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  1. Think photos are a bit deceptive. I took some and the fog doesn’t look anywhere near as bad in the photos as it did in person. From where I was sitting, I thought the fog was definitely at its worst when the ref first stopped the game. I couldn’t see the far corner flags which I could see clearly at the start of the game. I didn’t think the fog was as bad when he finally abandoned it so found that a bit odd. The fans views are immaterial in any event. It’s what the ref can or can’t see at pitch level that’s the deciding factor. Things might have looked quite different from there. As for the game itself, Airdrie are clearly a significantly better side than we are and will understandably be pissed off that a game they were dominating didn’t finish. Hope the injured player makes a speedy recovery. Couldn’t really see clearly what happened. Did he fall awkwardly or go over on his ankle or something?
  2. Why don’t you just enjoy your night after a great result rather than calling people p***ks ? You may meet some really loathsome fans in the next round. All the best in any event.
  3. Even though Clyde did nothing wrong ? Or perhaps as Clyde lodged a formal complaint to SPFL about the behaviour of EFFC at said game ?
  4. Thankfully I couldn’t make it as I had other commitments. Don’t think I’ll be back too much this season. Totally pissed off with our complete mismanagement since promotion. We’ve regressed year on year due to terrible recruitment. If DL chose to make those signings, he is 100% culpable and should walk (although I’m not sure who we could get in that could sort the mess out so I’m sure we’ll stick with him). There is no way we’re staying up with that squad. what pisses me off even more is that many fans donated a fair bit of money last year, both at the start of Covid with donations and then with season ticket balances at the end of last season. And this is what is served up. Complete kick in the nuts.
  5. The booing of Kamara was nothing to do with racism. No other black Rangers player was subjected to it. You need to remember that Slavia last year told a very different story about the incident than was reported here and, despite the player being found guilty, they continually said he was innocent. That would have been all over the Czech media and obviously influences people, even kids.
  6. He’s got previous. Had fall outs with the Clyde fans. Strangely though it didn’t bother me much as he was clearly passionate and trying his best and if you give someone some abuse, don’t throw your hands up if he gives a bit back. Just wasn’t good enough though. His comments are exactly the same as we heard at Clyde. In the end, nearly took us onto the Lowland League.
  7. Thought we (eventually) played well today. Started off way too passive and seemed content to contain QP. Once we started to get the ball down and try to play a bit (albeit it took us a third of the game to do so), I think we posed a threat. Strangely, I thought we went 2-1 down when we were probably at our most comfortable in the game, albeit it was totally self inflicted. No idea what Parry was doing for the first and couldn’t really see the Rumsby foul. However, given that there wasn’t a great deal of complaint from the Clyde players (and it was Rumsby), I assume it was the correct decision. Even after the blow of going 2-1 down, I just thought we’d score again as we were getting into some good positions. Thought it was gone when Goodwillie missed the penalty but he made up for it at the death. His first goal was outrageous btw. Crazy to think that we weren’t that surprised he did it. As for QP, for all their possession and nice passing (first half we probably made them look better than they are), they look pretty toothless up top given the amount of the game they had. Still a better side than us (as they should be), but the difference isn’t what I thought it might be before the game. Still expect QP to be up there at the end of the season though.
  8. Hungary keeper has made an arse of the last 2 goals.
  9. Couldn’t make the game today. Might be a theme this year unfortunately. I’ll tell you what though. Staring at FlashScore and Twitter is way more nerve racking than actually being at the game. Was crapping myself when it went to 2-1. Literally on the edge and of my seat with my head in my hands till the final whistle. Great result. After watching the league cup games I’d have bitten anyone’s hand off for 7 points at this stage.
  10. I remember that 6-1 game. I was going over to my brothers in Larbert and then driving into Falkirk. I was late meaning it would have been started before we got there. It was also a horrible night and really pissing down so we decided that it would probably be a crappy 0-0 or something and went to the pub instead. We actually didn’t know the score till a really unhappy Falkirk fan came in later on and started moaning about the game.
  11. Delighted and relieved with the win today. Every player put absolutely everything into that and you could see what it meant to them at the end. Goodie does have some wee barren spells at times but generally then goes on a scoring run. Hopefully we’ll see that again. You could certainly see the lift the first goal gave him and his second was magnificent. I had thought Alloa would have offered a lot more than they did. Wee Barry working his magic already. No doubt the next time we play them they’ll have a whole new team as he bins the current lot. Always the players fault if things aren’t going well.
  12. Biggest issue for me is that it was glaringly obvious last year what our problems were. We didn’t have full backs worthy of the name and ended up with square pegs in round holes (eg McNiff at LB). We also were weak in the middle and had nobody to replace McStay and, in particular, Grant. Gomis I think will be a good signing (once he stops giving the ball away under no pressure), but the rest to date are, at best, no better than we had. Some are comfortable worse than we had. To think we canned McNiff as CB/LB in favour of someone like Docherty is truly astounding. The body language of Lennon has been mentioned and I think there’s something in that. I remember saying to my son towards the end of last season that, from what we could see on various streams, Danny looked like he wasn’t into it any more. Sat in the dugout and rarely got to his feet. Serious questions are also being asked over his ability to build a team. Cracking guy though he is, these questions are absolutely reasonable. Pains me to say this, but if we find ourselves rock bottom as we approach the end of the first round of games, it might be the time to look elsewhere. I just hope to f**k he proves me wrong and rams my doubts well and truly down my throat.
  13. I couldn’t make it today and my circumstances may well dictate that I won’t be able to make it much this season. Perhaps just as well it seems.
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