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  1. I hope Rangers get absolutely sworded tonight. I have this horrible, lurking feeling that they won’t though
  2. One thing we can agree on entirely is that racist abuse is fucking abhorrent and that is awful that that happened to your Mother. Those English bast….. Nah, never mind
  3. Folk propably don’t have an issue with it, correct. Some Rangers fans do. I agree no one should care.
  4. You boiled his point down to “Scottish person getting bullied by another Scottish person” It’s not really that simple is it. If you’re more Irish than Clown Job and I, I have friends who are more English(or Scottish) than you who get called “Feenyin” because of their surnames. I’m going to take a wild guess here. You’re Irish heritage is from Northern Ireland isn’t it? I’m Scottish. I don’t want be part of Britain. Hopefully in my lifetime my children and I won’t be. When people ask where I was born I don’t say Britain. When I’m abroad if a nice foreign person asks where I’m from I don’t say Britain. Most forms I fill in have Scotland as on option on the country list. I’m fucking Scottish, capice? ^^^ and Italian obv.
  5. But that’s not really the point is it? I’m Scottish but my great grandparents were Irish. Should me and thousands of others Scottish people who have similar Irish backgrounds not be proud of that and celebrate it? Your mob are Scottish too and try to ram “Britishness” down everyone’s throat. I’m Scottish - not British.
  6. It’s fucking mortifying to be urged to behave yourselves by old footballers. Absolute weirdos.
  7. These c***s are incapable of behaving. Thursday morning will be fun.
  8. Volatile, unprovoked hate-speech like this is why Rangers “can’t guarantee his saftey” at Ibrox
  9. Totally. At least 4 “broken” **** on this thread alone.
  10. I do the walk in the woods option. My 2 kids love the outdoors, country parks etc so we do that most weekends.
  11. From a man who claims Rangers have been victimised by Refs all season.
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