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  1. I don’t agree. All leagues below the Premier have played very little football so I’d expect it would be ‘as you were’ next season. Unlike last season, no club in the lower leagues could reasonably claim that they’d been harshly treated by not being promoted. SFA has just asked Championship clubs if they want to continue the season. It’ll take one club to say no and it’ll stop.
  2. Foster tries to portray himself as an intelligent footballer. Unfortunately he just isn’t.
  3. I don’t think there’s any chance of our football starting again at the start of February. Things are just not going to get significantly better in the space of what is now 2 weeks. If that transpires to be the case, I think a decision needs to be taken quickly to write off the season. We simply can’t expect clubs to continue the season with such uncertainty. At least if the decision was made, clubs could mitigate some losses by furloughing staff till the furlough scheme ends. Sad situation but I’d not miss this season if it was canned. Putting our crap form to one side, it’s just not what football’s all about. Jock Stein was right; football without fans is nothing. And there are much more important things in life.
  4. Good to see Barry Ferguson working his magic. Experienced side, no doubt getting paid way more than the Stranraer players, and his side manage to throw away a 2 goal lead. Seen it plenty with him at Clyde.
  5. One or two beefy chaps in the Rose team. Probably first time in a while Charlie Adam has felt good about his physique.
  6. How could the ref think that was a penalty? Must have heard the Bonnyrigg player squeal and thought it must be a foul. Saw that in the Arsenal game earlier. Newcastle players screams like he was shot, ref flashes a ridiculous red card. Teams should now practice falling and screaming in training. Crazy decision.
  7. Aye, but let’s see where he goes when his contract runs out. It’ll not be an equivalent of bigger club, that’s for sure.
  8. Typically small minded attitude I think. He had one injury which he took some time to recover from. That’s not “injury prone”. From the games I’ve seen, Luke Shaw looks like a jobber of a defender. He’ll end up playing for the likes of Burnley, then Barnsley, Blackpool and Bolton.
  9. Just reflecting on Tierney’s performance yesterday. I’ve seen plenty of Liverpool games so have seen how good Andy Robertson is with them. I’ve seen little of Arsenal but decided to watch their last couple of games. Tierney was magnificent in both and yesterday in particular he ran riot going forward. His goal was sublime but his all round play was superb. Ok, it was only WBA some may say, but it’s still a huge step up from Hamilton, St Mirren, Motherwell, etc.. (sorry, no offence to them), but he’s shown he is easily good enough and, from what I’ve read, Arsenal fans rave about him. It’s a little unfortunate that perhaps the best two left backs in the English premier league are Scottish in terms of how we can accommodate both in the Scotland team, but brilliant that we can still produce quality players. incidentally, in the albeit small number of Arsenal games I’ve seen, Tierney looks to me like a better all round player than Andy Robertson.
  10. I think the unfortunate situation is that financially we are a League 2 side. We have a set up that doesn’t enable us to take advantage of a stadium to earn much needed extra income which, if we did, would provide the funds to operate sustainably and obviously sign better players. Unfortunately there just isn’t a clear route out of our current situation. We will continue to rely on hard core fans and hope for the odd good cup tie. What we do need to do though is play the long game and work in the local community. I know the club has being doing this, but it’s been lacking in the past. Publicising intentions to leave certainly won’t have helped. We need to accept our situation, work in the community to raise our profile and just maybe, in 10,15 or 20 years time we’ll have generated enough interest and support to be sustainable in higher leagues. Grim ? Yes, probably, but I really think that’s where we are. The big issue of course is that working in the community takes resource. In our situation that means volunteers. A difficult situation. Wouldn’t it be great if one of us won the Euro Millions lottery !
  11. Given the probable cost of running undersoil heating, it would be nuts for any lower league team to use it in the current circumstances. Sounds like both sets of fans would be quite happy if this didn’t go ahead !
  12. The QP game ? Finished Dundonald Bluebell 1 QP 3 AET. Was played at Kelty. QP scored just after half time and Dundonald equalised right at the death. QP should have been out of sight to be fair. Only 1 winner when it went into extra time unfortunately. Simon Murray however was guilty of a quite incredible miss in front of an open goal from 6 yards out.
  13. Problem is that anyone can score against us right now. I’d bet they will score at least 1 which puts pressure on us right away. Look at QP tonight. Dominated the game from start to finish and still conceded and needed extra time. We need to go out with the attitude that we need to score 2 or 3 to get anything cause we can’t defend. So we’re chasing the game as soon as it starts. Lennon needs to do what he did when he first came in and concentrate on the defence. Thankfully Forfar being so shit gives us a chance. He needs to use that chance otherwise our goal difference, points total and confidence will be fecked.
  14. Noticed btw that Peter Grant was wearing the German captains armband tonight. Was in Wattenscheid last year (great wee club, sadly financially fecked) and saw one or two QP scarfs amongst the home fans. Tried to educate them in the errors of their ways over a beer but to no avail.
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