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  1. Scottish cup winner, league winner, top 6 in the top league with low budget amongst Hughes badges in management, but an SOS from Ross County in years to become a manager and then once successful told to GTF. I think there are reasons why Hughes hadn't been in a management job post Raith and onwards County now. There were plenty jobs in the summer, Hughes stock was high after 3yr out but no one came calling. Im not too sure the pars board would be too keen on Yogi(ours won't be with history) I'd guess a Jim McIntyre/pars link or something out the blue is safer than Hughes. We are such a car crash that Hughes seems an option to some, can't see it happening albeit I did say on here when he left that he'd be back to manage at some point in years to come
  2. For the first time in my life, I have seen tourettes on paper
  3. This scenario has Hughes all over it for him ....me me me me and me As for too big for league one, he spent years out the game then successful at Ross County to be pushed which I'm guessing for him being Hughes. I don't think league one is beyond him as there is obviously whispers about him keeping him out of jobs. I don't think he will be entertained tho with the current board members I'll guess our board maybe sounding out new managers today even if they have no intention of sacking Sheerin, the Holt one is the easy one to sack but Holt seems to be accepted into the circle. I see no reason for us to have a DOF, the recruitment part this season kinda suggests we don't and even Sheerin(his only decent soundbyte) said McInnes at Aberdeen did everything I'm not sure either are certainties, I'm sure number two isn't. As mentioned above our board will be speaking amongst themselves, targeting and sounding out a new manager which might not even see the light of day. If Sheerin remains then I can't see us getting more than 2pts in our next two games, formations are partially crucial but it's how you attack and defend in them that matter more and that part is his failure, not helped with shit recruitment but you can polish it with better management skills. We seem to go every week now with a must win game, by fuk we are in the third division, top two budget and we are one of the two full time teams. Sheerin had to start well and roll on it to be successful, the shit has hit the fan and it's clear to see he hasn't got a clue what he is doing when the chips are down. Its unfortunate we have two away games up coming but I'm sure results in those games will see Sheerin away if he survives this week
  4. A new manager could bring in far more structure to our game play, a midfield 3 of which two of them drop back to sit, we can't pass a ball to each other unless we outnumber the opposition in our own half, the free kick near the end where we made two passes afore hoofing it summed us up and a new manager could play our best players in their best positions. I'm guessing Dixon was out because he spoke his mind and Sheerin can't handle experienced pros, common ground with a new manager see Hartley with Kerr and Miller. I wanted Sheerin to succeed, by fuk if we had Jim Leishman as manager I'd want him to succeed but it's time for Sheerin to go now. We don't even have WIP tag to hold on to with him as we get worse week by week. The players getting more time off after scraping a win against East Fife, that was shown today that was fruitful
  5. I personally feel 4-2-3-1 lower down the food chain becomes more defensive. The only team I have seen perform an attacking 4-2-3-1 was Dumbarton about a decade or so ago, the majority tend to try and sneak a win using it. We have been a turgid mess all over, the usual dependable Dixon has been woeful in recent weeks.
  6. Ps FTV Sheerin's preferred formation is not 4-3-3, it's a standard 6-3-1 We are in a league where 80% are part time, we have a top two budget, we have the biggest backing fan wise yet we play defensive formations. We should be arrogant with the above stacked in our favour, instead we are a whimpering mess playing defensive football against bottom of the league with zero shots on target in the first 45 mins at home on Saturday.We shouldn't be having that level of performance at this level full stop, the 2nd half performance was an improvement by far but it still wasn't of the standard we should have. The fans vented their feelings during and post the game on Saturday, even after winning, that tells its own story.
  7. I think the only thing we can read into the interview is he is under pressure, his body language shown that in the early part. He clearly should know that Ruth is not a lone striker, if not he is in the wrong job. It was a strange sub Dixon for Keena, then the late subs were very much answers on a postcard please. I personally think he didn't know himself in the interview regarding the late subs. The late subs were very much defend for our life which nearly cost us considering we can't defend in a part time league with 4 defenders and two sitting mids. I think Sheerin will know there will be scowls awaiting for us to take kick off wrong in the crowd if we go one up against Airdrie, yes he will want to be his own man and prove he is right but recent weeks have shown he hasn't been close to being half right
  8. All of his success in management has been at p/t clubs and I think that's his strengths and his age might suggests he is happy with that commitment added with outside football business with his brother. Any appointment is a gamble and by fuk we should know. Yep 3-5-2 accommodates playing both Nesbitt and Telfer in central roles but when Williamson and McCann are back, it surely means no McDaid or McGuffie. The problem we have is this team has been built to play Sheerin's 6-3-1 formation Nesbitt and Telfer is too soft in the centre for me
  9. Our starting formation makes it easy for teams to play against and that's been shown weekly now. East Fife have ripped a few arseholes recently and they were clearly the best team 1st half. We change our formation and shock of all shocks the tables were turned
  10. 10 ish mins to go and we make more defensive subs against the bottom of the league club, sums up our management. We are not by far dead in the water league wise but his stubborn defensive mantra will see us dead if he continues this defensive pish.
  11. Two up front shocker when it's going tits up, story of our season so far
  12. We managed to get the first goal v Clyde, they went two up and left more spaces for us explore. Its not a new thing teams sitting in against us, it's up to us to break them down, having two sitting mids and one up front makes us so easy to play against. We have been 2nd best today and as much as I wanted Sheerin to succeed, this is awful and reeks of being clueless. We are full time, massive budget in the league yet we will be lucky to reach the play offs with this management team.
  13. We have fuk all about us, EF the better team A glorious Hetherington pass and sorry Lewis we ain't playing 4-3-3, we are playing 4 fuk knows fuk knows. Edit also not from nowhere East Fife score, nope they have been the better team
  14. Swapping a keeper usually =the manager is clutching at straws.
  15. Tick tock, is Seb Ross in or is it the same 11..... I can't handle the suspense
  16. It looked like a handball too from Ruth
  17. Very much expect the above team tho maybe Ross might be in with a shout, 100% if Nebitt is out. Krasniqi will need to wait till his next loan club for a start and probably a level or two up from us !!
  18. It does suggest one up front is for Christmas and beyond tho. TBF he will have his head up and see Ruth or Nesbitt surrounded by 7 Dumbarton players whilst we have 6 players to pass to easily behind him Elgin will be paying two trays of pies worth if anything to us,hardly a book balancer.
  19. Sheerin is either believing fancy formations are a must for the 3rd division with a top 2 budget/full time team or has been told he has to play that. The Arbroath stint will have zero reflection of now. Eddie may was horrific but at least the formations did matter at the level and budget we were at. A good manager at this level with recruitment and our budget should be skooshing this league Do you believe Holt will allow that As soon as Holt has came in, we have been playing defensive turgid shite, which was perhaps effective for Livi in the top league, but for our league it's a disaster with our budget 4-4-2 means you choose between Telfer or Nesbitt for me, which isn't a bad thing overall just both have the capabilities of being our best players.
  20. I am a big fan of 3-5-2 for this league and the one up but our bench is more howling with that formation.... Morrison doesn't know the offside rule when pushed up top would be a massive no for me and he won't be back soon. The rest with the above team depends on the full backs being fit and both them haven't started a league game yet, we don't have decent wing backs to replace them unless we pull a leahy out the bag with Seb Ross or a.nother. We basically have 3,4,5 or 6 players who are effective in the hole behind the striker(s) A 4-4-2 would see you really choose either Nesbitt or Telfer as both aren't great out wide. I'd be more inclined to go 4-4-1-1 with Nesbitt pushed forward as well as Telfer with Krasniqi sitting but there is more chance of Sam McGivern starting on Saturday than the above. Hetherington will start, be captain and look as able as Chris McCart was with us
  21. worth a goal a game going by his last two games, tho not in the end we wanted The two points in the interview that came across for me was him being unsure of the three changes, I watched it in the haze of the drunk Saturday and I knew all three changes !!! The other point as you mentioned is the strain of him not being happy with playing 2 up top, we got two goals Saturday and one previous week when we have been struggling to score, if that doesnt tell him anything then he shouldnt be anywhere near the role we employ him for. Id guess there might be issues with him and Keena, no one in there right mind would play Ruth ahead of him. If Keena doesnt start on Saturday, Id say that would confirm Sheerin is clueless or there is an issue between them. Very true that we havent seen enough of Krasniqi but we are playing week in week out with a man down with Hetherington, so doing the sums Krasniqi can control a ball, composed on the ball too which is a start
  22. Thought he was poor today, plenty short passes
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