yer sentences You're a Gretna fan so are obviously naturally worried where your next league would be? Have a read at the FWF post above and lets see what you make of that ?
  3. Why are you getting so angry and why shouldn't there be a East and West Region? It has been stated on here a multitude of times that the South is too weak a league to justify a shot of a play off at tier 6? Least Threave have shown a bit balls? What exactly is it you are you frightened of?
  4. How is it incorrect though. ? It's a logical solution 1 x East Region 1 x West region. Like you say "IN THE PAST" let's look to the future. 2 Winners play off or even better 2 winners promoted None of this round Robin stuff. Simples.
  5. East now goes from Perth to Berwick no reason why the West can't now go Campbeltown to Gretna. 2 champions playing off.
  6. Traditionally for this semi final the league teams any two from Hibs,Hearts Meadowbank/Livingston Berwick Rangers were kept apart. I'm surprised Hearts B aren't in it and Kelty not contesting the Fife Cup. It's a cup also known as the City Cup.
  7. I know pnb has a right to anonymity but thought you were connected to Dunbar as you started the Dunbar thread ?
  8. Whitehill was the colliery and the brickworks in the village and you're right the Welfare was the miners Welfare club. Anyways FC Edinburgh wtf !
  9. Hmmmm you just never know whats round the corner eh
  10. Where you hearing Hearts are gonnae play in Rosewell? They have spent a fair bit money on the park that the season past was probs one of the 1st times there wasnt a game lost throughout the season.We did have a mild winter though. So when you've had to fund floodlights as well as drainage to the park I can see where vital revenue might come from. However if this is true itll take some convincing for me to retain my season ticket.
  11. Travelling was fine Whitehill looked after him and were the only club to give him a chance. I can see the laddie playing in the SPFL.
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