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  1. I know what you mean and I hope the same. Realistically though SP will again play a 'fringe'team. That said, this season's fringe team should still do the job when you look at who was on the bench yesterday, Matty Allan, Aiden Quinn, Liam Callaghan, Paul Watson, Terry Masson, Lewis Hawke, Aaron Lennox and both Campbells. He will want to give them pitch time along with some of the lads already in the side but maybe the loanees might not play. Also depends why McLean was out on yesterday. It's no disrespect to Nairn and if we lose to them it will be hard for us fans to take but good luck to them and even if we win it'll be behind closed doors in the next round - just our luck to get Aberdeen away BHD! Our priority is to give the wider squad some valuable pitch time and focus on League 1 but as I say, I think our fringe squad is strong this season even though in the performance yesterday against Forfar we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory.
  2. How have Mochrie and Cochrane been? Both young lads took a little while to settle into L1 first team football where there are a lot of very 'streetwise' opponents even if some (but not all) have seen better days. Chris and Harry have both adjusted well now though and certainly benefit from the early learning curve especially playing alongside experienced pros like Sean Dillon, Ross Campbell and Paul Watson. With Stewart Petrie as Mamager as well with his guile and tactical nouse especially his use of subs, I doubt if there is a better place for Chris and Harry to be at present. They are getting game time but being used carefully which means not being flogged to death or under-used either. What I would not like to see is them going to a club where they just warm the bench or go back to reserve team football. That will be no good for them - look at Blair Lyons our silmilar outstanding young 'find' last season - he's simply warming a bench every week at Plastic Whistle and didn't even get on the pitch against us recently except in the pre-match warm up. To summarise, Chris and Harry are developing nicely and will go on to better things IF THEIR DEVELOPMENT DOES'NT GRIND TO A HALT.
  3. And thirdly while I'm on here, I want to heap praise on two particular players who I'm really chuffed for at present. Rusty McLean I always knew had it in him as I've tracked him for quite a while even before he signed for us. He deserves great credit for his recent form after a frustrating time - well done Rusty, keep it going mate and that involves 'putting yourself about' on the pitch and showing who's boss! I was going to say you are the next McAllister but I think you are going to be better. Kerr Waddell is the next to heap praise on. His dad told me a while ago how good he was particularly in the air. He's had a hard time in the last year or so but he's now showing us what a great player he is - keep it going Kerr. Others in the squad of course I don't forget and most get regular praise but it's great to see Webby getting more credit as well. CJ is another one who is a great squad member - never a great goalscorer but his contribution to the team is immense. Don't mean to miss anybody out but I just thought that Rusty and Kerr particularly deserve a lot of praise at this moment.
  4. Meant to say as well that as an exiled fan and not therefore getting to any games this season (except Streaming) I never got around to paying my Supporters Club subs this season. I'll get that sorted after Xmas when funds are (if?) looking better. If you are in the same 'boat' don't forget as the Supporters Club do a great job.
  5. Mention of Tezza reminds me that it was his Testimonial season before it was truncated by Covid-19. We must not forget that. As fans and the Club themselves we can wait a while to see how things pan out this season but we need to think of something like an online Testimonial where we can still contribute even if we can't see a game. Time yet but must not forget. Paul Watson must be getting close to a Testimonial as well.
  6. I assume it is the Cammy F Ballantyne (on loan from St.J) your stats are for as we have two Cammy Ballantynes at Links Park. Interesting stats though and worth sharing.
  7. Firstly a bit of useless information. Cove Rangers yesterday became Montrose's 67th opponents in a SFL/SPFL league game. Well done them on what they've done so far. As for the game Cove shaded the first half and deservedly were 1-0 up. Neither side were at full strength but that's where squad strength comes into play and that showed in the second half as Montrose held their nerve (and the scoreline) then used substitutions and fresh legs to advantage. Cove will go on a run again because they are a decent side but equally they will lose games as well by playing in a league where there are no soft touches. They will be up for games against the likes of Partick, Falkirk and Airdrie but also have to be up for it against the lesser lights like Montrose who can be a bit of a nuisance as well. A set back for Cove but I doubt if it will be the start of a rot - just a bit of the L1 learning curve.
  8. Really pleased for Rusty. He's not had a happy time in the last year but I know he has goals in him. Because he's tall most expect him to be great in the air but in my opinion that's not his best game. Sure it's a plus point but his overall contribution to the team can be in other ways as he is really a clever player on the deck as well - just needs to put himself about more and he did just that today before he was subbed. Still regaining full fitness after a long lay-off but I think he will get even better with the squad we have especially when some of the walking wounded return to fitness. Peterhead I thought played some very neat stuff at times but like some others lack a bit of bite up front.
  9. Quite agree with comments about young Mochrie - the lad has quite a future. Along with young Cammy F in midfield they will both benefit from playiong alongside the vastly experienced Paul Watson. Although 'Winker' hasn't ever played at the top level he is still a great clubman and sets a great example both on and off the pitch. In fact he might well benefit from playing alongside these two young lads as well! Like a few other clubs I think we still haven't got it right up front and that is a widespread problem these days with so few free scoring strikers caused by teams playing (and properly coaching) too few up front. Mo are scoring goals so you could say what's the problem and you might be right but I hope lads like McLean, Rennie and Hawke hit a scoring streak soon. Rusty particularly I know has it in him and I really hope for his sake and ours that he hits a great streak after his lengthy injury lay off. Good luck Rusty. A word for our friends at Forfar as well. You lot look to have the same problem up front but I know you were missing key defenders as well. Hope Marc McCallum isn't badly injured and that you can pick up points as your injured/key players start to come back.
  10. Not the same watching through streaming but better than nothing at all. Still not creative enough up front for my liking and have to improve that as L1 games will inevitably mean our defence is under greater pressure. Hope Rusty recovers soon from his operation and gets back firing on all cylinders better than before. Otherwise with the Highland League not starting yet I wonder if there are any decent strikers to borrow and give pitch time to in the meantime. Certainly need more of a threat or I fear we might struggle in what looks like a very strong L1 and in a truncated season where we have to hit the ground running.
  11. With Lyons and Niang gone we need a couple of new faces to freshen things up but still time enough before even warm up games come along. News that East Fife have signed a couple though makes me think we could miss the boat unless SP has got a couple of lads definately lined up already. Fingers crossed because this is going to be a very competitive season. Teams who I expect to do well (apart from us) are Falkirk, Partick, Airdrie, East Fofe and maybe Cove Rangers. Including us that's more than half the division and at least one of the other four of Forfar, Dumbarton, Peterhead and Clyde will surprise us. As I think, it's going to be a season when we have to hit the ground running because anybody having a dodgy patch at any time will struggle to catch up.
  12. Any Jim Duffy team is hard to beat and even in opposition you have to have great respect for the man. A proper football man through and through. Best wishes Jim from a Montrose fan 'through and through' and look forward to you pounding the touchline again next season whenever that starts.
  13. Depends what information you are looking for because it would of course exclude personal stuff. General information is Ok. He signed for Montrose for the start of the 1990/1 season just after Montrose were promoted. In the first home programme of the season it said 'The most well known of the summer signings is utility man Ian Robertson, signed on a free from Aberdeen. The 24 year old had been at Pittodrie since 1983 when he left school but was unable to break into the first team, although that was hardly surprising considering the dominance of McKimmie, McLeish, Miller and David Robertson in the Dons back four. Robertson was perhaps best known as a left back although he can play anywhere in defence or midfield, It is ironic that following his namesake's (David Robertson) departure to Rangers Ian might have been able to make the Aberdeen No3 shirt his own in 1991/2.' As a club Montrose should be privileged to have a player of Ian's ability on their books as many believe he could have done a fine job for a number of Premier League clubs.' He made 14 apearances in 91/2 as No 4. until losing his place following a sending off. In the following season 1992/3 he started in a No.3 sweeper role but then became a more familiar left back in a change of formation and made another 39 appearances, and scored 1 goal. In 93/4 he made 41 apperances and scored 2 more goals. In 94/5 he made another 41 appearances and scored 1 more goal still playing as a full back but now a No.2. In 95/6 he made 12 appearances plus 1 as sub. I reckon his last game for Montrose was at home to Stenhousemuir on 2nd Dec 1995 and I can't remember where he went after that - he might have retired. Hope this helps.
  14. As this thread suggests L1 & L2 could be off until January and the longer this situation goes on the more likely that is. Certainly playing behind closed doors is a no-no - could you see any sense in Annan travelling to play Elgin behind closed doors? You can't please everybody but I only hope we all feel that health has to come first. The part-time players mostly will be in a different position to full-time players as the part-time lads have the back-up of other jobs if and when allowed back to work. So, what if we L1 and L2 clubs (Championship. I don't know) cant' re-start until January? Most clubs can't yet re-shape their squads yet whilst things are uncertain and there will be time needed to start training and preferably a few warm up games. Maybe we should plan to re-start L1 and L2 in January anyway (if health etc. is agreed) but only play 18 games (home and away once only) and finish in May. BUT, with agreed no promotion or relegation for that truncated season to give everybody the time to get themselves sorted out in an orderly fashion. After that it's 'combat'as usual. Having said that, if health etc. is agreed before that and fans are allowed back before January then great but there needs to be Plan A, Plan B etc. and the reconstruction etc, issues at least must be put to bed ASAP 'otherwise we are just drifting.
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