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  1. Stats say otherwise currently, 111 games to score 9 goals previously, we did it in our last 3 games
  2. I agree in principle but you for sure get defensive formations and attacking formations. The latter tho is harder to produce. Sheerinball was defensive,our recent visit to parkhead defensive, the stats back that up. Our current three at the back is attacking, the stats again back that up
  3. We had Kevin James in there too who wasn't a ball playing centre half either, it was a good blend of two aerial attackers and McKenzie can do the pretty stuff. I've long memory of 98% of Hughes passing, which was very much a delicate chipped hoof. I personally think Hall isn't too bad on the ball, probably that got his move down south and I don't think anyone has seen enough of ATS to make a full judgement, the rule goes tho if you make one glaring mistake, you are then the worst. A long contract might be the stumbling point, a great quiz question upcoming winning two cups and relegated
  4. Another one lost for Australian soccer It's a sad state of affairs with just over half a season gone that the league is not an option for us in the 3rd division. I was always of the opinion that if you are full time in this league, you really should be 1st or 2nd, finishing 5th last season really should've seen heads rolling.
  5. He struggled with our tippy tappy football at the time, he frustrated the life out of me not being able to pass 2,3-4 yards to a fellow player. He has had a decent career at St Johnstone on two occasions, who says you should never go back ? (That's me cursed it for us ) I'd understand if we were playing 5 at the back with the above, we clearly aren't. We have scored 9 goals in three games, it took us 11 games previously to score 9. We shouldn't need 4 defenders and a sitting mid in league 3 for me, most teams pack the defence and midfield against us We are in league three, I'd expect any of our non defenders in our squad to do better than McKay tbh. I remember seeing Scott McKenzie start in the centre of a back 3 in his return and I thought WTF. He was superb there.
  6. Your not saying ATS is a bad player He has only been in the door 5mins, playing with misfits around him that I hope won't be around soon. It's far too early to judge him fully after two games.
  7. Strange to put that video out during a season, for me it's a deflect that we have no signings in.
  8. I can't see us signing two centre backs tbh with Dixon on his way back. Martin has made plenty of saves but it's been when we were already beat or on our way to getting embarrassed. The norm is mainly Saturday past, Airdrie 4 shots on target and scored 4 with one disallowed. Dumbarton had 3 on target, Montrose 1 and scored. If our defence was better, you can at times get away with a ropey keeper but we for sure need one in.
  9. I'd go for Godfrey above Burgess. He was a super signing at the time. Sitting mid in league 3 should be aok for someone still playing in the top league. He will point fingers at folk and get stuck in, decent with free kicks too. His 2-3 yard passing with us previously frustrated the life out of me but we are in the 3rd division now and I don't see any similarities at all with Miller or Hetherington
  10. The amount of times Burgess got done for pace was his downfall, he wouldn't have went back to East Fife 2yrs after leaving us if he had pace whereas Manley left for nearly quarter of a million tells its own story. Burgess was a better defender down the clubhouse on a Sunday night
  11. Yep Queens Park have won one game in 10 and it was against us, don't see it as a miracle to finish 4th for me Burgess was a liability, decent on the ball and in the air but run at him and he was as slow as Purdie. The opener at Hearts when got destroyed Burgess said that will never happen again, it did and again and again. Purdie at least positioned himself for the lack of pace. If we continue with three at the back we need one who is comfortable on the ball, mobile and positioning in the centre
  12. Some of our fans would want to hear "We are gonna win the league and I've got 14 players coming in on Monday" Raith's embarrassments was only for the eyes and ears of lower league football fans generally from forums and small columns in the papers, ours was back pages,radio(talksport which is generally all English based) internet and TV. If you were to do a poll asking which club is the laughing stock of Scottish League football at anytime post our Q&A till probably now and we would win it hands down. We all get our flash in the pan moments of dropping out the play offs last season, getting pumped 6-0 of Queens park etc but that Q&A has put us on a level that other clubs aspiring to reach a new low can only dream of.
  13. Partick won the league simply due to a fit again Rudden and Tiffoney being a superb league one player not so sure league up, without one of that two, I reckon they might have been a different team on the championship that season, showing that one or two players can make a huge difference. Remind us who signed the 17yr old from Dundee United this season Zero link play from Morrison to Dowds also, it's all very kick n rush from him up top, Dowds had another decent game yesterday too. Remind me of Raith falling out the play offs playing 4-5-1 defensive turgidness requiring only one point. A Holt/Sheerin signing quality like Wilson, McKay, Omperon, Hetherington etc, a Q&A that made us a laughing stock throughout the country, staff exit door on revolve, player exit door on revolve, getting pumped 6-0 of a team that has won one game in 10, new manager bounce so far has been one win in three(not blaming him at all) that is one win in 7 currently I can't recall Raith having any of the above tbh, drink drugs are the only thing that can make you think we are on par of where Raith were.
  14. You have them up on a high pedestal, surely it's only star players they sign ? McCall signed plenty duds in league one, he got lucky with Tifoney creating and scoring and Rudden being fully fit scoring 6/6 in his last six starts. Still at least you've not compared the EPL to us now A defence we need, if only we had contacts. Dick is at the perfect club for him, don't think he could recreate what he has at Arbroath with a full time club, he certainly can compete against them
  15. I'll ask again, who are the star players ? Scrapping the barrell with that list You got the Arbroath list of stars in league one ?
  16. He signed half the Rangers reserve team on loan and sent them back January, McKenna from Hamilton, previous Partick hero players in their 30s who rarely played from non league and Tiffoney on loan the final loan. They basically had signed players that they were relegated with was their key. A fit Rudden and on fire and Tiffoney showing that one or two players can make all the difference
  17. Avoiding the star players they signed in league one ?
  18. Who are those star players that Campbell, McGlynn and McCall signed in league one ? As I said, you have ignored what has happened to our club since our collapse at the tail end of last season nevermind going into the Tatt muscle roll a dice Hartley signings onwards.
  19. Different era now to 20 odd year ago with Jeffries and when was the last time McCall was in the top league ? There was a lot of Scottish guys out of favour in the English leagues for Jeffries to pick up back then, totally different game now. Have you forgotten we have been a laughing stock for the full country and the world with the Q and A, pumped 6-0 by Queens who hadn't won a game for an age, beaten comfortably by Cove and Clyde in recent weeks and the only news out of our club is staff getting sacked or resigned. Any player will do their research before they sign up and we are in the 3rd division
  20. I'll be surprised if there isn't one or two in afore next game, a mouthy experienced goalie a right sided centre half and a defensive mid would be my first 3 and at least two of them would make a huge difference. I can't see us bringing in two centre defenders tbh. McKay isn't fit for purpose but for sure not in a back three, his mobility when put on the right side shone like brightest star in the sky. There is definitely more effort, even Nesbitt raised his speed of play, our defensive frailties is killing us, we now look like we can score goals now tho. The league was gone whilst Sheerin was still here but the play offs are not
  21. Lost it completely after Airdrie fans gave him it tight, same happened last season
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