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  1. How did Southampton get to be so bad?
  2. I completely get why Gilmour stayed to try and break through but it’s pretty poor on Tuchel’s side to say he is in his plans, not let him go on loan and then give him very little time. I don’t believe Tuchel won’t have done his homework before joining, so how Gilmour plays, the teams they are playing for the rest of the season, what they need in the league etc will not be a surprise to him. He would have known to some degree before coming in, if he’d feature much or not. Unless Gilmour is a nightmare in training or something, I just don’t get what he’s doing with him.
  3. This game is shit. Eta- regardless of what Neville tries to claim otherwise.
  4. It’s so weirdly inconsistent as well. A shoulder barge off the ball seems generally fine but a small brush against someone in other cases is a free kick.
  5. I was thinking whether his insistence in calling players “young man” is him being respectful or just a bit weird.
  6. To be fair, we use both at work I’d say MS teams is the worst of the two by a fair way.
  7. I am going to have to do Zoom interviews in a couple of weeks. Dreading it tbh, it’s almost certainly going to go wrong in about 5 different ways.
  8. Man U v AC Milan is a good one, one of the bigger teams going out is always a good thing.
  9. Draw for the next round is on BT sport now.
  10. My only reason for not wanting it back is the amount of times I’d be having to get out the way of people going to buy beer or needing to go to the toilet. It’s already a bit of a nightmare for that if you are next to already pished fans. I think that the actual difference in match day experience is a bit overestimated tbh. I’ve been to a few games in Germany where you can drink. I don’t drink beer but those I was with did and tbh some didn’t bother because they just found it a bit expensive and those who did, liked the novelty but didn’t really think it made a lot of difference. In terms of behaviour I doubt it would make a huge amount of difference. Fans start drinking early most match days anyway and are pretty often steaming when they get there.
  11. Some comeback from them to be fair - decent match in the end.
  12. I never used to be a massive drinker but I did used to overdo it when I went on nights out and had more than a few bad nights/mornings after. After one particularly bad night where I was so plastered I passed out on the street in front of my house and was shouting at my partner who came to pick me up and take me home, I gave up drinking entirely. That was about 15 years ago. I have been basically off it since, barring the odd glass or two of baileys during Scotland matches. I’ll never have more than two drinks in a row now.
  13. I’m not sure she is wrong tbh. I don’t think that the public have been able to handle nuance well at all in general - the clamour to take Boris’ dates as firm opening dates kind of shows that. Business owners are varied members of the public like anyone else, some sensible, some are not so sensible. We are currently experiencing a slowdown in vaccinations because of supply issues - it’s things like this that make giving firm dates a nightmare. Things happen.
  14. I wonder if the early-ish church reopening has anything to do with getting some religious groups vaccinated? I remember at one of the briefings Johnson held, they said that they were working with religious leaders and other groups to get people in their communities vaccinated where there was some vaccine hesitancy. I think part of the plan was vaccinating at the place of worship.
  15. I think though, that if a manager like Tuchel comes in and tells you he wants you to stay at the club and that you’re in his plans, you can’t blame Gilmour for staying the half-season and trying to get into the team. If he doesn’t get many chances before the end of the season he’d be best going on loan to a decent league and try to get into a team and get game time.
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