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  1. Kane did so little, but my favourite contribution from him was that time he dropped deep just to get the ball, but showed all the pace of a man running through custard and the ball was simply lost.
  2. I work at a school in England and I was dreading having to get through the day without finding out the score. But then my class bubble burst because of a child getting Covid (no symptoms so I I don't feel bad about feeling pleased about it) and I have planned the online learning so that from 2 o'clock onwards the children are doing a task that doesn't need a teacher while they are working.
  3. Usually would agree with you, but Rashford has shown himself to be one of the goid guys this year. I still want Ingerlünd to lose.
  4. You get all excited for the tournament and then you realise that you just watched this match. Not very exciting.
  5. I agree with you, but he needs a good winger that can fulfil the role further up the park that he cannot do because of his poor passing/crossing abilities. United desperately need creativity in the midfield and wide positions to nake us a more dangerous team
  6. Robson had a good defensive game yesterday and put in some great blocks to nullify attacks. He has developed into a reliable fullback with that part of his game. However, every game he manages to infuriate me with his inability to make a pass. It isn't just that he cannot cross a ball. He fails to pass accurately on most occasions that he has the ball, giving the opposition another chance to attack us. He isn't the only one though. Our entire back line are all poor at distributing the ball. It makes it very difficult to build up momentum and maintain pressure on the opposition when we keep giving the ball away so cheaply.
  7. There is an option online that allows you to subscribe that will not mess up your virgin account.
  8. If you are able to watch on computer, you can purchase an online subscription for £12.99 and cancel whenever you want. There is an option that will not link it to your Virgin account. It has worked for me.
  9. That half has been the best performance I have seen from United all season.
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