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  1. Ah makes sense now Linlithgow on the verge of a possible play off. Never heard hee haw from you about this earlier in the season. As FwF pointed out the pandemic hasnt exactly helped the system. You can't use WW as an example either.There have been major changes both on and off the park, floodlights etc, in the last few seasons there. This is a league where maybes bar Vale anybody can beat anybody so will disagree there. I wouldn't be writing off the bottom SPFL side either,they very much have the advantage when it comes to the play off. That seems overlooked here.
  2. Never knew games were decided by crowd wanks. On your scenario Arbroath shouldn't be anywhere near the top of the championship. EK and the likes of Strollers and Spartans have never claimed to have large crowds are plodding along quite nicely in front of the ex SPFL teams and a well supported ex EOS Junior side who you just happen to miss out being mid table or 7TH bottom. With the West now involved and the play off as it is its gonnae be a while before an Eos 6 might even get a sniff of the LL. Just got to be patient for your reasoning as unfortunately it doesn't look like the LL will be opening up anytime soon.
  3. In at the deep end with no managerial experience a big gamble from the club.
  4. An interesting day at South Shields. Graham Fenton put on gardening leave with the club 3rd in the league 5 points off top wi games in hand to be replaced by Kevin Phillips. @Sergeant Wilson
  5. What about the EoSFL/WoSFL/SoSFL winners if they win play off is there no a space to be vacated from the LL for them to get promoted to ?
  6. Didnt realise youd be offended,it was tongue and cheek and let's face it i haven't had much to shout about this season. Going to be difficult for the bottom 5 as it stands but as I've stated before the 5th bottom team going down would be very harsh.
  7. To be fair to Plymouth 1st round Sheffield Wed away 1230 Sunday 2nd round Rochdale away 1230 Sunday and last night Birmingham 5.30. TV really doesn't give a fcuk about the fans.
  8. Even worse the way the storyline is heading. It's like a script from children's tv. In the ever decreasing small world of Coronation Street what's the chances the old guy turns out to be Curtis s grandad ? Tim pulling his trousers down in front of doctor was stolen from Only fools and horses years ago. Plagiarism at it's best.
  9. Gretna 2 Dalbeattie 1. Game over for any lingering hopes Vale had.
  10. Never said would be a walk in park. More thinking a level to be competing more nearer at top end of table than bottom. The pyramid hasnt exactly been kind to WW wi potentially 5 going down this season but got to look forward now not back, others from higher up will most probs suffer successive relegations as well although won't be as ruthless as 5 doon. Just a pity we were one of the 1st to fall.
  11. Ricky has had an outstanding season. 5 doon it's looking grim especially wi Penicuik up next. Would be a big loss going out this league for sure wi all the revenue it brings but the pyramid is all about clubs finding their feet. Whether that's level 6 or 7 we might just find that we're the yo yo club between the 2. Would love to stay tier 6 but got to remember for the the size of village and I know its growing but so is everywhere else these days I think at tier 6 we are punching considering some of the teams that are in and around this level be it east or west.
  12. If you can manage to read it heres your structure next season. As FwF has pointed out 5th bottom doesn't even look good. Harsh for whoever does finish there but it is what it is.
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