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  1. All those still in favour of the present pyramid system - well, I just hope at some point they suffer a day like you Berwick fans have just had. There is a better way but nobody in authority seems to want to know or care. Nothing against go-ahead clubs who want in the SPFL but why not have a proper pyramid with an SPFL 3 and automatic promotion/relegation? Accept applications only from those who REALLY want to join the nationwide set-up because my guess is there aren't all that many. I hope Berwick don't fade away.
  2. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Agree, and you can add Paul Watson to that. He made a helluva a difference when coming on late season. Another I think did well was Webby who is I think sometimes under-rated. Always good to have a Webby in the squad as much as it's vital to always have a Hamish in the crowd!
  3. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Yes getting Cammy back is a good start but as well as looking at who else might come in we also need to be aware of who might go out. For instance Ryan Harrington will be going back to Aberdeen - hopefully we can have him back as he has the makings of a good centre back with Cammy alongside as RB. Ryan would need to drop down to part-time and that could be a problem unless he can't get a full time contract. Euan Henderson goes back to Hearts as well so we are lightweight with pace out wide. The other thing is that at least one of our players is attracting attention elsewhere and if that develops it would be a major problem for us. Best not to throw a name about though. A couple of more players are mid 30's now and might struggle - Sean Dillon for one - look at Queens second goal yesterday. Quite a bit of re-building still I think if we are firstly to maintain our strength but secondly increase our strength. I have confidence SP will do it but it won't be easy or quick.
  4. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Dobbie aside of course I think Dykes had a fantastic game. If he's getting on a bit and looking for another club at any time soon I'd have him in our squad at Links Park. Anyway respect to Queens for turning it around. Good passing team in the first leg but without a clinical touch BUT Dobbie provided that touch yesterday, aided I have to say by a more than the usual number of defensive errors by the Mo. Better team won on the day. Good club Queens, good fans and a decent place to go to. Hope you stay up but a poster above reckoned you would easily do Raith - don't go believing that, they are a decent side and if Queens are complacent they might get done. I reckon with AJ in charge though they might just now do it.
  5. Montrose v Queens / Queens v Montrose

    Apols for few or even no comments from Mo fans on here but we're still just getting used to looking on the L1 messageboard! Just had a wee look in at the Championship board and found this thread. Anyway, my take on the game last night was that it was a game of very different styles or tactics at least. First half Queens passed us off the pitch but with no serious end product. The Mo played to their strengths which if they were not obvious then I'm not going to tell you. First half though you could tell who were the Championship side. Second half though it was different as the Mo realised they were in with a shout and gave Queens more to think about. At 1-1 it could have gone either way for a minute at least but when the Mo scored again after that minute Queens wobbled and at the end I think were relieved to go home with a single goal deficit. All to play for in the second leg and provided the Mo don't give Queens too much respect and have a right good go this tie is still very much in the balance. I certainly think Mo are capable of scoring at Palmerston and if they do then Queens have to score three to win barring penalties. Should be a decent away following with several buses going down plus a few cars - and me. Whoever wins through I think will find it hard against Forfar or Raith because both are decent sides and both have good strikers. BUT, the Mo have beaten both once this season so there are possibilities but over two legs it's a big ask.
  6. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Quite right and I'd add to that. The togetherness spreads right throughout the club - President, Chairman,The Board, the backroom staff, Manager and his staff, players, MFC Community Trust AND the fans. In total the 'Montrose Family.'
  7. What happens now at Berwick Rangers?

    The best thing for all at Berwick to do is forget about the blame game for at least the next couple of weeks and get onto the terraces and give total support to your team. A big vocal support can make a big difference - Cove will do that at their place and if Berwick don't at their place they might lose out. We at Montrose know what it's like to be in this situation. We got a fair bit of stick off some, but not all, fans from other clubs (including a few Berwick fans) who were rooting for Brora Rangers and there are some now rooting for Cove Rangers. Ignore that and focus 100% on your club. At Montrose we got 2,500 'ish for our home leg against Brora and big vocal support made a helluva difference. Berwick must do the same or risk the consequencies. I've nothing against those who root for the non-league sides but those who do might find out what it feels like when the situation comes to them, as it did with Shire, Cowden and now Berwick. Who next? A pyramid system is OK in principle but the present one is not the answer and having a small Premier League with so few Scottish players playing at the top level is not the answer to Scotland's international woes. Problem is that we fans can't do much or anything about that BUT fans at Berwick and Cove CAN make a difference to their status. So get on with it!
  8. FFC League 1 Thread

    Oh come on, we've quite enjoyed it and it ain't quite finished yet. Not saying we'll do much in the play-offs but we'll give it a crack. If we don't make it then it'll be good to see The Bairns at Links Park again after a long absence.
  9. Montrose v Airdrie onions

    This thread is about a football match. If you want to have an argument about some music, distasteful or not then start another thread please. Genuine Airdrie fans otherwise on here have been great but it only takes one!!
  10. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    If true it means we certainly need another centre back with some height. Dillo and Yano are not tall and we need some height to attack the ball in the air. How many times have we been caught out with goals conceded from unchallenged headers in our 6 yard box - At Arbroath last week was the latest. Not saying Bolo was brilliant in the air but he had 3 inches start on everybody. Situation with Matty Allan is not good either as his knee injury should be sorted out by now, but it isn't so looks like a more serious problem than thought. SP no doubt has a rabbit to pull out of the hat - yes? I expect a close season shake up anyway as there has to be a few outs from our large squad to make way for new faces to further our consolidation push. Then again we might get promoted - hells bells!!
  11. Arbroath well done.

    Congrats to all at the Smokies, Directors, Management, Staff, Players and fans. Good to see an Angus club in the Championship again. Will miss the derbies next season though (but maybe???).
  12. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    Before the game started I wandered through the Mo fans and none of us could figure out who would b e playing where - so many changes to the starting line up. We had to wait until after kick-off to see how the shape would unfold but any worries about it all coming together were soon forgotten as we played as well as we have done all season. Just shows - what do we know sitting up in the stands? Good job SP knows what he's doing but I bet I wasn't the only one who wondered when I saw the teamsheet!
  13. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    What I'm saying is that the Directors won't throw money at it for the sake of it, and thus risk longer term financial instability - as you say, like a Gretna scenario. They will and do put money in the sustain the club I'm sure but only in a sensible way, not as sugar daddies. At present it's a thoroughly sensible set up I think we all agree.
  14. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    A bit of a worry is that apart from the win at New Bayview earlier this season the Mo have a shocking recent record against East fife. That plus the trend that we often 'blow' situations like this makes me a bit uneasy. That said, bugger it - lets give it a right good go! If we win, great. If we don't then we gave it a go and anyway we Mo fans are happy with progress so far. Just a point about SP mentioned earlier. Yes he's done a great job but an enormous amount of credit must go to new Chairman John Crawford and the rest of the Board none of whom chip in with financial support which would get the club into long term financial difficulty. The creation of the Montrose Community Trust who represent the whole of Scotland on the similar European scene (and are on the smaller steering group along with some of the heavyweights such as Barcelona)) was a master stroke with the excellent Links Park facilities including catering being used 7 days a week. Matchday hospitality often overflows into more than one lounge and sometimes to a hotel nearby. The club is buzzing at present but the Board will not over-step the financial aspect - Montrose is still a small town and the football club will 'cut its coat according to its cloth.' SP has done a great job though whereas many others would not have done.
  15. The broath v the mo

    Or is it the other way around?