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  1. Still have a budget unfortunately so has every [email protected]#t else nowadays Ship certainly steadied and hopefully build on the past 3 months form for next season.
  2. Congratulations Dunbar most probably worthy league champions but you are correct were always in a position to get promoted with the budget they had. Can only build on this and with crowds very much on the up can be a force back in the Premier next season. All the best.
  3. He's that competent that he guided the B team to 13th place in a 19 team Lowland League. Do these stats not count?
  4. It'll probs be even more competitive. Blackburn will fancy their chances of going straight back up. Oakley and Vale will be on a more level playing field. Nitten will look to get over their disappointment of not getting up. Dunipace will look to take their cup form into the league. Both WW,despite a few Midlothian derbies and Camelon will both expect to have better seasons than this one and then theres the late arrivals to the pyramid in Whitburn and St.Andrews who could just as easy follow up promotions. The rest won't be there to make the numbers up either. So yes most definately stronger and competitive!
  5. Would you need to fight Craigroyston for that ? Did they not take over the name ? Kinda schoolboy error from your board changing the name in the 1st place.
  6. You don't really deserve to stay up if you have fewer points than anybody else above ye in a 30 game league season. Could come down to a winner takes all at Coldstream last game.
  7. Apparently was picked at the start (Could've announced it then) which makes it even more bizarre.Obviously never thought Berwick would get to the final then. Berwick will be a fine host,just bonkers having finalists from where they are travelling down there. Even toss a coin for home advantage would probably get a bigger crowd.
  8. An old debate on here was that Spartans used to count the overhead planes and Morrisons car park just to boost the numbers. Looks like their work in the community is shooting some leaves though. Not sure if a 4th Edinburgh team in the SPFL would work and how far their ambitions aim but they certainly have a forward thinking chairman at the helm.
  9. It's a thankless task maybes get in touch wi the league and see if you can arrange the fixtures in the way you see fit.
  10. Could nae even get 16 teams in its 1st season so very much doubt it. B s have only became a recent addition.
  11. Awfy happy I'm sure the league cup crowds enhanced this but looks like you weren't "entirely correct" . Only 3 in it as well
  12. Oh I think the park has certainly wound up a lot of folk this season bud. Chill oot and have a nice evening
  13. More abuse tut tut, im not scuttling round any forum, all I asked was their average crowd and you jumped right in. I think a baw hair off 1000 fans on average is decent for that level, most teams in the league can only dream of being close to that figure. They do seem to have a slope, tell me that's not wound folk up on here though Take it easy bud it's only a football forum
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