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  1. DKD just scored a goal against Tranmere, 40 yard run and finish. I had no idea he was at Oldham. **Daft booking again....I wonder 😉
  2. What a horrific list of managers, I'd love Pressley to go in with the we wont go down line again but why the fuk is he even listed I will be surprised if any of them on that list gets the gig, Killie tend to go outside the circle of recycled managers and will have someone probably in place for Saturday and get the midweek game with Celtic out of the way.
  3. Hartley on paper was a foolproof appointment that took 9 or 10 games to get a win. A new manager wouldn't go through as a horrific run in league one but he doesn't have a transfer window to help him out of trouble if required. I'll be surprised if there is any change at all this season with a shorter maybe shorter or void season, also with Holt coming in. I would guess there would only be change if at all if we are in the play offs like QoS done for a boost if required. I don't particularly trust our board to choose a manager tbh, Houstie was more a fans choice than the boards so no praise for that.
  4. TBF Totten had the rug pulled from him, getting rid of a full squad and been told to play the kids and add month to month contracts and some 3 month contracts throughout the season. Houston has been the plus point in the last 10 or so years but as you pointed out, we have prove hiring a manager is very much rolling a dice. The clubs in Scotland tend to hire within or recent ex players, some sink and some linger around lower league forever
  5. I watched the road to the cup final 09 last night and we were fortunate in every game bar the Dunfermline game, where we didn't really need to perform due to them being piss poor. I personally would point more fingers at George Craig for signing off funds for signing the Dad's army. Yogi doesn't escape blame but I can see what he tried to do but Bullen was done tho offered a 37yr old a 2/3 yr contract and McCann was injury prone and lost his biggest ingredient to his game pace. I'd guess the dad's army cost more than 10k a week tbh, rumours were we couldn't afford to pay off Bullen.
  6. I personally think the game has suffered in quality without the fans, there isn't the pressure on the players and at times is very much like a bounce game. It's perhaps helped some smaller sides against the big boys but the quality has been poor.
  7. Bennett hardly played for us, he's had a decent career lower league but Pressley never got a tune out of him, played him right back too. Pressley has/had the gift of the gab but couldn't deliver what his mouth said. Yep his last season had us bottom of the championship one win in the first quarter....I wanna get back to the championship but if that's what some of us miss, then covid has hurt some folks memory. He was horrific and his last season was as bad as we won't get relegated begining. A complete mouthpiece that had the press and media wet/erect and obviously some of our fans, his record as a manager shows he couldn't deliver, an article with a 16yr old praising him seems to be his greatest achievement to date is clutching at straws big style. Midweek away to Morton defending if our life depended on it, going more defensive than Levein for Scotland to get that impossible point, fist pumping like he'd won the greatest prize in football. If there was a spoon and drugs at cappielow that night(good chance tbh),I'd have used the spoon to guage out my eyes and cappielow was not a one off. In the above game, we could've won our next 4 games including the above and went top albeit with playing a game more but Pressley always seen a point away as an amazing result no matter the opposition.
  8. Fukn hell did Pressley give out sweeties to kids. All you have to do is look at his last season of progression with us, had us bottom of the league, one win in 10 or so but he is the Messiah. It was a miracle Coventry gave us money for him for his fist pumps for away draws to dross in the league, we were a fukn mess under Pressley bar half a season. What kind of sweeties did he hand out ?
  9. Reconstruction wouldn't have changed anything about the current scenario, although I thought at the time it was the best way forward, it's beginning to look like this reduced season maybe effected too We can't reconstruct year in year out They have players in their top leagues taking the pish but not going to Spain and playing days later and none of the teams were away for a jolly abroad.
  10. I await Morton v Dunfermline on Friday to see who is missing, that's if they are testing, wouldn't surprise me if they did a week turnaround like they do. The game also could be off due to positive cases which would be the first lick to the stamp to suspend the championship.
  11. I think you will find I stated NHS and care workers should be first.
  12. I don't trust our government, they penned the elite sport tag for 4 leagues of Scottish football that should be alarming to start with. The holy grail TV deal is all that matters in regard to both governments not lives, our premiership and the English one will play to a finish because of that.
  13. Nope, I am pretty sure the elite footballers could have an organisation who could administer the vaccine better than our government. I'd bet the English Fa could for sure not so on the Scottish Fa. We have 3 vaccines out there yet we are fukn up getting it out in the public. I know plenty within the NHS and care practice who have not received the vaccine and for me they should be first. I don't trust either governments to administer anything Both governments have been protective of TV deals for football, not lives so why shouldn't the footballing governors spend some of that money on vaccines. If there was any justice there would be no football with the curve becoming multiple curves and will be for a while football or no football. I was also having a dig at the dentist in the original post also.
  14. Surely the best option would be to vaccine all the elite sportsmen/women. The cost of testing versus vaccine surely must add up to more than the vaccine seeing as the dentist said it works on repeat.
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