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  1. I misread the football manager part of this and thought you were some kind of weird, child trading foster parent.
  2. Falling over in the box, like a great Oak that’s just be felled.
  3. Why? They are there to determine most other calls in the game, if something is a foul etc We just saw it’s unevenly applied anyway, Lloris did the same thing both times but it was only retaken when he missed.
  4. Completely agree. A what point are they allowed to move if not when the player is taking the pen? The whole staying on the line thing is daft anyway, they should be allowed to move as long as it’s not taking the piss.
  5. I didn’t think they’ve looked poor at the back really. Maybe one or two dodgy bits but Poland haven’t really looked like getting through much.
  6. I hope France win this. I don’t blame Poland for sitting in but it doesn’t make for very interesting games.
  7. Well hopefully this will liven things up or at least start a massive fight.
  8. Australia are damn good advertising for the Scottish game.
  9. It’s kind of great that Baccus of St Mirren got further at the World Cup than De Bruyne at Man City.
  10. Bacchus of St Mirren in the team to do a job on Messi according to Schwarzer. We need a “Things you never thought you’d hear said” thread
  11. Are you PaddyPower’s social media guy?
  12. It’s a weird way of thinking when we have just watched the last round of group games where teams who looked much better on paper, got sent home. England are obviously favourites to win but I can’t see why anyone would discount Senegal entirely.
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