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  1. Not my job and as I said one can hope that they can do a McManus and find goals come easy a league below. If Ugwu is signed, I do feel we need a gamble youthful loan striker to come good, it's obvious we won't be signing a proven goalscorer where we are. Just researched Ugwu and seen he scored 7 in 9 league starts for Dunfermline in league one in 2014
  2. A forward line of Oliver and Ugwu doesn't scream Goals Goals goals. One can hope for the McManus league one is easy to score in. We need a striker in asap if we are to be competitive in joker cup.
  3. The greatest football manager whoever lived couldn't get Wilson to score goals tho. He may squeeze a bit more out of some of last season's dross but I can't see it being a water to wine miracle
  4. These players had the same trigger when Rennie came in, McKay, Hetherington, Wilson etc and still were gash. I gave the full squad clean slate for Rennie and the usual suspects were still terrible We are maybe saving cash on the washing, socks shorts and tops one wash together
  5. Prefer white myself, would've like a similar away top to Motherwell's away one but white with red and blue stripe, very PSG. The red one closer up looks better than promo shots. We won't need to rush out a third kit this season cause both our strips are too similar tho
  6. There will be more organisation of the full team this season under McGlynn and that will help the likes of McKay and others. I think we will finish top four this season but we need a few double sixes thrown with new players that come in to challenge for the title.
  7. Tidy player but lacks that 20% in his game which is why he is plodding in league one The competition is a joke now and once again we will see top league teams gettting beat from teams our level or below as it's pre season friendlies for some of them. We used to make 5 or so changes when we were a championship club in this competition. I want to win every game but this tournament starts far too early to be taken seriously, especially when a world cup or euros is still ongoing whilst it's on.
  8. Yep my thoughts are we will finish top 4 this season shows how far. When you consider we won more league games than one of the promoted sides last season with our worst side in my time, tells you finishing 4th isn't that hard to do with our budgets in recent years and now. McGlynn has a job on his hands for sure but I can't see us being as weak as shit as we were last season after losing a goal.
  9. I agree with top part of signing Griffiths but he was a disaster of a signing. There were small flashes of previous form but overall he couldn't run, he couldn't hold the ball up, he couldn't hit the ball like he used to(see his free kicks and shots at goal) he'd often fall over trying to control or go forward with the ball and his stats were worse than Michael Ruth. There was not one game you could come away saying Griffiths had a good game, we were more damaged up top with Kabia and Dowds getting injured last season. Griffiths is another ex Hibs striker who went to pot afore they reached 30....see O'Connor and Riordan I'll be surprised if he gets a full time gig or any offers, he simply has went AWOL for 3 yrs
  10. If he believes he is too good for league one, then he wouldn't have signed two longer deal extensions with us. I will applaud his decent performances but in recent times his decision making and injuries are more the talking point. I'm hoping that McGlynn can get more of the first season Morrison back,time well tell if Morrison appreciates being barked at throughout
  11. £10 &£5 and I dunno if Killie are getting a fee for playing. Any £ in helps but can't see it being much after costs are taken away
  12. There is a reason he got freed at Hamilton now Partick. Perhaps another season or so with us may have helped his career but I wasn't disappointed when left us. I don't think Wilson is capable at all at this level, he was all over the place in his start at right back, league below or non league his level...thanks Holt. Refreshing honest interview from McGlynn, sure we will get the occasional strange one(it's in every managers locker)but I'm sure the majority will be like today's
  13. Huge difference between Adam and Griffiths...one has performed kicked a ball....tother hasn't been seen for 3yr It will actually amuse me where he turns up next....Griffiths obv Adam is very much capable, he can pass a ball, muscle himself and importantly still kick a ball hard whereas Griffiths cant do any of that. The wages is obv why we won't be near, his home now Blackpool too surely see him either retire or get a gig local, Dundee thing was obviously a crunchie type thing with Dundee. If it was last season we'd just have one kit The fact we had to have a 3rd kit rushed out after we realised our 2nd kit was pushing clubs to play at home in their away kit was another stamp our running of the club was a shambles Red on a Falkirk strip should be ? Sorry we are blue and white home kit for me, too much red in the current strip. I agree white shorts red socks as the red but don't mind blue socks. I also think the carrot should orange Spot on but I rarely buy falkirk tops but the recent steeple one I was like wow gotta have and bought both..... Last season's was like the team in being an all time low.....the white top was a beauty tho......simple is beautiful
  14. Benedictus has had three red cards playing against us, I'd guess fourth possibly fifth will happen next season. I'm quite happy he is now a par tbh
  15. I always thought Oliver had decent games against us, a wee annoying fuker usually. We have signed worserer strikers recently
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