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  1. It’s no as funny as the seethe that trouncing them generates tho. Also you get peace for a bit on here as the **** tend to disappear after a skelping (except for G51 and AJF. They’re ma new mates and I like them!)
  2. Failed Everton manager with picture of failed Bolton manager.
  3. I must say you two are a breath of fresh air on here compared to the other Rangers fans. Just a passing thought.
  4. Ah the heady days of being able to raise our game. I don’t know if we’re even capable of that this year. 1-2 Sellick (hope rather than confidence)
  5. Bennett hasn't stopped talking about Celtic fans since the game finished. Yep.
  6. Bennett hasn't stopped talking about Celtic fans since the game finished. He cares more about Celtic than he does Rangers. That’s why he doesn’t go to games.
  7. Yeah. I was merely building up to the last line of my post
  8. While undoubtedly Rangers have improved, this happens every season on here and has since the Warburton days. Early doors in the season and Rangers fans are optimistic and are going to do this and that and have got better players than Celtic etc etc. Then it goes hilariously tits up. Hope it happens again.
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