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  1. It’s crazy. I genuinely don’t know how anyone can look at him and think ‘I want to vote for that’. Think how badly it reflects on the UK that we will vote in the most right-wing, hostile and just plain nasty, government that we’ve ever had. This all based on a referendum run on lies and ignorance. What an absolute f**k-up.
  2. A bit of racist gesturing by the fat bloke in red sleeves. Arsehole behaviour but caught on camera so he’s going to be easily traced.
  3. It certainly seems like it’s made up as they go along!
  4. What is the law on handball now? I thought it as basically if it hit the hand then it was a penalty?
  5. I hadn’t noticed him until I read this. I’ll be watching him all game now [emoji23]
  6. I get the impression that Neil hates Boris but I’m surprised that he said that much against Tory policy.
  7. I hope so, she’s the one I would most like to lose her seat. It’s bad enough voting Tory, but voting for one as stupid as her is unforgivable.
  8. They should be but I don't think they are tested on any kind of regular or consistent basis, or they are not tested enough. I think the authorities are too scared because i'd be surprised if many of the top players don't register for something and they simply don't want to know so they don't have to act. There was a story a while back that Dr Ferrari, who doped up lance Armstrong, had been working with Barcelona (and I think maybe other Spanish teams) and he had frozen blood from them discovered during the investigation. I am also aware that there are people who use drugs even at amateur level running, so the idea that most top-level sports aren't rife with it seems absurd. If people will do it for small-time glory and a few hundred quid, what will they do in a sport like football?
  9. I don’t think that Johnson did come off as respectable. To be fair, I think Marr tried to give him a hard time, he’s just not great at cutting him off.
  10. Pearce really isn’t improving with age. Very annoying
  11. Looking forward to France, Germany and Portugal.
  12. I think it’s to do with who plays who at home v away and when. It’s massively complicated though.
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