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  1. We are going to be devastatingly gutted if we don’t qualify whether we think positively or negatively about this game. Might as well enjoy what we can, it won’t make a difference in the end.
  2. I really hope that when he comes in, Rangnick keeps playing McFred. The Man U fans will completely explode.
  3. I think that’s fair tbh, I have no doubt the other teams will see us as tough but beatable, like we see them. I am very happy with how we are playing but I don’t expect us to be feared like Italy just yet.
  4. I do think we are underestimating the Ukraine a wee bit. It’s not so much that they are great but they are decent, and quite tough to break down. I see this as like the Austria and Israel games in the group - we are capable of winning but they will be close games that either teams could win. What does make me a bit happier is that in high pressure games; like Serbia in the Euro playoffs, England at Wembley, and Moldova & Denmark in the last two games; we have totally shown we are capable of handling the pressure and delivering big results and that a really big positive. The occasion won’t beat us.
  5. You can buy them for others in the SSC at the same time. I.e I’ll buy the ticket for both me and my friend, I link to their details and membership number when buying them so the ticket is in their name and they accrue the points. It means you can buy seats together though.
  6. You are probably right, I just have flashbacks to the last time we played them.
  7. Why does everyone want Wales? They are a bloody annoying team to play and we have a bad record against them.
  8. People on Zoom presentations fucking knitting. I am in a training webinar and two of the other participants are sitting, camera on, knitting away. It is pretty petty as when I think about it we are just listening so there is no practical reason for them not to but it just annoys me, kind of rude to people who are speaking. At least turn the camera off.
  9. He collapsed on the pitch during last nights game against Reading. Looks like he’ll be ok thankfully. Poor guy. BBC Sport
  10. I think Fred and McTominay are decent enough. I don’t think any player is going to look good in the midfield when they were essentially looking completely overrun and disorganised all the time. When the next manager comes in and keeps them in there, Man U fans heads will explode.
  11. It’s going to be funny going back to the studio, they were so annoyed at Carrick taking over - I bet they’ll be raging about this if they win. They’ll say that this is somehow down to Ole, whilst also saying “Why didn’t they play like this for Ole” and be looking miserable.
  12. Carrick wearing his school uniform by the looks of that blazer
  13. They are and if they got sacked too for also being rubbish, then you wouldn’t argue. They are arguing here that they should leave out of guilt, like they’ve somehow betrayed him and refused to take over (and everyone knows they are only an interim measure). It’s just nonsense.
  14. This coverage is awful. Scholes is embarrassing, going on about “How they treated Ole” he wasn’t treated badly, he got sacked for being shit. Shit for 3 whole years. Why should the other staff be feeling guilty for still being there? They weren’t the manager and there’s nothing to say they didn’t try to influence his decisions or whether he was listening.
  15. I think Accies1874 review was fair as well, but we were speaking more generally, not just about the Southampton game. You seem to want to dismiss the praise as just Scottish/Chelsea fans being biased, I was only pointing out that others think the same, including his own manager now. Praising other players is not relevant, it doesn’t change his opinions on Gilmour. For what it’s worth I think this type of praise can be harmful, we see in in English players getting hyped up by the media - everyone will fall short in the end because nobody can live up to being hyped up as much as these guys get, everyone has average games sometimes, or can be poor. I wish the hype around Gilmour was less and you can see that it sets people against him when he does perform well, those people don’t want to acknowledge it or put it down because it wasn’t completely outstanding. There is a balance to be had in the middle, he’s not Messi, but he’s not rubbish either.
  16. I saw the Norwich game against Brentford that Hanley was injured in and it was definitely an injury. Got hurt first half and the commentators were remarking on being surprised he came out for the second half. I was quite annoyed that they played him with an injury (it was fairly clear he wasn’t 100%) and not at all surprised he wasn’t fit for the squad.
  17. Ian Wright was raving about his performance against Moldova, Dean Smith was raving about him in his post match interview. Are they biased Scots as well? Do they know f**k all? He gets rave reviews because he deserves it. I agree that Chelsea and Scotland fans are probably doing him no favours by hyping him up so much, but equally it’s not just overhyping an ordinary player. Its also not the case that praising him stood Adams or McGinn etc for getting the praise they deserve, McGinn has his own song sung on some kind of loop at Hampden ffs. There’s enough praise for everyone.
  18. No idea why Tierney didn’t play tbh. Everything came down the left hand side and Tavares didn’t manage at all.
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