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  1. I don’t wish death on him and hope he pulls through. I just know that if he does then everything goes into the opposite “Don’t speak ill of the dead” mentality with everyone saying how marvellous he was and how he did so much for the country etc etc. The truth is he is a c**t of the worst kind, one that has the power to do cuntish things and ruin other people’s lives. That won’t change whatever the result of his illness.
  2. The Covid-19 thread being filled with pictures of nurses. Can’t they just look at Pornhub like everyone else?
  3. I don’t think that anyone doesn’t think it’s shit for everyone but listening to people moaning about it doesn’t really improve things. We are all missing things, people, events, exercise, pubs etc but it’s blatantly obvious that basically everything has stopped and we all know why. Going over it online and in the papers is just annoyingly pointing out the obvious now.
  4. I hope he is ok. Does anyone here know him in real life?
  5. It doesn’t really have the same effect as normal grocery shopping will be buying lots of different items so taking just a little bit of each thing and there will still be some left for others. Panic buying is more hoarding lots of the same item (toilet rolls, pasta) reducing stock more quickly and meaning nobody else can get any.
  6. I am trying to get into the mindset of going out for a little walk. I didn’t go out for any exercise in the past 2 days and I am actually feeling a little anxious at leaving the house. I’m going to have to go back to the shops sometime though as I have run out of food.
  7. I quite believe it. I used to work there myself a long time ago, they have absolutely no care for their staff whatsoever. Even most of the managers act like scumbags to staff in the end.
  8. A friend of mine works at a well known banking firm who had someone with the virus (Or symptoms of the virus, don’t know if they were tested) working for three days before they emptied the building. They are still working but now from a disaster recovery site because said banking firm never invested in the tech for working from home and don’t have enough laptops or equipment to support everyone.
  9. Sure, I’m not saying that nobody can do it, just not necessarily everyone. We can’t generalise across the world that offices and businesses can do X or Y because in many cases they cannot all do it. I was just using my work as an example as some of our systems can’t be accessed remotely, and we have issues in getting the server back up when it went down yesterday.
  10. I think there is a good chance it may help get the odd work from home day as this shows its possible, but if businesses are experiencing what we are at work, it may have the opposite effect. The technology we have isn’t reliable enough for this to be a permanent thing or wide-scale so I don’t think you’d get many people scaling back their offices on the back of it. We get about 50% done of what we normally do.
  11. Cleaned the oven and then cleaned the bathroom and all the floors. Cut my finger, burnt my wrist and broke my best cup. When this is over, I shall be getting a bloody cleaner from now on.
  12. I worked and then cleaned my kitchen. It’s been a pish day.
  13. I’ve been working from home since Wed. It’s fine but I find it so hard to actually get down to doing work and not just checking the e-mail and chat functions we have. I’ve basically done f**k all in 3 days.
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