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  1. Biggest issue for me is that it was glaringly obvious last year what our problems were. We didn’t have full backs worthy of the name and ended up with square pegs in round holes (eg McNiff at LB). We also were weak in the middle and had nobody to replace McStay and, in particular, Grant. Gomis I think will be a good signing (once he stops giving the ball away under no pressure), but the rest to date are, at best, no better than we had. Some are comfortable worse than we had. To think we canned McNiff as CB/LB in favour of someone like Docherty is truly astounding. The body language of Lennon has been mentioned and I think there’s something in that. I remember saying to my son towards the end of last season that, from what we could see on various streams, Danny looked like he wasn’t into it any more. Sat in the dugout and rarely got to his feet. Serious questions are also being asked over his ability to build a team. Cracking guy though he is, these questions are absolutely reasonable. Pains me to say this, but if we find ourselves rock bottom as we approach the end of the first round of games, it might be the time to look elsewhere. I just hope to f**k he proves me wrong and rams my doubts well and truly down my throat.
  2. I couldn’t make it today and my circumstances may well dictate that I won’t be able to make it much this season. Perhaps just as well it seems.
  3. If Docherty starts tomorrow, I’ll genuinely think that Lennon has lost the plot.
  4. I’ve rarely witnessed a player so out of his depth than Docherty today. Burke must have been pissing himself laughing at how easy it was to find space and get past him. Guess it wouldn’t have helped his confidence when he gifted the first to Killie after 20 seconds. Forget the penalty, no fault of his, particularly as it was never a penalty in a million years. If the Killie player had tried to cross of pass it in a dangerous area and Docherty’s arm was in an ‘unnatural position’, I could maybe have understood it. However, the ball was just kind of flicked on and hit him from maybe a yard away. C’mon tae f**k. livingston is clearly a miles better option and there it should end. Docherty consigned to the ‘only if we are desperate’ category. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone. Some desperate performances in that first half in particular. How many times did we give the ball away when under very little pressure ? Nobody was blameless on that score. Need to find a bit of perspective though. Killie will be top end of the Championship and should win it given their budget (same as their last season in the top league) and we have a pretty much new team. However, we need to be so much better than that. Saving grace perhaps is that Dumbarton and East Fife have maybe started worse than us.
  5. I couldn’t go tonight and didn’t see the game but for me the clean sheet is a bonus. Something we rarely achieved last season. No idea if it was luck or otherwise but will take it. Will be there on Saturday so will see first hand. More importantly, when are season tickets going on sale ?
  6. Never forgive the p***k for the most outrageous piece of cheating I’ve seen at Broadwood. Still, made it even better when McNiff scored at the death.
  7. Is the Stranraer forward Tommy Muir the same diving cheat that got Blair Currie sent off 2 or 3 years back ?
  8. I thought that Clyde had been impacted worse than anyone else by the compressed schedule but I didn’t think it quite that stark. 11 away games out of 17 and less than 3 days per game on average. A miracle we didn’t get relegated really.
  9. That is an unbelievable decision by the linesman. He’s a yard onside at least. And the clown was in line with it. Baffling.
  10. No need to apologise. I understand your point about improving the playing budget and I do agree that we should seek to do this. It’s a balance. Keep the current budget, risk relegation and the financial loss of that. Or look to invest more in the squad than might be comfortable and retain League 1 football and perhaps challenge for a play off spot with resultant better income. As a supporter, I know what option I’d prefer.
  11. Which one ? We’ve more than one forward. I’m joking of course and this has been done to death to the extent that’s it’s tiresome. The guy you’re talking about has not been charged, tried or convicted of a criminal offence. Denying him the right therefore to make a living from what he is trained to do is probably discriminatory. He has a wife and family and, besides playing for Clyde, has been retraining as an electrician in an effort to rebuild his life. Talking about morals in football is naive in the extreme. There are no morals in football. You see that every week on the pitch. I’m sure if you look back at the history of your club, you’ll have employed some right nasty c***s. Every club will have. What I do know is that football is full of sanctimonious p***ks.
  12. No need to shout. Regardless of what’s in the bank, any business needs to balance its expenditure with its income to, at the very least, break even. We know we are not in a good place in this regard given our lack of fan base, lack of opportunity to make match day income and our rental on the stadium. Even if we have loads of cash in the bank, a business model (as it is a business) that relies on continually plundering its reserves is doomed to failure. We’ve been there before and it was an experience that I wouldn’t like to see repeated.
  13. I’m so glad this season is over. I hope we take the time to reflect on the mistakes we’ve made in terms of recruitment this year. Sure, we’ve limited funds, but I’m sure we could still do a whole lot better. For now, I’ll enjoy the feeling of winning tonight and surviving against the odds.
  14. All the best in the playoffs guys. Genuinely hope you do it. To be honest, we couldn’t have complained if it was us as we’ve been gash all season.
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