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  1. I don’t know much about him tbf. I saw Sassuolo play when he was in charge and they were good to watch, but I only saw a couple of games. Locatelli and Boetang both spoke about him in a couple of interviews I read, saying how good a manager he is, but I don’t know much beyond that.
  2. I don’t see it as an EPL thing. It’s not that he’s doing badly, he obviously isn’t. I feel like it’s more that you’d always feel like he never really tested himself or reached his full potential. There’s only so much anyone is going to learn playing the same teams 3 times a season, for 10 plus season. This is the same in any league, a player will get better by being exposed to new things and learning from different people - Hickey is probably the best example, got the experience he could at Hearts, then you can see he’s learnt a lot at Bologna, he’ll go and learn more from Brentford. He could stay at Hearts and might have easily become captain, start for Scotland etc but would he really be as good a player?
  3. Fair enough, I am really surprised he hasn’t had any opportunities. England isn’t usually slow at snapping up good Scottish players.
  4. Agreed. I think it’s a shame Callum McGregor never stayed down south when he went on loan, or went abroad. He’s a brilliant player but staying up here means he’s never really shown how far in the game he could have gone.
  5. That’s alright, given how bad it looked early on.
  6. It’s extremely debatable, because it didn’t happen. We have won plenty of games with the back 3, and played very well with it. It’s not like we were losing consistently until he changed it, we have been doing well until those handful of games in June. Tactically we are flexible and will play the 3 or the 4 at the back when he wants to. He might even change them in the game. It’s not one or the other and I don’t agree that either of them are clearly better, for all we were sound defensively last night it still wasn’t our best performance.
  7. De Zerbi looks like an excellent appointment at Brighton. Players who have been coached by him previously have said how brilliant he is and his Sassuolo team contributed the most players to the national team from any of the clubs. Really looking forward to seeing what he can do with Gilmour, he sounds like someone who could get the best out of him. You can see that in keeping him in the squad despite his lack of game time, Clarke is showing the same faith and support in him that he showed Patterson. I like that, it’s good for these guys to feel supported and I think Clarke has only done it when he knows they will be a big part of the squad in the future.
  8. The average level of our Squad basically has gone up a level, if not 2. Players at the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Man U. Champions league players, Premier League & Serie A players. They aren’t just bit part players of those clubs either, most are first team regulars.
  9. Hendry has been superb this past 3 games as well. I am surprised Club Bruges let him go, apparently their fans weren’t happy about it either. Still he’s been superb.
  10. Given the illness & injuries, this is Clarkes best result yet. All on him.
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