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  1. From the fud previously banned for child abuse posts.
  2. f**k off you fkn sleekit c**t..... you were banned from here for a month for child abuse posts.....you are exactly one of the c***s that need weeding out from supporting one of the Glasgow clubs......one of the c***s that bring shame on decent followers of the glasgow sides. You are a fkn mutant and a hypocrite.
  3. **** big there players up every chance they get as world beaters and then cry like f**k when they are shown up as shite. Tav scores some goals in championship....suddenly he is the blue cafu. Dorrans scores 2 goals against well ...1 a pen...they start mumbling about Scotland call up. Foderingham....few decent saves suddenly hes a really good keeper...news flash he is gash. This has been happening even with players like Waghorn and McKay and Garner..they were all pushed out the door but were all highly praised at times even when it was obvious they were utter shite. The facts are sevco are really shite...Hibs beat them coz they have better players in every position.They also have a far better manager.
  4. Fantastic result. Well done....should be some plane ride home.
  5. You post about the abuse of children for no other reason than point scoring...then you have the brass neck to post about whats acceptable. You really are a horrible creepy little shitebag....sooner you get a perm ban the better.
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