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  1. Snowflake Big Brother

    There is a push back in academic libraries to the publishers keeping stuff behind a paywall and charging excessive amounts for access. There are a few plans on the go to make work much more widely available but this is turning into a bit of a battle with some publishers [emoji23] We are getting there. Making academic work Open Access is becoming a lot bigger now: if you see a reference to an academic paper you want to read you can usually go to the authors institution and either see if it is available via their repository or if it is embargoed, you can ask the author (r their institution) for a copy. Getting the word out to the public is the hard part really!
  2. Booing of Rangers Players - Does it Happen?

    It doesn't happen enough, we should boo them more.
  3. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    I would genuinely love it to be the Irn Bru stadium. Wonder if we can convince them it’s a good idea [emoji4]
  4. Uefa nations league

    I’m not watching that one, what are they doing that’s bad?
  5. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    There are loads more near Murrayfield than there are at Hampden though. I'm not suggesting that any pub isn't going to be pretty rammed but places like Clockwork have queues down the street. I think there was a game where you had to buy a ticket to get in, in advance. Like I say, i still prefer Hampden but I do think it has its issues.
  6. Was that Hampden's last hurrah?

    I like Hampden and am glad we are staying there but I agree that its not that easy to get to/from and whilst there are pubs in the area, there aren't enough so there isn't much hope of getting into a pub just before or just after kick-off, you have to be there well in advance.
  7. Scotland v Albania

    Though O’Donnell had a really good game. I’d certainly be happy to see him in the team again, as least until he does something to warrant being punted out.
  8. Scotland v Albania

    Agreed. I didn’t mean that as a criticism, Robertson is an excellent player, I just wish we’d play him in his usual position.
  9. Scotland v Albania

    I know it’s basically been all us but ffs, we are playing some pish football. Even Robertson looks like he’s forgotten how to pass the ball.
  10. Scotland v Albania

    Would you really be surprised if it had a bearing on the SFA offering him a job? I would not be, It has been for many years pretty obvious that it’s a “jobs for the boys” kind of mentality at the SFA. Given how long he’d been out of football when he was offered the job and that he hasn’t been immensely successful as a manager anyway, I struggle to see why he was considered as a clear favourite for the post.
  11. Scotland v Albania

    Whilst I agree with you that it isn’t really his fault, I suspect that now having a massive tax bill pending is probably one of the reasons he’s been given this job now, when he really shouldn’t have been.
  12. Will Scotland ever be good again?

    This, though I’d extend it beyond McLeish to basically all of those in post because they are friends with those in the SFA and they need the money, rather than because they are the best person for the job.
  13. Uefa nations league

    Andy Walker really does talk absolute shite.
  14. Starting 11 for Belgium and Albania games

    We’re the same. Would have been there if it was at the weekend but getting to/from Glasgow in time means getting time off work and the boyfriend can’t get time off that easily.
  15. Uefa nations league

    Welbeck pushes the defender before De Gea catches the ball. I think it was for that.