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  1. I actually think, other than at Parkhead, it would probably have been observed respectfully, regardless of differing beliefs. I don’t agree with the concept of the Royal Family but I certainly wouldn’t consider disrupting something marking anyone’s death. I think most would think the same. I think the people outside the ground would probably think twice about doing what they did inside the ground amongst fans.
  2. Some of the players looked knackered today. Ridiculous schedule taking it’s toll I think. Least we’ve got 3 days to recover rather than 2 but it’ll be a big ask (again) to get a decent result from this. Very good result for Partick today so they’ll be confident too. Dumbarton game on Thursday is likely to be much more important though.
  3. In that case, can we have Ray Grant back please ?
  4. Always a chance of a positive reaction from the squad following today’s news. See it so often when a manager departs. It’s not quite over yet. Seen some great escapes over the years supporting Clyde (and some monumental f**k ups to be fair). Most important thing is that you’ll be back, whatever happens in the next few weeks. Keep the faith.
  5. After the break (first game v EF apart), we do seem to have learned how to defend again. We’re not shipping many cheap goals which now gives us a great chance of picking up points as we’ve got goals in the team, even it seems when Goodwillie isn’t playing. Thought Goodwillie looked sharp during the week after his games out so I’d expect him to be really up the game tomorrow. Although Danny has used the full squad over the last 2 weeks, I think the demands of playing 3 games a week will inevitably catch up on us at some point, particularly against full time opponents without the same schedule. Realistically, if we get a point tomorrow it would be an excellent result.
  6. I remember Clyde getting fined for doing that a few years ago as it was deemed to devalue the tournament. Don’t think it’s was the Scottish Cup though, perhaps League or Challenge Cup. Falkirk 100% right though. Clearly league is top priority.
  7. I get where you're coming from but I'd still kick them out. By doing so the club would likely fine that bell end and his team mates would be absolutely fizzing with his behaviour. Best of both worlds. It would be harsh on the other players but it's that old saying of 'you win as a team, you lose as a team'. If such hard sanctions became part and parcel it would maybe make clubs spend time hammering it into their players that this behaviour isn't acceptable. I think it would have a far bigger impact than showing 'kick racism out' cards and taking the knee. Both nice gestures but when the real stuff happens and nothing major is done as punishment it makes said gestures feel pretty pointless IMO. I actually don’t think kicking a club out of the competition is the answer. The most appropriate way to deal with it is to ban the player in question for years or remove their ability to play professional football again. Most players are interested only in themselves and couldn’t give a toss about the club they play for. Ban the club, they just go somewhere else.
  8. Read a few posts on this thread drawing comparisons between the Slavia incident and Rangers history of anti catholic/Irish prejudice. Whilst I can understand why people might want to draw this comparison, in my view it is completely irrelevant and a ridiculous issue to even mention in the context of what occurred on Thursday night. As for the incident, there might well be an issue with witnesses to what was said. However, on the balance of probability (which is how UEFA will or at least should approach it), there seems little doubt that the Slavia player said something to Kamara that was racist. The reaction from Kamara and then other Rangers players was immediate and so strong that only one conclusion could be drawn. I’m no Rangers fan (canny stand them to be honest), but some things are simply too important to think about that. What happened (yes, I think it undoubtedly did happen) stinks and UEFA needs to respond. I think ultimately what will happen is that Slavia will get a modest fine and their player will get a short ban. UEFA have a poor record of actually dealing with issues.
  9. Yeh, everyone is in the same boat which is why I think we need to try to carry on (even though we’ve been crap). If we’re further delayed beyond mid February though I think it’s time to stop. In terms of my own team, Clyde will have played 8 league games in 4 months and will need to then play 19 games by May, not including any cup games (I’m assuming the Scottish Cup will be cancelled?).
  10. It honestly would not bother me at all if this season was canned. From a supporter perspective it’s been completely crap. Now delayed till mid February at the earliest. I’d be surprised if the games started then to be honest. We’re now in the situation where player match fitness will be an issue. Loan signings are already going back to their clubs (we’ve lost 2 in the last week). It’s an unprecedented situation and I think we do need to try to continue from the revised mid February date. However, I do feel that it should be canned if we can’t restart then.
  11. Perhaps you should have kept going given that the actual questions on strict liability didn’t start till page 6 !
  12. You seem to have views on the subject, so why not complete ? It would have taken you about as much time as it did to post your response !
  13. I don’t agree. All leagues below the Premier have played very little football so I’d expect it would be ‘as you were’ next season. Unlike last season, no club in the lower leagues could reasonably claim that they’d been harshly treated by not being promoted. SFA has just asked Championship clubs if they want to continue the season. It’ll take one club to say no and it’ll stop.
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