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  1. I actually hate Collins more, Lambie at least knew it was time to resign, Collins stuck around like a bad smell. Eddie May deserves a mention also, albeit he didn't want the job. The 3rd tier with our budget without reaching the play offs, tells you to find a different career path than football management.
  2. If the game finished 2-0 then the hysteria wouldn't have been as wild as it's been. I reckon it would've stayed 2-0 if we had 11 on the park also. I actually messaged my mate from down south to say we are playing well and on it pre Airdrie goal. For me we had two invisible players, three players not playing to previous form, one due to a move to right back and Morrison doing what he has done for a while now. Rennie was a complete car crash, brought in 7 players and made us worse than the previous worst. The Holt split season was horrific but given he wasnt appointed as long term, I'll not include him. It's Rennie all day for me, various formations throughout games, weekly and zero tactical plan for with and without the ball. He also followed the Sheerin we are Brazil 70 in training. Let's not forget season ticket holders stopped going to the game or even watching at home under Rennie, that's how bad it was.
  3. I've yet to witness Hetherington have a good game, yep just good. Nesbitt had good games nearly over a year ago now, hasn't kicked a ball since last October
  4. I wouldn't put McGuffie in same boat as the rest mentioned, he would be aok for a squad player. Hetherington and Nesbitt would top my list, Hetherington brings absolutely nothing to the team and is one of the worst centre mids we have had. I'm guessing he's had his share of injuries that he's scared to play his previous commitment level to avoid injury, he is basically shit feart on the park now.
  5. You do realise we were down to 10 men and had Hetherington, Nesbitt and Williamson in that 10 for two of the goals. A lucky deflection for the 1st goal too.
  6. McGlynn won't name individuals, we win as a team and we lose as team. We were the best team in the first half for me especially pre the first goal, 2nd half we fell apart and I'd question the subs from McGlynn. We were all over the place formation wise and folk seem to forget we lost two goals whilst down to 10 men, we didn't close up shop we were erratic and all over the place. The two new signings showed flashes,fuk knows what Lawal got booked for and yep the ref was clueless today. I've still got faith in McGlynn turning it around but hopefully some of last season's clown shoes don't see first team action soon. We looked decent in the first half, it really is the 2nd half recurring dream that needs put to bed. I'd get back to a basic 4-4-2 for next week.
  7. I'm guessing Nesbitt is Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo and Messi in training
  8. There seems to be two Airdrie players on Morrison, McGuffie and Nesbitt everytime they get the ball to feet, a tweak needs to probably help them. We were on it pre the goal
  9. Or three at the back an option. As said by Raith fans McGlynn likes to throw 3 at the back randomly as a curve ball. He did against us afore
  10. His shot from out wide at Dumfries that bent the wrong way and nearly reached the half way line was a comedy highlight. His goal at the TFS were it looked like his skill bought him space, where in actual fact it was he had no clue what he was doing, his pace was his strength, the problem he had was taking the ball with him.
  11. The mention of TOE and Dan Turner send shivers down my spine, I recall seeing both play a reserve game against Partick Thistle and Dan Turner was so out his depth and was subbed at half time, TOE had the 90s Frank Lampard look that got him young player of the year surely
  12. Celtic apart, I think every team in Scotland have been looking for either a proven goal scorer and/or proven creator. I'd guess very few have signed them too, especially in our league. Mochrie fared well against us in games but I'm sure was in and out of the Montrose team and hasn't started a game for utd that won. Rory McAllister will get double figures but I'd struggle to think of many who will in this league. I can't see any getting 20, the league was won last season with Cove spreading the goals around the team and I'd guess the same will happen this season
  13. It also mirrored us having Houston in charge that wouldn't play any of of the academy players unless his hands were tied. The mentioned three above and others had mistakes in them early on, it's all part of the learning curve but getting thrown in when you were the only option wasn't ideal. We went from a starting 11 of academy players to 3 of them getting a game when his hands were tied in Houston's time. Gasparoto playing in front of the Scotland u19 cap at full back told it's own story, previously Duffie got his opportunity at 17yr old
  14. Personally think Mackie has had his best games at centre back but I wouldn't experiment with the back four on Saturday. McCann also did what also Dowds did last season and have poorish games against their previous clubs.
  15. Is the car boot sale still on in the car park ? I can't see anything on the club website and I won't be attending if it is
  16. Yeats & McGinn didn't reach previous highs and McGinn didn't come to the game till the 2nd half for me. The majority of our play today was meh... I'm struggling to understand the good striker solves all our problems and we had no gilt edged chances today, we need the play behind solved, a Mckay header and a McGuffie shot played through by McKay is our chances. A striker does not solve that if McKay is your best creative player in the final third. so many players wasteful on the ball, funnily all last year's players....
  17. A decent striker won't solve all, the passing, decision making and general play needs improvement from mid to attack. McGuffie improved us as an attacking sense and I don't why he was dropped, even last season he scored and created a few. A real struggle to pick a MOM today tells you how it was
  18. When Brad McKay has your best deft attacking pass of the game then something ain't right.
  19. Our passing is woeful from two I mentioned and Morrison, Nesbitt can shake his hips all he wants but he can't pass water
  20. Zero width today not helped with Morrison being pushed forward, Nesbitt bringing nowt to the table and Hetherington still a nothing player for me. If the midfield not functioning, can't really expect much in the final third
  21. Formation depending but ain't we awash with centre mids, I rate Mochrie but I think one would need to go out if we were interested in him. Haven't you just described Montrose above ? They seem to get decent loans in that make them tick and I'm sure isn't costing them much as some full time teams prefer them to go to a part time team and still spend time with them too playing in their development squad. I personally think we have went after x y z and not got them in. We are not alone by all accounts. Rory McAllister at 35 by stats could be seen as the best striker in the division. Nothing against Rory but it shows there is a lack of available talent down in league one. The January window could be the most important window this season
  22. I wouldn't rule out Montrose or Alloa for top 4. I'd say it's one of the most open league one title challenges I've seen, the norm is two teams going toe to toe but I don't think I could predict one team running away with it. A decent signing or two in the next few weeks or January might be key this season, cove got a couple in on January which sealed them the title last season.
  23. Given the choice of Miller at 41 or Griffiths, Id choose Miller.... If it's a rumour that's true I'd guess it's coaching only, I don't think the best coach in the world can get Wilson firing all cylinders but we have Alegria, two youngsters and even Oliver will benefit. I wouldn't want Miller to sign as a player but I can't recall Miller going missing for 3yrs of his career and was still performing well into his late 30s Griffiths hasn't kicked a ball in his 30s, Griffiths had more natural talent than Miller but wasted it. I don't blame Rennie for signing Griffiths, it was a gamble that could've worked, but for me was like us signing Chris McCart, another one who was clearly not fit for football
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