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  1. Strachan or McLeish?

    The media are usually against it because they want one of their "old Firm" pals in as much as the SFA are happy to appoint them. The fans themselves, I don't think are against the idea of having a foreign manager now. They may have been shortly after Vogts but I certainly don't think the majority are now. Its just the lazy media's way of pushing their own candidates to the fore.
  2. Strachan or McLeish?

    He’s obviously at the wind-up. Nobody with eyes can think we have got better with McLeish as manager.
  3. I like him and would love to see him involved in some capacity but our next manager should have decent managerial experience. If he got it and it didn’t go well then it would be a shame if his reputation with Scotland went bad.
  4. I know we’ve been shoddy as f**k but San Marino have played well by their standards. Done some decent defending, they don’t deserve to lose by a large margin. Just as well they won’t.
  5. We’ll score a few towards the end as they get tired but that shouldn’t take away from exactly how awful we have been in this game. Is it wrong that I am finding this very funny?
  6. f**k the SFA [emoji23]
  7. I’m slightly hoping San Marino get a goal here, see if we can top Kazakhstan in humiliating football performances.
  8. Euro Qualification 2020

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.
  9. Euro Qualification 2020

    Spain are playing quite well against Norway. 1-0 up so far but just had a goal flagged off-side.
  10. Depression

    I think you are right about regressing into a shell. Although I come across as quite confident when I know people, I really struggle with strangers and strange situations if I am on my own. I guess I just need to try something new.
  11. Depression

    Thank you, it’s much appreciated. Fortunately I don’t really drink, so I don’t have to worry too much about drinking in the house but it can make going out a bit difficult. That said I am happy to go to the pub etc for a while. My main issue is that stuff I like to do, walking and open water swimming are out of town and whilst I can sometimes get a lift, I often can’t so that makes regular activities hard. I will look for other opportunities though and I’ll give online stuff a try. Good ideas [emoji4] I start driving lessons soon as well, so I’m hoping to pass my test and then be a bit more able to get out and about. I hope that you are able to do the same yourself. [emoji4]
  12. Depression

    I don’t know if this is the right place to post, as it’s not depression as such but I am struggling so much at the moment because I feel lonely. Is that stupid? It’s not that I don’t have family who care and my (now ex) partner is great in that we still have a solid friendship and I can talk to him about anything. The problem is that I find making real friends hard. I know a lot of people but I don’t feel I have anyone that I can message and meet for a coffee or things like that. I have a couple of good friends but they live abroad. It makes me feel a bit pathetic tbh, even writing this does. I have recently had pretty dark thoughts though, so I think I need to work out something to do.
  13. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I feel a bit sorry for all of the players really. I actually don’t think it was the case they didn’t try or couldn’t be arsed, I just thought that they didn’t have a clue what they should be doing and how the team was set up. The bottom line is that we have a huge number of call-offs and those left were not likely to be first team picks if everyone was available. It was a team of players who, bar a couple, don’t have much european or international experience. They haven’t played together before in a competitive game and you have players like Shinnie who was played in a role he hasn’t played in for 2-3 years. I don’t think any of the players could be expected to shine in those circumstances and I hope that, for the likes of Shinnie and Bain, they get a better chance than this to show what they can do. I know it was Kazakhstan we were playing and you might say even with all this we should win comfortably. They are a professional side though and one that was well-organised and had a game plan. Something we can only aspire to these days.
  14. Yes, this was the somebody I was thinking of.
  15. My worry is that if we win by 3 or more then somebody will think McLeish is competent again.