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  1. The Nesbitt I've got all the time in the world to shoot or pick a pass today sums him up. He was justified to have a shot but the minimum was to hit the target. As mentioned above by someone, the midfield balance today is way off, worked when we were on top but when that shifts it clearly doesn't.
  2. I'm pretty sure your dross from last year ain't at the level of ours, by fuk we have competition winners in there I moan every week re Nesbitt's set piece play....it's fukn woeful
  3. I've seen plenty criticism of McGlynn,myself has done also. No manager has ever been exempt from that. Every managerial appointment is a gamble but personally McGlynn for me is a safe gamble. I personally wouldn't have went near Murray, took him a number of years to shape an Airdrie team and they bottled the play offs when it seemed a stick on against a team who won less games than our shameful lot. The league isn't over yet but to carry 5/6/7 passengers from previous shit show is a crippling factor. I do think the worst we will finish is 2nd and after two seasons out the play offs, for me is progress. We may even come up against Murray in the play offs
  4. I'm sure Watson played the majority of his first season at United as a right back but as you alluded to, coming back from a serious injury isn't ideal coming back to play full back. I can see him going out on loan if he can get a club, I don't think he will get much game time with players for sure infront of him and I include McKay I wasn't that bothered when Watson left the first time but when he returned he improved us but got dragged down to the level we were at back then. I'd guess he will be on a decent wedge too.
  5. We would be spitting feathers if we conceded both our goals on Saturday, both great goals but the defending is poor for both. Both goals similar in that they beat one man with skill and have a license to do what they want Edinburgh have done remarkably well considering they sneaked in the back door promotion wise and have had plenty off field issues but they'll be bottom half of the table for sure.
  6. The games at the end of Sheerin tenure were down in actual people there, they of course included season tickets who didn't turn up in figures released. I knew plenty who didn't go, some watched at home and some didn't bother. McGlynn deserves criticism like any manager but so far it's night and day compared to both clowns in the job so far. It's a great goal granted but the defending is woeful.....I'd be wanting our defenders in stocks getting pelted for that defending, you won't see a goal like that the higher the levels you go.
  7. I'd guess Rennie had a bigger budget than McGlynn, he had 3/4/5 formation each game, zero direction, couldn't set a team to play and I'd even say Kenny Miller had more a clue how to manage us Pre Rennie it was Sheerin who was short of crying in interviews saying repeatedly he didn't know how to fix it and shared the above clueless team set up and his love in with Michael Ruth basically fuked him. Yes we were a shit show last week but it wasn't even close to the two previous managers and the fans voted with their feet for both of them, some would watch at home and some just didn't even bother. I was not in the mood FFC related after last week and just hid under a black cloud but it clearly was not the worst decisions a manager has made in recent years, those awards will go towards Rennie and Sheerin as much as Fasan being the worst goalkeeper we will have in decades/centuries.
  8. Is he going to the world cup ? Too many of our players showing nothing to note, our set piece play is poor
  9. So this happened more than once during the game ? I don't think we have defensively set up as badly for a corner like that all season, yet your coaching staff planned that a way to score Today's game was gonna be won by either a piece of brilliant skill, a team mistake or a referee mistake. We struggle against the ugly side of the game, this is more what I think your coaches picked up on not on how to score a goal against us
  10. As said if it was pre planned for a free header 4 yards out then your coaches are wasted here. Zonal marking makes zero difference, half the 6 yard box was free, last time I looked that isn't in the zonal defending guide book. It was simply shocking defending no matter the system. Cove weren't pretty on the eye last season but effective and Airdrie were nice on the eye and we know how that ended, funnier ending for Airdrie tho
  11. Id bet every football team has a formation and form of play to try to score after all that is the point. TBF to the pars they came out the 2nd half and got bodies up to support Wighton but if the plan was for him to be unmarked at a corner, then your coaches are wasted at this level.
  12. Pars have so much came for the point, taking their time to take any set plays, every shy is about eating time up. We will need to change formation at some point,not necessarily at half time but for sure in the second half. I doubt the pars will change their here for a point tactic unless they go a goal down.
  13. Pars all about wasting time in the first half. Very much a game of chess so far
  14. Next game please.... Our pitch is on its last legs but Palmerston still.... https://youtu.be/MjyYnycifiQ
  15. Personally I'd only change the midfield area. A lot will depend on how McGlynn has pre planned on hurting QoS weaknesses. I reckon Yeats is a certainty to come in, not so sure on others.
  16. Michael Ruth injured or still at school ? Always a tough game at Palmerston, well in my time. A quick look back and Pressley had Queens number for sure Hoping for a win but can see a score draw, if we do get beat we will have seasons over posters
  17. Kelty seem to have our number with their football business Agyeman.... Kelty started off 100 mile an hour, they have dipped obviously from that but still bossing us, I don't know what will be changed in regard to players, it really could be any of them. The main issue is committment, very much like the last game.
  18. As it stands for us a loan or two. I'd like to think a few of the players with a chance of another club post their Falkirk career might actually be thinking of making it happen in January, yep will probably involve us taking a bit of a hit but it would involve a saving of their full wage. I've got the impression the pars ain't so cash rich either and a Scottish cup tie away to either evil twins could enhance either of us to spend.
  19. I think Alegria will kick on now and having Burrell on the sidelines knowing he has to play a blinder when he gets a chance is a good thing. Only Donaldson and McCann haven't scored a goal from our starting 11 on Tuesday, the goals have been spread around. I reckon the Jan window will be massive as it usually is.
  20. We might have made the play offs with an actual manager than Rennie also....another if yer auntie had baws statement.
  21. Yeah we appointed Martin Rennie instead The huge difference now for us is we are a unit, everyone has a job in possession out of possession and how to defend and attack. A good confidence booster for Saturday.
  22. That Alloa top is fkin woeful.....they deserve a 5+ goal humping Ps Did Barry ok that strip pre resignation ?
  23. The Alegria sending off cost us today with a striker option as expected and Morrison showing why he's not a striker. Nesbitt's set piece play woeful today also. It's a good point tho especially after our first half display. The league is a long distance run tho and not a sprint.
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