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  1. The loan market isn't as plain as getting a borrow of a player especially from the top league. I bet you we were paying a large skelp of the McManus wage last season and tends to happen nowadays with loans. The lower down in the league you go may get a better loan deal but clubs generally want £s for loans if you can pay it. Kelly could be the LWB, then you have 3 from Miller, Dixon, Durnan and Hall. I'd prefer to play 3 at the back in this league and I do think Miller favours that formation after his time at Livi.
  2. Only other thing to add is Deveney came in at left mid on Saturday. I wonder if we will see Dixon move in one place or perhaps 3-5-2 and give Morrison a free role in the middle
  3. I personally don't think Laverty will challenge for a first team slot unless he has improved a hell of a lot whilst being a long term injury of which he will probably be wary of putting himself about. .
  4. The Clyde FTV/Facebook/youtube experience wasnt something you could judge against a league matchday, On Saturday we had post match analysis and interviews with our manager/players minutes after the game finished. I had to laugh at the commentator on Saturday suggesting fans who were at the TFS gaining a viewing point of the game would have a better view on Falkirk tv, all minutes after they missed the Mutch sending off incident ! The Falkirk tv set up will probably be costing us more than anyone else in the league so perhaps that can justify the cost, I quite liked the immediate interview with the manager and as for the bias towards Falkirk in replays etc there is a big clue in the name of the product of which I am sure every other club will focus on their own club more than the away team
  5. I had to laugh at the commentary suggesting folk watching around the TFS would get a better view on Falkirk TV.....after they had missed the sending off incident
  6. Far from being fit, he should stick out like a sore thumb when fit in this league but he isn't the Messiah. We never kicked a ball in the 2nd half, we showed a bit urgency after the penalty but it was like the big bad wolf trying to blow down a brick house.
  7. He didn't join Sunderland coz he wanted to stay in London.... Last time I looked Forest ain't near London
  8. Any respect I had for him left with his Charlton charade, his candy floss hair only confirmed my decision. Strange you have pushed the boat out for Charlie Adam when it seems defence is your problem and that you have 2 or 3 players similar to Charlie albeit Charlie should stroll the league more. Berra obviously had played with a cigar championship level, he would have one in each hand at league one level. Cammy Bell didn't put a foot wrong last season bar injuries, I never rated the Morton legend Tidser and Sammon obviously is getting his last big contract/pension fund. I for one didn't think any of our players would stroll the league but as a team we would've had enough to win the league. The M&M management record proves in a stat term we did, McKinnon not so
  9. Hibs and Brentford had him in an attacking central mid(Brentford fans absolutely love him) I seem to remember him mainly playing wide mid for us with license to stray central in an attacking sense. Motherwell seemed to revert him to full back or wing back. He filled in at right back for us when he came back at the end of his career.
  10. I don't think you'd get a satisfactory answer unless it's to save the club tbh. I personally think the Rawlins are either wanting a professional hobby or a budget Fergus McCann, although the latter won't make them serious cash unless they could split or break the ugly sisters from Glasgow. It makes zero sense investing in a Scottish club unless you are a fan of the club or the game, albeit the latter isn't ideal with the standard.
  11. We seem to be over a minute behind, my flashscore app alerted me we scored a min earlier 😃😃
  12. We have 3 players with experience in Mercer,Miller and Durnan for right back and only Mercer and Dixon for left back. I don't think any of us can predict if Snedden will be challenging for first team, hopefully he is tho.
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