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  1. The EBAC Northern League have issued a statement as well.
  2. English non league clubs looking at proposals of ppg from the 2 seasons combined with promotions but no relegations. Not sure if that would work up here though? Interesting all the same?
  3. If you're a young player you'd want to play at the highest level possible surely? Would it be the same players next season? Are contracts up? They might be able to compete a bit more now the finances are not taken up by the floodlighting overheads criteria which despite help from other sources they done well to get up and running at such short notice? On the other hand they could also forfeit their league position but being only a few points behind the Uni why would they? And why should they even contemplate that given the difference in finance which was put in between the leagues? Hopefully all leagues will be back up and running in a few weeks and it's not all null and void but looks like those with denunciations will just have to suck it up for another year ? Red dots incoming 🙄
  4. Thatll be the year up without a win then. On a serious note safety comes 1st,just hope we get a chance to extend the season as the ppg system wont justify our new manager and players.
  5. Aye obviously the powers that be that run our beautiful game. Hopefully get back up and running asap.
  6. Hundreds lining the streets for the arrival of the Spurs team bus.
  7. Unfortunately the scenes outside the ground before the game look like making more headlines
  8. Well I'm the opposite,its better than nowt having streams but just not for me. It's bad enough watching full time fitba on the box wi the pathetic fake crowd noises Heres something I found amusing from being out and about earlier this season
  9. Aye bring a totally irrelevant subject up,the above tweet from LTL basically sums it up. BSC heavily involved in that tweet for sure.Changed days indeed Jerry eh
  10. I have since edited I just knew youd come back wi that one You have came over as Billy Big Baws here though. Is it because you are represented by the chairman of the LL by any chance?
  11. Really surprised by yer lack of respect for Dalbeattie Star F C on here Jerry. Why are they not allowed to show their concerns, have you suddenly became the Billy big baws of the LL ? Every club should be allowed an opinion ?
  12. A safe environment would be to have crowds in to be able to watch? As the old saying goes football without fans is nothing. If it was as safe as you're saying then let the fans in. Its shite not being able to get to a game on a Saturday.
  13. It's not just about football players mental health though,every other sport is suffering badminton/tennis/golf clubs etc have all been closed, the whole of the UK is suffering from the pandemic. There are pros and cons which need looked into,as someone said its playing into the SPFL hands should the league be stopped but a few weeks grace wouldn't go amiss either especially wi the current climate where theres not many games beating the weather at the minute anyways. It's quite concerning that only the SPL are the only league doing the mandatory testing as well.
  14. Why is Peffermill closed? Are there any other teams that can't get use of their "home" facilities ?
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