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  1. That was a massive win today. Probably not deserved on the balance of play but we’ll take it. Think we shaded the first half, without creating much by way of clear chances. East Fife easily the better team second half so they’ll be raging that they lost. Great to see some players coming back (Rankin especially notable). Hopefully we’re starting to get out of the injury nightmare that’s plagued us all season and can start looking up rather than over our shoulders at the relegation spots. Decent turnout from Fife today btw.
  2. Waiting patiently (ish) for confirmation of the date and time of the game. How difficult can it be !? Some of us kind of need to know.
  3. Don’t think we are in any position to question the support of other teams given our few hundred souls in the recent past. Fair play to East Fife for being able to challenge at the top despite a limited following. If they go up, I’m quite sure the small number of faithful fans won’t give a flying f**k whether they are popular or not. Nor should they.
  4. Getting away from point scoring and arguing about stuff that’s been done to death by people that have clearly got nothing better to do in their lives, I’ve just read that Danny Masterton has passed away. Great goalscorer in his days at Clyde in the 80s. Was at Broadwood not that long ago.
  5. Wolves v Man United a total non event. Fans short changed frankly by the big clubs who clearly can’t be arsed with the competition. I’d be well pissed off spending £40-£50 to watch two under strength teams playing out a crap 0-0 draw.
  6. Take that back. Wish I’d been there now. Sounds like a crazy game.
  7. Thank God I couldn’t make it today due to illness. Shocking score line and stats look embarrassing, even considering we’re down to 10 men.
  8. With a bit of luck, we might have a squad to pick from by then without having to rely on our 50 year old manager naming himself as a sub. Our season is being utterly blighted by injury and illness.
  9. Christ almighty. Our injury situation is getting ridiculous. Surely some emergency loans would be feasible ? 50 year old on the bench ffs.
  10. To be fair, that pic is just after the Airdrie player took the shot. However, neither the attacker or McNiff could move that quickly in the time it took for the ball to travel 2or 3 yards. At the time I thought it was as clear an offside as you’d see and this probably confirms it. If I’m being honest, I thought the ref might have given a penalty right before that, so maybe can’t complain.
  11. Losing twice to a rank Clyde says a lot more about how rank Falkirk are to be fair. Could have played all week against us and not scored. Typical ‘billy big time’ comment from a Falkirk fan. You’re in League 1 cause you’re shit. And making heavy weather of beating the shit teams around you. It’d be utterly embarrassing if you don’t win this league but it’s in no way a given.
  12. Thank goodness for that. Made hard work of it though. Thought we were excellent for the first 30 minutes. Could have been more than 2 up. Then Airdrie cane into it and for the closing spell of the first half gave us a torrid time. Have to say that a lot of it was self inflicted though. Gave the ball away far too often. How Airdrie didn’t equalise at the end of the first half I’ll never know. Second half was a bit of a non event to be honest. Apart from one moment, Airdrie didn’t look like scoring and neither did we to be honest. Hilarious to hear the seethe from the visiting fans every time we got a goal kick or throw in. Sure, we were time wasting but Airdrie players would have done precisely the same. Surprised the ref didn’t do anything to be honest. Great to see that third goal sail past Hutton after his badge kissing nonsense to the Clyde fans. And his meltdown at the end was priceless. He’ll always be a bitter wee Ned.
  13. I don’t think anyone can say that Rangers have pulled level with Celtic until they actually win something. Celtic were crap today but they still won.
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