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  1. I’ve just had 2 successive Saturdays without my team playing. No complaints about the reasons but it has just brought it to mind with a bump how much I look forward to watching my team play on a Saturday and how much I miss it. It’s like a peg in the ground to look forward to even if you are not even having a bad week, but if you are it’s an even bigger peg in the ground to look forward to. Putting aside whichever team you support because some win or lose more than others, what does football on a Saturday mean to you? To some no doubt it will mean ‘F’ all but to others who can be bothered to read this it’ll mean a helluva lot probably – so put your honest thoughts in here even if those thoughts are that you dread Saturday coming along! I sometimes wonder if those running football realise just how important it is in the lives of us bog standard football fans. Not a moan, just a thought.
  2. For anybody interested Montrose FC won the Testimonial game against Junior side Montrose Roselea 10-1. A bit harsh on Roselea though who didn't play that badly but lacked finishing and strength as the match wore on. Didn't help being 4-0 down though even before many folk were sat down. A crowd of 135 braved the bitterfly cold weather to support Testimonial player Jordan Reoch who has played for both clubs. He scored the Roselea goal from a penalty as keeper Fleming tried his best to keep out of the way. Well done Jordan and keep it going mate.
  3. If you put your strongest team out you'll probably win, but if you don't, you won't.
  4. Agree with all of that except we must not start the game on the back foot like we did at Forfar. We were bullied and made far too many errors in the first half. I know it's hard for part-time clubs to put a full 90 minutes in without having a few down moments but if other teams can do it then so can the Mo. East Fife are a bit of a bogey team at LP so high time we changed that. Get behind the lads and they'll respond.
  5. There's no rule as far as I'm aware that says you can only make 1 loan move per season, the problem is though he's already played competitive football for 2 teams so can't play for a 3rd. I'm not sure if this applies to the Lowland League so he may be able to join a club at that level if Forfar aren't keeping him for the season. Ah, that's the rule I was thinking about. It''s not the fact there can't be 2 loans, you're right it's that he can't play for more than 2 SPFL clubs in a season. That's how we got Boyler back a few years ago as we were the only club he could be loaned back to. With Rusty the best thing is to agree a free transfer if he can find another club.
  6. I'd be really sorry if Webby goes. Not sure how likely it is though. Assume he'd have to go full time (??) which is a gamble if he already has a good job outside of football. If he didn't make the grade at full time level it would be a retrograde step. I can think of several great players who have preferred to stay part-time on a decent pay if they have good day time jobs. One in particular scores goals for fun at lower league level and has done for yonks. McLean I don't think could go on loan anywhere else this season as I think the rules only allow a loan to one club per season. Rules might have changed though with the advent of half or full season loans. Could release him though if he finds another club - he doesn't have to of course but most players prefer to be playing rather than just parked on a bench..
  7. Spot on is that. Watson is an immense influence when he's on the park and so too is Rossco. As for Webby he's been massive for us this season. Yesterday he was pretty well marked out in the first half but in the second half he broke loose and basically changed the game with his goal then that run down the right for our third goal. Thought Forfar looked good first half but their experienced players 'bullied' us at the back - Cammy and Matty in particular, and it upset our usual style - so fair play to their game plan. Second half though we stood up to them, made fewer mistakes and took the game to them. Both Managers clearly had a game plan which worked for Forfar fiirst half until SP changed it second half to great effect. As Gogs said though great credit to Winker and Webby.
  8. Well done the Smokies yesterday. Keep it going in the New Year. We're trying hard to catch up!
  9. Thought Montrose gave Falkirk too much respect and just didn't play our normal game. One of our poorer displays and conceding two from set play corners is not acceptable. Fair play to Falkirk though, I thought they were more professional for the most part and could tell they were a higher division team come down and Mo were the lower division team come up. As long as its 11 v 11 though both sides have a chance but I honestly think Mo could and should have dominated more earlier on in the game before going 2-0 down. Fair play to the Falkirk fans as well but don't leave it another 30 years or whatever before coming back to LP on league business ( you can come back on 18th April next though if you like).
  10. Montrose just need to focus on their own game and should be right up for this one. Falkirk are one of only two teams in L1 we haven't beaten yet.
  11. At 4-0 it looks like a hiding and frankly it could have been more but for Mitchell in goal and a couple of missed one on ones. Having said that, I think Clyde were unlucky to go is a goal down at half-time as they looked quick and sharp, even into the second half. BUT, they didn't score and then gave away a second goal and fell away. In the end what should have been at least a point for Clyde could have ended up a seven goal rout. Danny Lennon should know where the problems lie, it was obvious yesterday. A good side is built on a solid defence then through midfield, but it doesn't end there. You have to score goals and those goals have to come from not just a lone striker. I agree with a comment earlier in the thread that Clyde must focus on beating those below them this season and go for survival in L1. It's a hard league and anyone saying it's little better than L2 has no idea what they are talking about. You just can't expect to beat anybody (whatever the name of the team), you have to slog it out every game.
  12. From what I recall at the time it was decided that only the Angus clubs plus those further north obviously could drop to the HL simply because there had to be somebody AND because the lower league clubs didn't have collectively enough votes to snuff it out and what votes they did have were heavily weighted by those in the Central belt and lower who couldn't give a toss about the Angus clubs. Not being unkind but that's about it without beating around the bush. Historically Brechin and Montrose have been outcasts and although it can be said that was a long time ago - what's changed now? Any relegated club should have the option of which league to drop down into. It's nothing to do with being against the pyramid system though personally I don't think it solves anything in Scotland, but a bigger SPFL structure might and anybody could have a bad season - could even be the Binos this year? Gone are the days when the Mo and Brechin attracted most of their players from Aberdeen and as Hedgecutter says why would even Dundee based players want to travel to HL clubs mid winter when they could play in the Central belt. Apart from anything else Angus is NOT in the Highlands!
  13. We near neighbours know how you feel right now. Although there is lots to be done off the field by way of being a more thriving Community Club and all that stuff the main issue right now is is matters on the pitch and yesterday at Stirling has to be the start of a revival. From watching match highlights I think you have a good enough threat up front but building a successful team starts at the back and builds through midfield. Goals are conceded far too easily and that just has to be put right in January - or else! There are at least 3 teams you can realistically catch and you can do it but it will be by a huge team effort both on and off the pitch, so get stuck in with determination. Good luck. Having said that I still think relegation from the SPFL is not sensible. Let more teams in rather than let some well established clubs fade away. Angus clubs to the HL is nowhere near sensible when looking south instead could be a better option. Things are stirring in football in that direction and more clubs aspire to go higher.
  14. Another dominating performance from the Mo today - same as last week only we scored this week! Keeper and back line were rock soild, in midfield we have something 'different' in Sena, hard to put a finger on what but there is a good player there and he gives a different dimension to our midfield. Lyons was back on song today but although we scored twice it still took a defender and a screamer of an own goal to settle it. For Dumbarton the only player who looked like he might fit into our team was big Layne up front. He looked isolated for Dumbarton today and a bit dispirited - could do a good job at Links Park me thinks!
  15. By half-time against Raith we all knew what our problems are, though we probably knew beforehand as well. In our 6 game winning streak we scored 15 goals and conceded 5. I leave all concerned to figure out what happened to change that rhythm we were in.
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