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  1. I wonder if someone has had a word with Fletcher & McManaman, they are a lot more generous towards Ajax and less biased towards Liverpool than I have heard them for a long time.
  2. Liverpool v Ajax is a cracking game so far, both teams going for it and quite open.
  3. It’ll be interesting to see if Kellegher for Liverpool plays better than Adrian has the last few times, seems a big call to put him in. Alisson seems to be quite injury prone.
  4. Yeah, that was the other one I was thinking about watching as well. I might see how the Liverpool game goes, I think there might be more goals there.
  5. Liverpool v Ajax should be a good game tonight.
  6. It was £9. About the same as other takeaway pizzas.
  7. He did dive. The pull back was a pen itself, but he exaggerated the contact by diving onto the ground. You can’t really be arguing that it was better the guy got taken off with a facial injury, because it meant they had a chance to score they they didn’t take?
  8. Red for using fucking simple as. One step away from the moronic “simples”. Anyway, as mentioned above, I wasn’t complaining about it being a pen. I was pointing out that it ended up being counter-productive when he got booted in the face due to his dive and had to be taken off (though in fairness Bully Wee Villa did point out he might be coming off anyway) and they missed it anyway.
  9. Only in terms of the Refs decision. I wasn’t commenting about the decision, just that his own dive ended up costing you more because he had to go off and you missed it anyway.
  10. There was a pull on the shirt but it didn’t justify that dive. They were at it all game. Brutal.
  11. Yeah, he’s done well with them so far.
  12. So Villa dive for a pen and that the player gets hurt from his dive, has to go off and they miss the penalty. Cheating doesn’t pay it seems.
  13. Yes, apparently it’s not a problem in English football.
  14. Grealish is diving a lot, he is appalling at it as well.
  15. I had a pizza from the new pizza vending machine on the corner of High St and Blackfriars are. It was surprisingly really nice.
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