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  1. Do you need to stop just because the baby is coming? I guess expense maybe makes it prohibitive but thinking that you might appreciate being able to go there and train as a break from the new baby -if you support your wife in finding something that does the same for her, she might be happy about it too. Everyone benefits from being fit and having a rest from the kids for a bit. Or so I am told 🤣
  2. Imagine thinking that you have to be a Superhuman Saint to not be a nonce. I suppose it is the church though.
  3. Our teams aren’t judged at all by how we do in Europe. If people in other countries ever actually think of our game, which I don’t think they do, then it’s generally regarded as shite (Referencing every English football fan on social media here) no matter how we perform in Europe. i support all teams in Europe with the obvious Celtic/Rangers exception. Though I think I have wanted Celtic to win actually, in the Larsson era.
  4. You are right but some I think would like the challenge of playing in the men’s game and the prestige of being one of the ones to make it.
  5. I’m not sure there’s a point in either letting or not letting women into the mans game. Natural ability will probably mean that due to difference in ability, size etc, women won’t breakthrough unless they are truly outstanding. It wouldn’t be the rules that made the difference in the end, they just won’t get a game in general.
  6. I hope he’s rubbing it in Ashley Cole’s face at the very least.
  7. Yeah, that’s true. 🤣
  8. Danny Murphy is like Mark Lawrenson was in that it sounds like he absolutely hates the game and is doing the BBC a massive favour by turning up. Just sound miserable.
  9. Hoping for an Arsenal win for exactly this reason as well.
  10. Taylor having a bit of a nightmare game.
  11. Yeah, I know they checked the Pen. I was more wondering why the possible red wasn’t checked, given that a yellow was possibly wrong.
  12. Think Anthony Taylor is trying to cover his ass. There was no attempt to play the ball at all. Why did VAR not come in? Surely it is an obvious error.
  13. Another hamstring for Chelsea, fire the warm-up coach.
  14. I can’t help but love Ian Wright, I don’t even care that he’s biased as f**k 🤣
  15. I saw the first two games he played for Arsenal at the start of the season and thought he looked excellent, fast, strong and good control. He looked like he gone backwards since then Tbh.
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