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  1. Something only Sibbald can answer He watched countless others move and obviously he wanted to also. He didn't go to livvy for big bucks
  2. Wheels fall off Queens Park ? They have won one game in 11 games He was sacked at Sunderland for being too negative and Steven Pressley got us to the equivalent cup final at Falkirk, that's success at a Kwik save level. The Hibs sacking was a bit of a surprise but it was similar to Sunderland that the wheels had fallen off the bus again. The Hibs board sacked Ross when he did have some more mileage to use from the Hibs fans but it was definitely the opposite at Sunderland with the board and fans wanting him out. He is a decent manager but has failed to deliver
  3. He was 18 when he left and we didn't win a league game with him starting that season, then we took him out and win two on the bounce. Lucky omen too for Toronto in similar manner.....
  4. 5 starts out of 13 and only completed 90 mins once, sounds a success Gallacher isn't gonna say I wasn't up to it at first team level, He had tackling and blocking issues with his time in our first team,but he stuck out like a sore thumb in the reserves but so did Ryan Blair. As it's been said, it was a complete wow Liverpool came in for him but they obviously seen something in him at reserve football.
  5. Couldn't get a game for Toronto,I'm pleased he's at St Johnstone
  6. Good luck with Gallagher, amazed he got a Scottish top league gig back....well for a few month anyway.
  7. If my similar memory is right, I thought he had a short term 3 month contract or maybe a month and after that game we gave him a three year contract. Livvy had raided us taking Keith, Crabbe and Hagen, I'm sure it was reported they were interested in Craig after that game too.
  8. Steven Craig only scored once that day, the lasting memory of that game was my mate left at halftime, we were woeful the first half.
  9. I'm sure there is an appeal case you can take to the associated body who can over rule this. The case usually has to prove the said player won't be involved in match day squads. 5/19 this season
  10. It was night and day our performance against Clyde and Saturdays but that doesn't fit your moan The fact you've moaned more about a win than a loss says it all
  11. Nah....Hartley's collection will win that title forever I expect Pep can't get a tune out of £100M Grealish. So many of our players had an off day yesterday, it happens at every club in the world, it's a skill to win games in these times and although we are not league contenders every team who wins a league this season will have games like we had yesterday and won, for us it's all about a play off position and just maybe those 2 or 3pts will be crucial. By fuk Martin was a contender for mom, showing how many were off. He's been constantly injured at Dundee so wouldn't read that much into it. I'd take a fit Jakubiak back but the injury record seems like a gamble if he was available. The biggest change in the Dumbarton and Airdrie (2nd half)games was the pace in the team, yesterday that was lacking, perhaps due to East Fifes tactics or our personnel. I'm pretty sure it will be looked into and with a few new faces, we hopefully will get the balance right.
  12. We were Clydebank according to him at halftime and McVite crossed the ball over. I loved his "it's in the net it's in the net it's in the net" roar, woke me up tbh. We had a team of players on off days today, a real struggle to pick a mom. I don't think Nesbitt helps us tbh, still it's three points and a couple of our horror show goal difference.
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