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  1. Aw. A drank too much beer. That's what I did.
  2. Aye that was the best shit they've done in forever. I enjoyed the long Galloway story but I'm sorta bored noo. Why are they filling up so much time?
  3. What the f**k is taking so long for this main event?
  4. I know that was so cheesy and I'm a total mark but I actually loved that. Was pure theater.
  5. They're kinda doing the best they can huh? Must be weird having no crowd in a 'sport' that basically relies on crowd reactions
  6. Is Undertaker still gonna do his big 10 minute long entrance?
  7. God it's a bit weird innit? I think it's one of the few 'sports' that maybe needs a crowd. Lol. It's different though I suppose.
  8. Why do wrestling fans hate wrestling so much? It's Saturday night and clearly we've all got good cargos in. Let's just enjoy it.
  9. First time in what, 10 years? That Rangers have actually been the better side. Just better everywhere. Looked way more hungry. All that credit has to go to Gerrard. He's a young manager that is learning his craft and he just went to the Champions at Celtic park and absolutely dominated them. I honestly wasn't sold on the Gerrard appt and felt like it was just an apprenticeship to see if he could go to Liverpool but I gotta give the guy his due. He won that game.
  10. Took every Monday after the 2am airings off work so I can watch it live with a beer. Not risking some p***k spoiling it.
  11. You are entirely correct but my point still stands. Match of the Day then fighting - that's my MO.
  12. It should be fucking illegal to start the fightin' before Match of the Day is done.
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