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  1. Holt has us going over the 5-5-0.....it's similar to his 4-5-1 since the restart but feels it's our best chance for a point we need. M&M out their depth with recruitment/ big games and tactics but this clown has made us as much a laughing stock similar to Hartley with the new team. We are shite with injuries but we shouldn't be that easy a walkover for a so called experienced manager. I personally think a few of our players have really thrown in the towel now for sure since Holt came in, Gomis looked like he didn't wanna be there and it wouldn't surprise me if a few of the injuries are of the thought of no thanks under this clown... Ps I liked Holt previously 😉
  2. Well played Thistle, best manager in the league by far comes good 🏆
  3. Morrison had a purple patch and hid how bad we were, he has pace, an athlete but is horrific with offside and beating a man in the old fashioned way a winger does.....I'm still waiting, he tends go back to his left foot and ping in a poor cross. His game for us has been about pace breaking against last man, he wasn't beating players with skill and tricks
  4. Morrison isn't that great too Traditional msg/board decision adding Holt to help M&M has worked well. We have got worse since the restart and was clear as day to see Holt influence, so we make him our manager. We so need changes at the top as much if not more than on the playing side, everything they touch turns to shite
  5. When your creative outlet is Leitch and Fotheringham for starters, playing hoofball to Morrison and Sammon, Alston towing a caravan, a defence that's played together on one hand of appearances, the best out the 4 o them is 17yr old
  6. That corner summed us up.....two passes beyond us
  7. Does the co commentator bring a man bag to the game ?
  8. Will the £1 refund send them to bankruptcy ? We fuked up versus Clyde in the cup, sent stream to Facebook/YouTube and paid out refunds
  9. I take it you were at the game ? We were escaped how pish we were thanks to the superb camera work still in the Airdrie half as the ball was in our box, but we have seen it all before. God help us if its sunny again on Tuesday but we will still be pish Was Fotheringham playing ? I jest of course but he must be amazing in training, he clearly is not ready for starting week in week out. Holt was a simple 4-4-2 most weeks with us, its the recent Livi time that has planted the 4-5-1 seed. We will go 4-5-1 tonight or even 5-4-1 then if there is a grasp of a result later on we will throw everyone up front and lose another, the same as its been from the restart
  10. football calculator - misses a third of the game £1 Still I think I missed 2/3 of the Airdrie tv game either through the camera being all over the place or the picture viewing like an old film found in the loft which was barely visible. The penalty save moment really summed it up
  11. Im half expecting it to be similar as last time and leaving the fans who paid locked out again, its not looking good so far
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