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  1. In fairness he seems like a good player, he’s assisted two goals now. I’m just bitter that he’s cost me a fiver 😉
  2. Well in my case it’s because I have a solidly awful history of losing bets. 🤣
  3. Clive thinks the best player in the tournament is one not currently playing in the tournament - Van Dijk. Aye ok Clive
  4. It doesn’t show at all the Arnautovoc has spent the last few seasons not bothering his arse in the Chinese league.
  5. I just put a bet on it being a draw, therefore it will not be a draw.
  6. Apparently (I say that because I have just read it on social media so could be untrue) a close contact is being less than two meters apart for at least 15 mins or more. If that’s true then it would make more sense that there can be no other close contacts as it seems unlikely anyone would think complete non-contact is possible.
  7. I watched the game, the stats show your claims (such as created a few chances) are wrong. I have watched a lot of West Ham this season and I would happily have Soucek in our side, yes over McTominay, he’s an excellent player, likewise Coufal would easily be in over our RB options (much as I like SOD and Patterson). I have watched less of Schick, only seen a couple of Bundesliga games this season which is why I didn’t say he was their best player. I didn’t say we couldn’t play better, in fact I think it’s clear that saying we played OK doesn’t mean we played at either our best or worst, but in the middle. You are the one claiming in was the “Worst performance in the tournament” all I am saying is that is a massive overreaction. He is a she.
  8. No it’s not. We played ok, it’s a realistic mentality. We created 19 chances, one hit the crossbar. They defended well, were clinical enough to take 2 of their 10 chances. When you see the stats on the UEFA website we were really quite equally matched. I also don’t think it’s right to call them a poor team, you make them sound like San Marino. They aren’t world beaters but are still a solid and decent side with some great players, we’ve seen a Coufal and Soucek shine at West Ham, Schick is clearly a decent player as well, playing at a decent level in the Bundesliga with Leverkusen. I just find your post all wrong tbh.
  9. I actually don’t mind him. Ever since he refused to praise England over Wales in the last Euros, I had a lot of time for him.
  10. I think I might try and avoid working out the various permutations. At least until we’ve played Croatia and know where we are in the table ourselves.
  11. Well we either have to get our act together and score or we will be going home anyway. Wales are defending annoyingly well.
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