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  1. Watch the league one voting reversing to no for reconstruction. The expected plans would be Raith&Falkirk being replaced by Cove and Edinburgh City. I'd personally now consider 3 league's of 14, the same rules for 3 league's. A split halfway through season top 6 bottom 8 play each other twice, two automatic promotions, 3rd bottom each league plays 4th in lower league two legs, the winner plays 3rd in a one off game at a neutral venue. The 10 club league's are great for having 80-90% of clubs having something to play for all season but it's still pretty much closed shop for success. As for our statement yesterday, I don't think they could've said all that much in a short space of time, I hope they are consulting with Partick, Stranraer, East Fife and others in regard to what next. I personally think this will drag on for a while yet, for a start we don't know if our top league will resume, which opens more cans of worms
  2. Who is to say both us won't be in this shithole next season ? My flights home for the potential title decider got cancelled yesterday, tbh I think we wouldve had it sewn up by then !!
  3. There is no way Partick will be relegated, so it's either no promotion/relegation or reconstruction.
  4. What has the 81% got to do with yer chairman's desperate plead. See how Cove, Dufc and Celtic have conducted themselves throughout, they won't be remembered as desperate. As for champions, it will read * Covid 19
  5. Almost as funny as your chairman's pleading statement, not quite tho The * decider perhaps
  6. Almost as desperate as the statement yer chairman released.....not quite tho
  7. If there is any tears, its with laughter at Raith becoming the most desperate club I have ever witnessed. It would be hilarious if there was no relegation or promotion
  8. The conduct of Celtic,Cove and Dufc has shown we are all laughing at Raith with their pleading statements. I haven't seen same desperate suggestions towards the challenge cup from Raith. In any case if this definitely is the end, the winners of each league will have * in the record books if not complete and there has been no statement if promotion or relegation will take place also. As it stands 3 clubs have won an incomplete league and nothing else.
  9. Uefa only came out with that statement post Belgium decision. If you can't answer the question, then thanks for proving all I need to know
  10. Belgium haven't, answer the question properly if you can Do you think Belgium or Scotland would go against Uefa ?
  11. Do you think Belgium or Scotland would go against Uefa ? If you say yes, then of course its the governing bodies decision, if you say no...well Uefa make the decision
  12. UEFA can punish countries other ways, they could easily stop our top league gaining entry to Europe without any complaints outside Scotland. They have contacted Belgium after they made their decision Belgium seemingly have had their collar felt from Uefa after their decision, they also havent made any decision on relegation from their top league. Like Scotland, if Uefa banned them from euro competitions, no one other than Belgium would make a complaint, they aren't a big hitter Voiding will please more than ending prematurely with really only the current top spot placed teams being pissed off on paper every club in the 4 leagues has something to play for in the remaining games, so pissing off 4 current top spots doesnt have the same issues at all Do you seriously think everything will be set in stone on the 23rd ? if so please add a zip to your back
  13. The prize money for league 1 or 2 clubs surely is a pittance, I'm guessing we make more money on a match day. Anyone have figures of prize money for league one, so I can have a serious lol The EFL have now made a statement that it will need 56 days to finish the season once it's restarted. This is how we should be operating but also have a contingency plan(s) in place.
  14. All before Corona The group chat is what they have had with 30 league clubs outside the top league regarding the situation. If you think our governing body will do the right thing here, then you must have two zips up the back. The history of their fuk ups continue on and on.
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