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  1. Nah the fucking eejits were singing IRA songs earlier
  2. I like Ange a lot. I’d like to give him time to get it right although it’s tough going at the minute. We’ve not regressed in Europe-we’re always shite there. It’s disappointing domestically however as Rangers look like being back to their usual mediocre selves after their freak season last year and would probably be there for the taking at any other time.
  3. Never thought I’d see Bolingoli in the team again!
  4. Yeah I remember you, you fucking c**t (hic).
  5. Gonny be a lot of 4-3 type games this season I fear. Hopefully we’re on the right side of some of them. Thought Jota was really good tonight but the defence continues to baffle and cause despair.
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