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  1. Hogarth at least had a good game in him at times, I dont think Fasan has the skillset to do that, its not ok saying he saved us from a tanking when he throws the ball into the net in those games. The depths of how low we have become is that Petra was probably our best player and he is still not very good, credit to McKinnon to getting more out of him tho. I hope we see Mutch in next week, its not ideal with his age but Id rather see a young keeper make those mistakes than a keeper at a decent age have them, his punch in the first half was just horrible and the goal was a disaster. I dont think we will see Paton dropped next week, probably not Fasan either, its just unfortunate Mitchell is injured. Haber might escape the drop too with Alloa bringing their pitch in, its gonna be one hell of a dog fight next week and not one I am looking forward to
  2. Or Russell I hope Dallison is on the bench, really is my only thing
  3. Football logic is so weird at times like flicking an on off switch. Lee Miller, Mark Kerr got booed repeatedly after their first exit and on their return worshipped, Mark Stewart strangely got booed amongst many other strange ones. I hope Houston gets the respect he deserves but sometimes it can be a two way thing, I've always said we will look back in time and realise how good a job Houston did all bar the last one. Gordon young incident and another court case upcoming ? Getting my Morton head on here.... Aren't we due compensation for Houston, I'd guess 150k to 250k
  4. What a disgusting thing to say. Shameful. Tbf the aftermath will still look better than cappielow
  5. Only Brechin last season would come out with that statement after 5 league games. If the results so far in this league are going as they are, the play offs with a good December onwards could be achievable, let's not forget we had two league wins till January last season, the luck of 3 games v Brechin and the play offs were still a possibility only we were still on a rollercoaster ride of performances in that 2nd period. We obviously would need to take an amazing run and more than likely a good few players in but its far from right anything off when 40% of your league has a chance of achieving something. Only in February onwards I reckon you can you actually call doom day
  6. 4 or 5 right backs in there !!!
  7. Very much what we were doing in anycase with the academy Wallace, Stewart, Biabi and others started elsewhere. I think what hurts most about no academy is that its taken a bit of our identity away for what we were told by the board for the greater good...!! The Academy had been a massive thing for the club with either players coming through or rescuing us from a financial mess, our biggest transfer in has been whilst we were in the 2nd tier and it was from one our academy players.
  8. Houston set our academy back a few years with not giving the academy players some game time which he only did when his hand was forced.....See Botti Biabi and Gallacher with the latter not ready. The players sold, the fees and the games played by Biabi, Gallacher and Blair prove we weren't using the academy to its potential, tho the Gallacher deal a miracle the lower fees for Biabi and Blair represent the game time given in the first team. Blair like Gallacher sold on his development performances and Biabi sold on his cup final cup performance. A prime example of Houston not giving the academy players a chance was he'd rather have played Gasporoto at right back than the youth scotland international right back we had in the academy for years Since they were in the 3rd or 4th tier of Scottish fitba surely
  9. Scenes if he was signed up an scored the winner on Saturday. He wouldn't be a signing I'd liked to have made a year ago and initially now I thought he adds experience which we badly need also could do a job at the top of the diamond if McKinnon uses that formation again or the middle man in the 3 of a 4-2-3-1, still a concern about his fitness with his age in that he was more looking for a coaching, management job or TV/radio work afore playing again albeit he didn't rule it out. I dont think he can lead the line now but is more creative now from deep
  10. I dont really think Duffie was a sellable asset other than a token fee perhaps to another Scottish side, I was a Duffie fan but just dont see him being the Arfield, Wallace, Kingsley types who wouldve earned us serious coin. If his fitness had kept up, he wouldve probably stayed with us then either moved like Alston did or went as he has now in down the way Our bad management(no relegation wage clause) seen us landed with 2yrs of Scobbie on something in that 2k mark, Bob rumoured to have been nearer the 3k mark and Bullen albeit the latter more or less stepped into a coaching role which I am only guessing mightve seen him on more money than the manager. The bubble has for sure burst at many clubs in big wages
  11. Players are obviously more important but a manager can get a tune out of a few shit players in a starting 11 with formations and tactics. I am not suggesting it will happen with us but the first 45mins on Saturday gave us hope it could and the less said about the 2nd half the better. We are staring at a black hole at the moment but we are not in it as of yet for me with 5 league games gone, if we are bottom and a dozen or so points behind 9th in late December, we will have a foot in that black hole with the recruitment in January having to be spot on or we will be in that black hole for sure. We only had two league wins till January last season in the league but we obviously dont have the luxury of a Brechin this season or even so far a Dumbarton (Unless Dunfermline are playing that part) So the margins are a lot closer this season. Id be inclined to suggest the doom and gloom if Hartley was still in charge but for now Ray obviously should have time to install his methods to the squad and hopefully add before January, if not then hopefully we have some sort of first half v Ayr tune for 90 mins in us.
  12. Not with tactics and formation tho
  13. I am not resorting to anything, St Mirren on Friday night another example of a manager going in and applying tactics and formation with coaching through the week to get the best out the team, like McKinnon its one league game and it could fall like a pack of cards but St Mirren were a team in a mess under Stubbs also. So my coaching might work but likely to fail......hmmmmm I never went to the doctors today thinking I might be ok but I could die. I think both scenarios have something to do with me not being a football coach or a doctor. I also didnt tell you to give up supporting FFC, I had gave my opinion on what Id do if I was as doom and gloom as you have portrayed I wouldve gave up. Todays post was brought to you without the word sage We had the Miller and Kerr project or even Maybury and Smith has emigrated to OZ. Hartley has wiped out all that we had in place to be replaced with a mess which needs rebuilt again, playing and coaching
  14. The Elvis season with academy players, he individually coached many of them through the games, Mark Stewart especially was like he was playing fifa 18 with him and controlling him by control pad, the likes of Celtic and Rangers getting to European finals in the last 15yr wasnt because they had the best players, they had an effective way of playing more so the Rangers team. We have seen the so many managers come in and save clubs from relegation when rooted to the bottom when it seemed like relegation was impossible to avoid, fuk the season we stayed up Hughes dropped McBride for the 6 out of our last 7 games and we lost only once and saved ourselves from the drop. I am not expecting miracles to go from looking like the worst FFC team I have seen to promotion challengers, a simple bit of organistion via coaching during the week, playing players which makes that organistion glue together match day and we may get somewhere. If you want to stick to doom and gloom and claim coaching doesnt work, where it does well thats your choice. I seriously would give up with Falkirk Fc if I reached your level of doom and gloom tho..... Coaching a formation and tactics can even make the shittest player look half decent tho Mark Millar effect for us under Holt a prime example of similar of above, we had Ollie Durajoiye in the centre of midfield who was never a centre mid or footballer for me, we bring in Mark Millar and we go from the rollercoaster team with results to challengers at the top end, one player can make all the difference and get the best out of the team and it doesnt have to be a Ronaldoesque type player
  15. I was surprised not to see him even in the squad, for me the only outfield player that couldve stepped into the starting 11 from last weeks reserve game