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  1. Oh yeah. Sorry, it was a very late night. I’m not very clever this morning
  2. Well that’s tempting fucking fate if ever I saw it.
  3. It’ll be worth it when he becomes inspired to be a Scotland player and buys you a mansion with the wages from his Real Madrid contract.
  4. McTominay’s last minute goal v Israel was incredible tbh. One of the best moments supporting Scotland for ages.
  5. Oh yeah, firmly behind Wales for that one.
  6. Worried that Southgate will get shown the door before the World Cup.
  7. Gallagher has done a great job for us in the past. Doig getting called up just now is maybe a little bit of a surprise, as I’m not sure he’s played a lot in Serie A just yet, but was very decent for Hibs and was probably going to be called up at some point. Not got a problem with either of these tbh.
  8. The first time I pulled my lower back. The pain was agony and the worst thing was that I couldn’t ever really get rid of it, so sitting, standing, lying down - all still hurt. I had fractured my pelvis around 2002 and the pain was worse than that, though if I say that I don’t think people believe me.
  9. I’m not sure I agree. I was at the game as well and thought after the first 10-15mins, we did take control and dominate. That said you are always a bit wary of a counter-attack but thought we were decent but a bit toothless up to the second half and then stepped it. Great second half but a shame about Patterson’s injury in the first half, he looked like he thought it was a bad one but let’s hope it’s not.
  10. Clarke has played players before who haven’t been getting much game time for their clubs. Even when he started against England Gilmour hadn’t played much football. I think he tends to go with whoever he thinks will be the best and strongest fit for our system, and he seems less bothered about match fitness. Maybe just accepts they won’t last a full game.
  11. You must have a good chance of at least a point, they aren’t a great side at the moment. If you can score then you’ll win, I’d fancy you to keep a clean sheet.
  12. Everton looking a lot better this season, fair play to Lampard. Definitely still look a bit lacking up front but I guess you still have Calvert-Lewin to come back.
  13. Gordon Patterson, Hendry, McKenna, Tierney, Hickey McGinn, Gilmour, McGregor Fraser Adams
  14. Inspired guess today Wordle 456 3/6
  15. McGinn’s WWE move on the Southampton player, was the highlight of the match.
  16. People standing in the doorway on the underground carriages, even when there are seats available further down. They make it a nightmare to get on/off the train.
  17. Wtf is that. Wordle 454 6/6
  18. Our strikers aren’t good enough for that though. Part of the problem is that we still lack goals/ability to be clinical enough.
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