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  1. I wasn't putting it fully down to the fact we went two up but we pushed Morrison up front during the Clyde game when it was 0-0 and struggling to create opportunities in the final third. We only took a firm grip of the Clyde game when they went 2 up top. I can't recall Keena having missed a barrel load of chances so far, we have been nice on the eye at times but not effective in the final third. It took the last final 15 mins or so to make the Alloa keeper work, so work that out
  2. Who knows ? I have been wary of pointing fingers to our coach/manager signings because of whatever structure we have at the club. I'd be surprised if Sheerin would've signed Holt's laddie, that alone makes all our signings questionable who makes them added with the many we made mins after Sheerin was appointed.
  3. Our formation though is easy to stifle, work ethic, flood the midfield and take yer chances when they arise. Alloa would lose players to injury and nothing changed. Our best football was the start of the 2nd half with nice passes in our own half which hurts no one, we go two up top and we create more chances in 15 mins than we did in 60 odd
  4. Sheerin's interview on Saturday was honest refreshing unlike we have seen for years but was also very open for people to question for the fans too. The Gary Miller situation is a strange one and for me Dixon would've been better choice than the new boy. if Williamson gets fit soon I can see Gary away in January if we get a replacement in I don't think it's up for debate that Keena is our best striker to date, Sheerin subbed him as a lone striker to play Sammy and Wilson as a two v QP when clearly you should be keeping your best striker on if you have decided to play two up top. The next league game he drops Keena for Ruth a player that more than likely will be freed from his parent club and has had little goal return in first team football. When Holt was in charge last season, I don't think he started Keena, yep I'm stirring a pot there that hopefully isn't there but it wouldn't surprise me if Holt still has influence as I honestly can't see how the above Keena scenarios seem logical.
  5. I did say normally......in current situation it is for me. The Hartley and May scenario was obvious, Houston for me was an expiry date which all managers have at each club or lack of £s to invest in the team. Our budget went backwards after completing with Rangers and Hibs
  6. 6 games is normally too early to judge anything(Hibs n hearts topping league) I've always went for after the second round of games an indication of the real runners and when the Jan window opens a team can strengthen to confirm or achieve their aim of being champions. The January window at times shows it can take one signing to make a team click but tbh one signing now could make or break our season and if that one was Ruth, I'd for sure be concerned. I am not writing Ruth off after one game, by fuk I thought Stokes was just a wee boy too on his debut at Ibrox but we are now in the 3rd division but some our shit strikers of the past would've made more of an impact. All hell will breakout if we don't get a good performance on Saturday and with Dumbarton skelping in 5 last game it won't be easy. Ps I can't stand jam, so exclude me from wanting jam
  7. I watched highlights of Ayr game and didn't think the pars were that bad using the highlights and I know that doesn't paint full picture. The defence is obviously the weak link with the attack not taking chances they create which is what Grant is partially suggesting. The defence is horrific and that shone also in the Arbroath games highlights. Id guess mid/late October or later would there be any chance of getting rid of Grant. If he manages to get a result v Raith.....that extends that longer. Where did this blazer Peter Grant come from ? that surely must make it worse for you lot......still funny tho to the outside world
  8. Did Hetherington pass the ball forward much at Alloa ? Hetherington's default at Falkirk seems to be side passes to Telfer or back to Dixon. I haven't seen this hard tackling midfielder that has been mentioned. Sideway/back passing, poor control running about a lot and needless fouls sums up his Falkirk career so far for me. Perhaps our formation/tactics dont suit him but as it stands he is getting the basics wrong and showing zero, the fact an untried loan player appears to be favoured with the fans speaks volumes. He wasn't the reason we lost as we had at least 9 or so players who were inept.
  9. Sheerin set us up to fail with team selection, tactics and sub use. One thing is he as good as admitted that and time will tell if he learns from it. Ruth starting was the maddest decision to date with the starting 11, a player with little experience and a few days training with his team mates. I personally think we need to change formation, the amount of times we put a ball in the box and we are aiming at one player then we go two up there is more attempts at goal than when we had with one up top
  10. You are doing your best to top the pointless post of the season. If your reality only covers being an Alloa supporter then that's a cool story. The biggest reality you have missed is that Falkirk fans know everything you have said above and don't hide from that. A good effort of being as pointless once again but your original effort will take some beating, I am sure you are capable though and not just a one hit wonder
  11. I'm surprised time and reality exists in your head but thanks for agreeing with me it was pointless
  12. Pointless post of the season....well done I don't think you can suggest what each formation brings in the way you have suggested. The three in the middle can line up in various different roles and shapes. The width from the wing backs tend to be key in the attacking sense and whilst Morrison is out we need it more than before.
  13. Only goes two up top when we are chasing a goal. If Williamson was back I'd be tempted with a 3-5-2 with McCann being better at attacking than defending it seems the better option. Miller can't play as a wing back, so really needs Williamson
  14. Do you cover all the teams that got beat today ? #Obsessed Early days to judge Ruth but he looked like a 12yr old and 1000% should not have started in front of Keena. Concerning that Sammy came on before Keena too You want him back ? TBF to him today, he has been worse but like many today not up to the standard required Morrison is good for a goal but creating isn't his strong point,if it was he wouldnt be near the 3rd division. We obviously missed him but Alloa defended in numbers and he also might have struggled today.
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