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  1. Yeah I didn’t think of that tbh. Oh well, they didn’t get it from me, I just smiled and went to wash my hands.
  2. Tuesday was the first instance I have (knowingly) seen of a transgender person using a women’s bathroom.. I left the cubical and a person who must identify as a woman, but had a fairly well-grown beard, was waiting in the queue. I have to say it had absolutely no impact on my toilet experience, though I admit I found the beard a bit odd.
  3. Unlikely to happen but I would have loved to see Wrexham play Spurs.
  4. Yeah I think so too. It’ll actually be interesting to see how he plays and how he does. Burnley were awful to watch but they had pretty poor players and never seemed to have money to do anything, so I’m sure a lot of what he did was pragmatic, to keep them up kind of football. I’m not expecting him to be the next Guardiola but he might not be exactly the same as Dyche at Burnley either.
  5. Do you think he will he save you from relegation?
  6. I take it back, this has been decent in the end. Wrexham have been great, nearly as good as Darvel.
  7. So far Ryan Reynolds has been the best thing about this game.
  8. ?? Gross often plays there, even before Gilmour joined the club. Anyway, I thought Gilmour did alright when he came on. Maybe a bit rusty but he did some good stuff as well. Brighton certainly played better for going back into their usual formation.
  9. Arsenal are not managing his minutes. They are changing tactics and prefer Zinchenko as an inverted fullback. It would be better for Tierney to leave in the summer. He’ll be a PL winner and he can move on to a team where his skills suit their style of play. I’ve heard Newcastle mentioned but not sure how true that is. I do think he’ll move, he doesn’t strike me as a player happy to be a bench option, even in a big club. The Champions league might be a draw but I’m not sure how much game time he’ll get given he’s not really able to do what Zinchenko does.
  10. Poor guy, hope he recovers soon.
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