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  1. I get the time wasting which covers no8 rolling back on pitch(altho in doing so made them down to 10 men) We won't get many teams who will lie down like Dumbarton, if any team can get an advantage in anyway possible, then they will, maybe that's where we have been going wrong being too nice Gomis on paper is twice the player Tidser is, I wasn't convinced Tidser is all that Morton say he is and he still has to convince me he is. Gomis really has surprised me, he looked poor and done at Utd last season, he rarely wastes possession and is more attacking than I thought he was. Ps not heard post match interview, guessing McKinnon suggesting he let rip at half time. We were great for the first 20 odd mins today without making their keeper making a save tho Montrose had better chances, then Montrose scored and we didn't reach the highs of that 20 odd mins for the remainder. For me, Connolly or Telfer didn't turn up and we should've subbed one of them at half time, the least effective remained on the park for 90 mins tho Good win for Celtic today, sure you will celebrate after your disappointment on Tuesday
  2. So saying one thing opposite to something yet claiming the thing opposite to your opinion will probably will happen(in one case agree it will) more than once is what ? If you have a strong opinion as you stated, it's best you stick to one side and not dilute to one minute saying 1700 crowd means we are promoting colt teams, then not and creating wildfire over nothing thereafter and on 1 maybe 2 or more scenarios peddle back to the opposite of your claim. That is sitting on the fence. Are you Mark Campbell ?
  3. One minute it was 1700 makes it a talking point for a colt game, next your message it doesn't, then it's happening but won't go through. You were sitting on the fence 191 last season when two colt teams met and I'm sure 204 in another. I wouldn't even use England, Wales or Ireland when the Irish team couldn't be arsed playing the quarter final and East Fife got a bye into the semi. Any other organisation in the world would've got hounded for that but they really don't give a fuk about it The cup is now a car crash event and they have got away with murder with it,ruining what was a decently run diddy cup, mirrors the checkatrade cup but at least it's just English u21 teams, which have more clout obviously than the Scottish colt teams. If they were looking at another country tie in, they should've approached a northern English non league and tried to work it without the colt teams, travel not a huge issue as it is with Wales, Ireland and even the recent English teams, it was simply who they could get and watch it explode, shrug shoulders and repeat
  4. You have had a feet in both camps throughout, why change now. I asked for timeframe to when it will actually happen ? Aberdeen bought a keeper to stop him being No1, St Mirren career lasted minutes and he lost his place with us in the end. He had a bit gallus approach but mistakes made him lose that, he used to come for crossed balls he shouldn't but latterly he was tied to his goal posts. His career has nose dived since Dumbarton and the first season with us
  5. Do you have a time frame for when the colts join ? Please no more Chris McCart
  6. Quoting a McCart article is just tosh you read weekly regarding the old firm, I had to wash myself after reading it. Year in year out its reported how unfair the play off system is in the championship and they simply protect the top league, that's how it works. I can't see them getting 75% of the votes required in any case if it comes to the forefront, 1700 last night won't be mentioned other than Celtic went out of two cups last nite. So far we have had most colt teams pumped out of the cup and crowds of under 200 between them, showing enough that it's a stupid idea, tho tbf our governing body like a stupid idea but it's in the clubs hands not a farcical cup competition.
  7. First article was interesting !! The other two didn't reveal owt that anything is even in the pipeline, the Chris McCart one is a typical old firm story, thanks for wasting my time with that trash.. Attendance is mentioned obviously in the low end market, still waiting for 1700 promotes colt team appearance, tho that will be done to the fact no gives a fuk.
  8. I'd put it down to Celtic colts showing a few get it up yees throughout the game and even in the penalties, always gonna be a few wanting to rub their noses in it, no matter the competition or level. I respected this cup when we had Sibbald, Fulton and many more of the academy players in our first 11 under Elvis, I felt it helped develop them with favourable draws for them to get wins under their belts to take into the league. I don't know if it's beneficial for us this season other than players on the fringes getting game time It's a bit of a farce now, tho has went a step further than the English checkatrade version
  9. Can you prove there is ? Two colt teams met last season with a crowd of 191 and it wasn't Livi. East Fife got a bye in the semi final last year because the other team couldn't be arsed, yet the 1700 last night proves it matters to you The only interest they take in this competition is the freebie biscuits
  10. The papers might not give a f**k, but those pushing the agenda are certainly taking note. Naive to think otherwise. I await evidence of naivety They really don't give a fuk about anything outside the top league,championship (play offs proof) and rest of the league's has no real importance to them other than its there. The league cup is a mockery now, starting before world cups or euros finishing. If your point on being naive is based on 1700 at a cup game, colt teams in a nothing cup, colt teams entering the league structure but are nowhere near that, really don't see where you are barking but it's not hard to grasp they don't give one fuk about championship or below and again they will feel they have improved our game that the old firm are our top 2 clubs again
  11. The two Celtic teams out of cup competition will have more publicity than our X crowd. They really don't give a shite about this competition, last season's final in Inverness for Ross County showed how much they bothered. I also love the regional draws where we were in different region from Stennie as well as other mad regions. They seriously couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
  12. 8 changes obviously doesn't help, tbh I didn't think we could make 8 changes Far more pathetic than the performance of the team. Folk who cant see beyond getting out the house obviously. Wish folk who go to the football would pay just a tiny bit of attention to what goes on in Scottish football. And if there was no one there, it wouldn't make any difference to the clowns that run our game. I don't agree with colt teams in the competition, none of them bring anything to the competition other than shitting on league teams but I don't agree with Welsh or Irish teams either. I couldn't even tell you if there is teams outside our country this season, it's a cup comp that only gets a bit serious at the semi finals, no one wants to lose a semi but winning it doesn't get me hard.
  13. Eye bleeding at times, obv want to win pens but wouldn't give a fuk either way
  14. I've seen better Boys brigade teams than Dumbarton
  15. I'm sure he did some scouting for Chelsea and he definitely did for Kilmarnock recently. As much as club legends at the club on paper sounds amazing, it generally ends in tears.
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