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  1. Tbf, giving the Taliban loads of lovely propaganda material in talking about killing them in that way is sort of newsworthy. The rest is decidedly Meh. I just can’t believe anyone thought saying any of this shit in a book, was a good idea. Does he not have any advisers that are saying “This is probably a bad idea”?
  2. I think they are talking about him coming back in the cup game against West Ham on Saturday. I guess it depends how he does but from what I see the Brentford fans saying, he probably does come back in quite quickly, they seem to feel they miss him quite a lot.
  3. Thought for a second that I nearly had it right on the first guess. Wordle 564 2/6
  4. De Zerbi said afterwards he thought that he had a fantastic game. I’d probably go with his opinion tbh.
  5. I am not a fan of Hogmanay really, so I don’t celebrate it much, I just watch some TV (Match of the Day atm) with one or two drinks (I don’t drink much) and once I have spoken to people at Midnight, then bed. Up early for a New Years Day swim at Loch Lomond which will be the main celebration of the New Year. Have a Happy New Year folks. Looking forward to more P&B in 2023.
  6. I joined up in October 2009. Came here from Jambos Kickback because they are all knobs over there. Unbelievably P&B has a better standard of football patter.
  7. Same here. I might go out at 12 and see if there are any left
  8. Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Chocolate Cream (which is chocolate, vodka and cream basically).
  9. I still think overall that he’s in a better place than he was at Chelsea. Although his game time is limited at the moment, it’s understandable when you can see who is in front of him and he is closer to playing in the first team than he would have been at a Chelsea. They don’t take time or have the patience to really develop players and will usually buy them in. I think De Zerbi does like him as a player but goes for experience in the league, which is kind of understandable. He’s spoken more than once about wanting to find him more game time and so I could see that if a loan did happen, it might be more with a view to get him playing time rather than a permanent move away - I get the sense he’s in their plans overall. It’s likely Caicedo and Mac Alister might move on in the summer, so that’ll be the best time to see where he is. De Zerbi is talked about as being really, really good at developing players, so I don’t see the time at Brighton as being wasted, though obviously it would be better if he played more.
  10. FfS. A word with nearly no letters! Wordle 558 X/6
  11. That’s what I meant earlier though. What about when they start making computers which don’t have say a USB ports that they can be connected to because the computer moves to USB C or something and you don’t notice? Or the file types can no longer be opened due to file types no longer being supported? We had a unit that had older equipment so that old media could be accessed. Lots of people had old floppy discs and CDs they could no longer access as their new computers no longer have disc drives of any variety. If you want to preserve them then you need to take some care to maintain them, checking the files can be opened, maybe saving them into new formats if needed. Just backing it up twice and leaving it isn’t enough.
  12. Read the suggestion of Wednesday on this thread and binge-watched it today as the rain made going out a bad option. It was superb, really enjoyed it, so thanks for the suggestion.
  13. I know, but all of them look like they were on my stream. Absolutely bright red. No idea why, all the other games have been fine.
  14. Is the picture absolute shit for everyone else on this game? The Amazon games have been ok till now but this is dreadful, everyone is so red that they look like they’ve been left in the desert for a week.
  15. That’s the problem though, they can disappear and you don’t notice. We have that a lot at work where people haven’t preserved stuff that’s on a disc and there are fewer CD/DVDs out there now, so people run the risk of losing access, without realising it’s already too late. Solid formats are probably just as bad for loss as digital formats are, much more vulnerable to damage, theft, loss through accident etc.
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