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  1. There has been a deterioration in the last 20 years since 1990. Not saying I'm right but there is a reason why we've been left behind and it would be good to know why? Still think it's got something to do with it though and the lack of strikers by some teams playing only one up top is probably to blame as well. Nowt to do with the Brechin situation and I still wish them well.
  2. I know I'm in a minority but still think the SPFL should extend to include more clubs and not consign anybody to relegation. Yes, there are some progressive clubs who deserve a crack at the SPFL and Yes., Brechin have had hard time since being in the Championship but Yes, I also think the Scottish League needs a re-think from top to bottom because only 12 teams in the top flight means not enough Scottish players are getting pitch time at the top level and that in my opinion is a significant reason which has adversely affected Scotland at the national and European club level. That said, I guess I'll stay in the minority.
  3. Yes, Montrose have finished above Falkirk 3 times. We've played each other in only 9 seasons (excl. this season) and in 6 of those seasons Falkirk got promoted but in the other 3 seasons Montrose were 7th in 1959/60 with Falkirk 8th, in 1975/6 Montrose were 3rd with Falkirk 7th and in 1976/7 Montrose were 5th and Falkirk 14th and relegated to Division 2. Whatever happens tonight as you say it's been a decent season again for Montrose.
  4. Although SP rightly gets a lot of the plaudits I think we Mo fans should also be grateful for the part his back-up staff do. Ross Campbell has his critics sometimes but in my opinion he is doing a good job along with Iain Campbell and the senior plays like Sean Dillon and Paul Watson. Their off the pitch influence as I see it is vital particularly with the younger lads in the dressing room. So well done SP but a lot of credit to them all as working as they do together makes sure we are not just a one man show.
  5. Agree with your first comment and yes to the last one.
  6. No probs with that result. Thistle have hitnow form at the 11th hour and were a class apart. Montrose aren't a bad side but I don't think any L1 team could have coped with Thistle last night. Good luck Thistle and I hope you get promoted. Montrose need to put it aside and get the Killie cup game out of the way then get back to beating the teams we should be beating.
  7. Anybody know if Falkirk issued a match programme for this game? Not seen one advertised for sale (as the Mo do) but I'd like one if there is one even if it is an online version like Cove Rangers and Peterhead did. Fair result by the way - Falkirk took their chances and we didn't. That said, I agree with some of the comments on here that Falkirk still have work to do if they get promoted., but so too does everybody else in L1 if they do.
  8. Our first game back in action looks as hard as it gets to play the league leaders Falkirk away but looking at it differently it might not be a bad time to play them. They have made some signings during the break so might not gel quickly BUT it's not what they do, it's what we do that is important. We'll start with the same number of players on the pitch and if we are up for it with a strong line up, particularly at the back, and concentrate fully we can win this game. The last couple of times we've played each other they won both games but I think they will agree they were a bit fortunate, particularly at their place when the referee was a bit hasty in giving us a penalty rather than allowing us the goal. As I say, it's how we perform in this game both on the pitch and mentally.
  9. Is this strip vote only available to season ticket holders or am I missing something on the official socials? Fairly sure only to season ticket holders of which I am one.
  10. If Mochrie continues where he left off and is coached well, which he is at present, he will gain international honours before he is age 20. Many years ago I saw Peter Beardsley make his English League debut and said straightaway that he would make it and the same occurs to me as I watch Chris Mochrie only he'll play for Scotland. The worst thing (apart from him imploding all by himself) would be for him to be stuck at a club and sit on a subs bench week after week. On the subject of next season's strip I'm a traditionalist blue Mo man so I voted for the all blue one. I know the other one was blue and white but too flashy for me and worse still it looked like the Stranraer strip froma cople of seasons ago and they got relegated!
  11. Not many of us left who remember that golden decade for the Mo but at least we still have some good times now and again. Must keep the momentum going on the pitch when play restarts soon. I'll respect team selection for the Nairn cup game but I really hope we put out our best team and progress because it is another truncated season and sponsorship money will be welcome. I know the full squad need game time but on this occasion in my opinion we can and should aim to have a decent cup run as players regain their fitness and sharpness.. Fully realise there will be others who feel a cup run will only add to a congestion of fixtures. The Mo will be featured in the footy magazine Nutmeg in the May edition so will be worth looking out for - loads more nostalgia and quotes.
  12. I know what you mean and I hope the same. Realistically though SP will again play a 'fringe'team. That said, this season's fringe team should still do the job when you look at who was on the bench yesterday, Matty Allan, Aiden Quinn, Liam Callaghan, Paul Watson, Terry Masson, Lewis Hawke, Aaron Lennox and both Campbells. He will want to give them pitch time along with some of the lads already in the side but maybe the loanees might not play. Also depends why McLean was out on yesterday. It's no disrespect to Nairn and if we lose to them it will be hard for us fans to take but good luck to them and even if we win it'll be behind closed doors in the next round - just our luck to get Aberdeen away BHD! Our priority is to give the wider squad some valuable pitch time and focus on League 1 but as I say, I think our fringe squad is strong this season even though in the performance yesterday against Forfar we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory.
  13. How have Mochrie and Cochrane been? Both young lads took a little while to settle into L1 first team football where there are a lot of very 'streetwise' opponents even if some (but not all) have seen better days. Chris and Harry have both adjusted well now though and certainly benefit from the early learning curve especially playing alongside experienced pros like Sean Dillon, Ross Campbell and Paul Watson. With Stewart Petrie as Mamager as well with his guile and tactical nouse especially his use of subs, I doubt if there is a better place for Chris and Harry to be at present. They are getting game time but being used carefully which means not being flogged to death or under-used either. What I would not like to see is them going to a club where they just warm the bench or go back to reserve team football. That will be no good for them - look at Blair Lyons our silmilar outstanding young 'find' last season - he's simply warming a bench every week at Plastic Whistle and didn't even get on the pitch against us recently except in the pre-match warm up. To summarise, Chris and Harry are developing nicely and will go on to better things IF THEIR DEVELOPMENT DOES'NT GRIND TO A HALT.
  14. And thirdly while I'm on here, I want to heap praise on two particular players who I'm really chuffed for at present. Rusty McLean I always knew had it in him as I've tracked him for quite a while even before he signed for us. He deserves great credit for his recent form after a frustrating time - well done Rusty, keep it going mate and that involves 'putting yourself about' on the pitch and showing who's boss! I was going to say you are the next McAllister but I think you are going to be better. Kerr Waddell is the next to heap praise on. His dad told me a while ago how good he was particularly in the air. He's had a hard time in the last year or so but he's now showing us what a great player he is - keep it going Kerr. Others in the squad of course I don't forget and most get regular praise but it's great to see Webby getting more credit as well. CJ is another one who is a great squad member - never a great goalscorer but his contribution to the team is immense. Don't mean to miss anybody out but I just thought that Rusty and Kerr particularly deserve a lot of praise at this moment.
  15. Meant to say as well that as an exiled fan and not therefore getting to any games this season (except Streaming) I never got around to paying my Supporters Club subs this season. I'll get that sorted after Xmas when funds are (if?) looking better. If you are in the same 'boat' don't forget as the Supporters Club do a great job.
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