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  1. Kerr Waddell, what a player, what a man and I heap praise on him for all the work he does for the MFC Community Trust as well - he works his socks off with everything he does. Just hope he doesn't get too carried away by offers from elsewhere because at present he is the right fit in the right place both on the playing side and with his day job with the Trust. In my opinion Kerr is just a totally likeable lad.
  2. Although we will be without Rory against Airdrie, Cammy Ballantyne will also be missing from Airdrie as he got a straight red against Edin FC. In a way it's no bad thing for Rory to miss the Airdrie game as he might struggle on his own up front whereas it opens the door for CJ to come in full of running with Young Wright alongside him and Blair Lyons should be in as well.
  3. The win today was Montrose's 1,000th in the SFL/SPFL. We've lost a few as well though but not bad for a wee team from Angus.
  4. I read somewhere that a 14 game unbeaten run in the league might be a record for the MO. Not quite, the record is 15 set in 1974/5 between Jan/75 and Apr/75. Our record for unbeaten away games in the league is 10 so the current season falls short of that. The record for unbeaten home games stands at 22 set between 1974 and 1976. IN 1903/4 we won all our home games in the Northern League (all 11 of them) and continued into the following season by winning the next 7 home games so setting the record for successive home wins in the league. Current season still Ok though!
  5. It's a fair point depending on the opposition. We missed Cammy B and Steeves overlapping (when Webby was missing) against Alloa by playing a back four. Against Cove we needed to have overlapping full backs to stretch the Cove defence because we needed to score with the expectation that Cove would get at least one with their attacking prowess. SP was right to change it at half-time when we conceded early but to sit back from the start would have simple allowed Cove to have non-stop aggression even with a more robust midfield. As it happened they got a soft goal anyway but if it had stayed at 0-0 I've no doubt SP would have changed it in the second half to go for the winner. In hindsight you might have been right but we've won a good few games against other teams. We certainly missed a striker, but Simpson is not really up to the mark yet I don't think, maybe if CJ had been available I think his pace might have caused Cove problems
  6. I certainly hope we don't put a much changed team out at Kelty. The line-up at Falkirk was very strong and needs to be kept together NOT CHANGED. Normally I'd agree with giving others more game time but those on the bench today don't need more pitch time right now. Maybe Callaghan or Keatings if fit again but in my opinion it's more important to keep a winning line-up together though I agree it risks injuries but we have good options if so. Another good reason is that a decent cup run would give us more income from not only prize money but also could give us a 'big' money spinning game in the next round though equally I agree ii could give us a sh**e game away somewhere? To be honest we look Ok in League 1 anyway so why not have a go at a good cup run as failure at Kelty could harm our confidence - let's keep it going and don't tinker with it.
  7. Nine goals in the last 2 games so no complaints there BUT looking at the East Fife game in more detail the Fifers could easily have been at least 2 goals up (so could the Mo mind) by halftime. We are giving away possession too often in crucial areas of the pitch. Against East Fife yesterday at least twice EF should have scored and Clyde last week when Goodwillie fluffed both his chances. We got away with it in both games and kicked on to win both decisively. Credit where it's due but we must tighten up and cut out the fancy stuff where we get caught in possession.
  8. How does everyone feel about the team selection for the Clyde game? At Airdrie we had Cammy Ballantyne and CJ missing from the squad but will probably be back in contention.. Blair Lyons started on the bench as did Aidan Quinn and both did well when they came on. We played well, dominated the game and won, so do we start with an unchanged team - which would leave Cammy on the bench or risk changing it? CJ should be on the bench as he's a great impact sub but might he replace Rennie to add pace up top? Our back line at Airdrie of Matty, Waddell, Dillo and Steeves were exceptional and we had height to deal with crosses and set pieces and when Quinn came on he won every arial ball. If we change our back line say to Allan, Waddell, Dillon and Callaghan could we put Cammy and Steeves on the midfeld wide attacking areas with Masson and Whatley in the central back four. That leaves two up front from Webby, Milne and Lyons but it could be all three if Steeves stays back and we play 4-3-3. and still have some good options on the bench. Clyde are likely to be more of an attacking threat than Airdrie were even though Dumbarton shafted Clyde last Saturday. Good options for SP and Hopefully he'll get t right again.
  9. I'm sure SP and Co will get him back up to his true potential again. He's such a talent that sitting a season out on the subs bench won't have done him any good at all but it's hard to turn down the opportunity he had at Thistle and at least he'll get regular pitch time at the Mo again whilst still being full-time because of his Thistle registration. Thistle I think will do well in the Championship and it was easy to see why young Blair found it hard to get into the starting eleven so this loan I think will be good for both clubs and the lad himself. There's no easy answer but I just hope Cammy F, Chris Mochrie and Harry Cochrane don't end up warming a bench somewhere next season. I wish all of them every success even if it's not with the Mo BUT they must have pitch time somewhere if they are to develop their careers properly. That probably applies to several other young Scots lads nationwide as well and as a nation we must fully exploit and develop such talent and the loan market can and is doing that in some cases.
  10. There has been a deterioration in the last 20 years since 1990. Not saying I'm right but there is a reason why we've been left behind and it would be good to know why? Still think it's got something to do with it though and the lack of strikers by some teams playing only one up top is probably to blame as well. Nowt to do with the Brechin situation and I still wish them well.
  11. I know I'm in a minority but still think the SPFL should extend to include more clubs and not consign anybody to relegation. Yes, there are some progressive clubs who deserve a crack at the SPFL and Yes., Brechin have had hard time since being in the Championship but Yes, I also think the Scottish League needs a re-think from top to bottom because only 12 teams in the top flight means not enough Scottish players are getting pitch time at the top level and that in my opinion is a significant reason which has adversely affected Scotland at the national and European club level. That said, I guess I'll stay in the minority.
  12. Yes, Montrose have finished above Falkirk 3 times. We've played each other in only 9 seasons (excl. this season) and in 6 of those seasons Falkirk got promoted but in the other 3 seasons Montrose were 7th in 1959/60 with Falkirk 8th, in 1975/6 Montrose were 3rd with Falkirk 7th and in 1976/7 Montrose were 5th and Falkirk 14th and relegated to Division 2. Whatever happens tonight as you say it's been a decent season again for Montrose.
  13. Although SP rightly gets a lot of the plaudits I think we Mo fans should also be grateful for the part his back-up staff do. Ross Campbell has his critics sometimes but in my opinion he is doing a good job along with Iain Campbell and the senior plays like Sean Dillon and Paul Watson. Their off the pitch influence as I see it is vital particularly with the younger lads in the dressing room. So well done SP but a lot of credit to them all as working as they do together makes sure we are not just a one man show.
  14. Agree with your first comment and yes to the last one.
  15. No probs with that result. Thistle have hitnow form at the 11th hour and were a class apart. Montrose aren't a bad side but I don't think any L1 team could have coped with Thistle last night. Good luck Thistle and I hope you get promoted. Montrose need to put it aside and get the Killie cup game out of the way then get back to beating the teams we should be beating.
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