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  1. Imagine this on speed and that would be how it is if Liverpool won it. This is mild compared to how a Liverpool win would be covered.
  2. I like Micah Richards, especially for getting Keane and Redknapp annoyed
  3. Yeah, Keane was talking shit then. Dyche was the reason they were in trouble in the first place (well that and the lack of any kind of spending or ambition by the club) he never looked like improving them enough to avoid relegation. They left changing it too late tbh.
  4. That’s why all of the big teams have the number of fans they do, it’s hardly limited to Man City.
  5. Staying at a youth hostel and sharing with folk you don’t know. Never again.
  6. I don’t think Gilmour sounds that bad tbf, Smith said yesterday he was at Chelsea being assessed but was not sure if he’d be ok for Sunday - if he’s still even remotely in contention for their Sunday game then he’ll likely be ok for ours.
  7. f**k off Wordle c***s Wordle 335 X/6
  8. Yeah that happened to me. I was getting hassle from a guy when I was at high school and he was in my art class. One day when the teacher left the room he got hold of my bag and was away to go into it - I snapped and had enough, started punching f**k out of him. He was so nice to me after that and I got away with it as I was otherwise the most well-behaved kid you could want. After that I must admit I pretty much learnt to be aggressive with anyone who started on me, but not unless they tried to hurt me first. I’ve had to unlearn that as you can’t hit people who try to bully you when they are your boss.
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