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  1. Had a good laugh at the end when Danny stood up. Black tie and no trousers. Alan Moore’s performances were slightly disturbing though !
  2. As far as I can see, Budge is the main reason for Hearts situation. Sure, saved them a few years back, but utterly disastrous managerial appointments since then, appointments which presumably she sanctioned. Perhaps she should take a good look in the mirror.
  3. Didn’t think was going to go away to be honest. Suspected Hearts in particular would make such a noise about it that it would be looked at again. Only team I genuinely felt for (it pains me to say !) was Partick given they were just out of safety with a game in hand. It’ll be a lot easier to screw Clyde, Peterhead, Forfar and Cove unfortunately and let Hearts stay up, even though they were utter dross all season.
  4. Clyde statement is interesting. Definitely not happy with the current governance of the league but didn’t think an investigation as per the resolution was the answer as it wouldn’t itself address the ‘structurally flawed model of self interest’. That’ll definitely have the Rangers fans scratching their heads. “Do we boycott them or no if we draw them in the cup ?” 😂
  5. I would doubt it as nobody expected in their wildest dreams it was going to get anywhere near enough support. Probably just making a point that they didn’t want to get involved in the mess in any way. Still want to see who they were and who voted for and against right enough.
  6. I’d be up for some kind of early payment idea that got some money in the bank pending clarity on arrangements
  7. The ‘null and void’ option hasn’t been discussed in great detail I believe because of issues with potentially having to repay sponsorship/ TV money. I guess there may also be a challenge of who plays in European competition next year. Perhaps though in really needs to be discussed directly with the TV companies and UEFA (won’t be surprised if it hasn’t) as it could well be the most sensible solution.
  8. I’m not against an investigation per se. But it’s a side show and is a distraction from the real issue here which isn’t going away. That issue being what needs to be done with the football.
  9. I am getting thoroughly sick of some individual clubs and journalists criticising the SPFL board when I haven’t heard one sensible alternative proposal from anyone. All I hear is that we need to implement a solution whereby no club is disadvantaged. The reality of the situation is that there isn’t one, which is why I haven’t heard any of them coming up with a specific proposal that achieves this aim. C’mon Rangers, Hearts, Partick, Falkirk and Inverness. Let’s hear how we can achieve this without some clubs taking a hit and without you peddling your own agendas ? We’re all ears. Seems to me that, rather than avoiding showing leadership, the SPFL board have attempted to do the exact opposite. Sure, there have undoubtedly been issues in the way it has been done. However, there are no precedents here in our generation and, whereas we need the whole of the game to pull together, we have found ourselves in a situation where clubs have become entrenched in their own self serving position. Putting finance and club influence to one side and based purely on sporting performance, this is the LEAST BAD option (other than arguably the Brechin situation) which is about as good as anyone can realistically hope for. The exception to this btw could be the ‘null and void’ option which puts everyone back to where they were in August 2019. However, this opens up another can of worms which might be more difficult to overcome.
  10. I can understand Hearts and Patrick’s ire, but do Stranraer really think they had a realistic prospect of avoiding relegation ? Possible yes, but unlikely.
  11. Other than Rangers hopefully. Disgraceful behaviour for too long now. A dinosaur of an ‘institution’ who have tried to destroy the game for their own ends. This has nothing to do with fairness for all clubs. It’s self serving and I feel that it’s aimed at masking a bigger issue for them (their financial position and its possible impact on UEFA licence ? ). If it all unravels, it’ll be the fault if everyone but them.
  12. Perhaps an outcome of all this should be a change to the league rules that states that in the event of a ‘force majeure’ situation the standings at the time of it occurring are deemed to be final. No arguments, plain and simple. Means we won’t go through this nonsense when the next pandemic strikes.
  13. Face facts. Nobody will give a flying feck what Falkirk or any other lower league club thinks. Statements like these are for the fans benefit and pointless quite frankly.
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