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  1. Surely it's the defence Raith need work on ? I watched yesterday's highlights and against us in league, the defence has been the weak link I do reckon Miller would do a job for anyone in league 1 and perhaps a few league above even at 40. If he is to continue playing next season, surely it will be league one. Miller will have got decent pay off from Partick which may even see him make more money for the 2nd half of the season. I don't think he will demand a fair wedge now as the lights go out on his playing career and that no one will entertain paying over the odds for him.
  2. Not so long ago McShane was in the league cup winning Ross County team, sure he has more in the tank than Queens Park and I doubt 4th tier will be for him. His failure to roll up his sleeves with us has been his downfall, I'm sure that's not his game tho. I never rated him at QoS and that's not changed with us. I think we have a good bunch of players now who are fighting for the greater good as one.
  3. Forfar fighting it with Stranraer to be the worst team. I reckon McCracken could've played today and we would've kept a clean sheet. Todd and Hall had decent debuts, the subs looked hungry too. I was surprised to see our goal difference +31, perhaps apathy towards this league doesn't have me studying the table. Bring on Arbroath
  4. I'd guess wighton will be available, hasn't played a cup game
  5. They are both shite, one is soft as shite the other isn't. Buchanan is for me our worst captain since...fuk knows when, his niceness of giving his arm band away every game stinks of like me like me. There isn't much between both but to hang out our managers on that suggests to me you have a man bun
  6. I hate the lol use but Nesta comment for sure did it for me. Todd in centre with Miller then ?
  7. Absolutely pathetic. First time I have been pissed off with Miller and McCracken. If they want to die on that hill, that's up to them. ?????? There is nothing between Buchanan and Durnan for me. I expect tho that Buchanan is carrying a knock, Hall can't play in the cup. Try focus on the positive that we will see what de Vita and Todd have
  8. Hopefully not, we have a bit of real competition now for places with some deadwood out. We haven't been amazing but we are at times trying to keep the ball on the deck with brief decent one touch passing, something we never saw under McKinnon.
  9. So one player in Austin who wasn't getting a game most weeks at ICT in regards to the question I asked, obviously a home gig and cash similar swayed it. Nicky low went to Ireland (not for cash)then QoS then the Shire due to his injury problems.
  10. No matter the wage, we will have paid him to go as we don't have a bargaining tool in our favour with him having 18 month remaining
  11. McPake surely emptied noo, pars on a 5 game losing streak making Dundee look like relegation fodder
  12. Signing two injury prone players on full time wages on 500+ crowds and having Ray McKinnon as manager. Sounds a foolproof plan Name me another full time player dropping two divisions to sign for 4th tier team. Really 5 bench warmers or injury prone players out. Toshney also left, really only 1st team player out
  13. I'd guess he has took a pay off due to either his knees can't do full time or has had a fall out with Hopkin. If Queens park are paying more than Morton, we do have a Gretna mk2 here
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