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  1. FA Cup 2018/19

    I thought that the atmosphere as a whole seemed weird. The whole thing seemed subdued, even the celebrations at the end.
  2. Eurovision

    Glad North Macedonia didn’t win, the song was rubbish. Sweden not winning was worth it for the boys face when it was announced tbh.
  3. Eurovision

    That was brutal
  4. Eurovision

    I knew the Slovenia lassie reminded me of someone
  5. Eurovision

    Madonna looks like a pirate
  6. Eurovision

    I voted San Marino as well. He was a laugh.
  7. Eurovision

    I want San Marino to win, the boy looked like a creepy old man and sounded like he smokes 50 a day. Brilliant [emoji23]
  8. Best TV theme song

    Was going to post this. Absolutely love it.
  9. Next Scotland Manager

    Yeah, I don't see why not. Its not a full-on jobs that must be done in Scotland, half our players are down south anyway.
  10. Telephone Culture (or lack of)

    I fucking hate talking on the phone. The only person I talk to now is my mum but even she has moved to WhatsApp, despite being well over 60. Thank goodness.
  11. Next Scotland Manager

    I don't mind if its Clarke because I think he is a good manager that is capable of getting the best out of a limited group of players. I'd also have taken McInnes, they are the best of the three options. Gemmill is a complete catastrophe of a choice and even having him on the short-list is a travesty. Yes, this is again a case of the SFA not even trying to look beyond the end of their nose or even trying to sound out a manager who has actual experience managing at International level. They seem utterly stuck at trying to find someone who is already in the Scottish game which I find baffling as managing in Scotland is utterly irrelevant to managing the international team. People have said in the past that nobody from abroad is interested in managing Scotland but we wouldn't know, because the SFA are too fucking scared to look at anyone and ask them.
  12. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Wear a fake one and see what they say.
  13. Dotting accounts?

    There isn’t in the shops at the moment. The only kind you can get just now are variations on skinny jeans. Well, in the women’s sections anyway.
  14. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    That’s your choice though, isn’t it? There are some fans who seem to think they deserve respect or applause because they follow their chosen team. A bit like the Sevco WATP mentality. The reality is that anyone can follow whoever they choose and it doesn’t make you special to be part of that fan base. Spending x amount of money or time doing it doesn’t mean you merit special praise for it. ETA: I don’t mean that to get at you personally Rab. You are alright really, only a bit annoying sometimes [emoji6]
  15. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    You know what I meant!