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  1. 1976/77 First season ticket. I sat in the stand with my grandad and his brother and cousins. Pan drops were always available and I discovered that I really liked Bovril. Henry Hall was my favourite player andthere were a few good young players starting to break through. 1979/80 The first silverware and we won it across the road at Dens. It was great to go to school the next day and just know that my team were brilliant compared to anybody else's. 1982/83 The legendary title winning season. We were so exciting to watch. Teams simply could not cope with our movement and work rate. The number of players used in that campaign was small. Almost the same eleven every week. 1986/87 I got to see my team beat Barcelona home and away. I travelled to Germany to see them beat Borussia Monchengladbach and was proudly at the final to see the trophy presented to Gothenburg. It was a painful end, but what a great season. 1993/94 The Final Hurdle. The Double Treble. Brewster!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes. I forgot to add that because I was so astounded by the momentous revelation I had unearthed!
  3. If this was to happen, I would assume that a Celtic supporter would not be put in charge of a Rangers game and vice versa. There have been only 6 Scottish Cup finals and 6 League Cup finals without at least one of the Gruesome Twosome , so any ref declaring themselves a fan of either of these teams is likely to be ruling themselves out of some of the most important matches of their careers.
  4. I am not convinced that you can describe Mulgrew running down the wing, doing a fancy shuffle-thing with the ball to go past a Motherwell playey and then playing a beautiful cross into the box for Edwards to score as a set-piece. If it was, then Tam Courts puts more thought and planning into his set pieces than any other manager in football.
  5. Hasn't Mulgrew, Levitt and Niskanen all joined since Courts took over?
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