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  1. They have a pitch up by the new royal infirmary which might have been a previous am's team before? Not sure of exacts tho. Could pretty easily be cordoned off. Fernieside Park it was Tynecastle s EoSFL pitch before they moved to Saughton.
  2. Park had a rope around it and was always full of dug shite when Tynecastle played there. Defo would need a bit work on it but good luck to Edinburgh South if its them. They were a feeder team to ww not that long ago.
  3. So did ww last season careful what u wish for
  4. Yes Gordon would imagine any Bank of Scotland branch will take your donation. Just give a different description if it's not for the lotto. Many thanks 👏
  5. Well looks like we are quick out the traps to say we are in bother! Home games (especially a Saturday) against the likes of Penicuik,Boness and Linlithgow are big games financially for the club. https://www.whitehillwelfare.co.uk/news/covid-19-impact-2522761.html
  6. 😂 you've obviously no drank in Bonnyrigg boozers wipe/now sanitise yer feet on way oot. 👍
  7. Pray for rain softer the better for Cornerstone Lad. I too like Abracadabra in the 1st although as usual wi the festival they are mostly wide open races. I'm gonnae be a party pooper here and go against Tiger Roll in the cross country race on Wednesday. There are 2 decent French horses ( one of which Easyland was impressive over course and distance in November that led to the legendary J P McManus buying him) in that speciality race and the even money Tiger looks a bit skinny. I'm off to Sedgefield tomorrow and Hexham Thursday wi Cheltenham on the big screens. I find these wee meetings easier and a lot more comfortable to enjoy a pint and a punt than the massive ques (even for a piss) everywhere you turn at the festival. Best of luck to everybody this week.
  8. Interesting down South Shields way this week. https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/south-shields-vs-fc-united-of-manchester-supporter-information/
  9. You obviously dont read other "contaminating" threads and dont know the posters history then but aye al take it on board tae save yer precious Rose thread mr.cryptic man 😂👍
  10. Mallo just cant seem to post without abusing folk yet still wants to engage all things LL 😂
  11. Ref today was it ? Credit to the Strollers but a right coupon buster today. I guess it's the 2 worded team that begins wi a K and ends in a S that'll be hot favs now. 🙊
  12. Following the recent tie in with Eastside Rapids and if approved by the league ww will hopefully be back in the 20s league next season.
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