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  1. I’d never seen that argument between Terry and Savage but it just increases my opinion that whilst Savage is a bit of a knob and only moderately acceptable as a co-commentator, he is a much better human being than John Terry could ever hope to be.
  2. Patterson looks very promising but honestly, he needs to go on loan or move away from Rangers because sitting on the bench is doing him no good at all. Right now he’d be more likely to be dropped from the squad than become first choice right back.
  3. Not sure about Tony Adams in the studio, going on about whether the new Arsenal player can speak English or not. As you go to pictures of him speaking to another player
  4. Possibly, but the Norwich fans seem to hate him, so it could equally be coming from them.
  5. Up front as well, apart from Pukki, they don’t seem to have anyone that can score at all.
  6. Well that was rubbish, Norwich are brutal. Gilmour looked really good in places but the bad thing is that there are large parts of the game where he doesn’t get on the ball and looks like he’s completely missing. It looked like he was getting booed towards the end which is a bit harsh, he’s far from the worst out there.
  7. It was a quote from Ian Maxwell, might have been from the SFA/supporters club - I’ll have a look back. I don’t think it was that Record article as I don’t usually read that. eta - just as bad, it was the Scotsman! The Scotsman
  8. They are looking to do something like Stuttgart ground I believe.
  9. I wonder if they have actually said anywhere how it’s calculated? I can’t believe it really is given the energy requirements, travelling fans etc
  10. Was like the Norwich one yesterday, seemed like a stonewall. Not given by VAR
  11. It really isn’t. At Murrayfield you feel further away from the pitch than you do at Hampden.
  12. I think for Scotland I’d go with a “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” approach. If we are in a position where we can manage the defensive issues he has then let’s keep doing that as he has been great for us in general. I’m also not entirely convinced his performances are entirely his fault. I definitely do think he needs to work on his defensive game but if Scotland and Chelsea can get great games out of him at a top level, then maybe Norwich should also be looking at why they can’t. The games I’ve seen for them (yesterday’s, Leicester and Liverpool) I can’t say any of the team looked especially good. A lot of the frustration is that he isn’t living up to the hype he has, but the hype isn’t his fault and I think that’s what Clarke and Farke were trying to do early season in calming expectations around him.
  13. Must be said there are a lot of Rangers fans here. I’ve seen a few flag/banners in the crowd with Gerrard’s face on them, much as am not a fan of his, I wonder if he likes his face being used as an image for this? Goes a bit beyond the job description surely? eta - by here I don’t mean to say I am a marcher They are marching past the flat.
  14. Leicester v Napoli has been a terrific game.
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