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  1. Whilst always quietly supporting independence - I voted yes in 2014 - I have decided we urgently need to get away from this out of touch horrible creature and her horrible out of touch cronies ASAP. She’s clearly going to be the worst since Thatcher. A sneering, put the boot into thd poor at every opportunity, horror show of a woman. I’m officially joining the SNP.
  2. Lads, lads, lads. You’re missing a crucial piece of the jigsaw here - @bennett is fucking wired to the moon. Any way, not one grumble from me about yesterday’s result. St Mirren comfortable throughout and worthy winners of the game. I really don’t get why Ange changed the team so much considering there’s an international break now *shrug* Still, he’s more than earned a fuckup. Played, Saints. Well deserved.
  3. I don’t have Twitter and I’m really, really not keen on the cheating fucks either.
  4. The best bit of the GB banners the other night is that it seems to have really annoyed James Whale and Jeremy Kyle. Pair of talentless c***s.
  5. I wasn’t being entirely serious, mate. But I’ll take the goal and point. We’re also ahead on Queen difference.
  6. That’s good then. More than makes up for them being shite at fitba.
  7. Dunno, have you clocked the neck on that Queenie tifo?
  8. Never mind lads. Charles is in his 70s and the next King will be a Billy
  9. You have excellent taste, mate. Billy Bragg is supporting Paul Heaton in Glasgow in December. I’m going.
  10. So he would go but they won’t take him? I’m happy enough with that, Kennie.
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