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  1. Saints well deserved winners today not making excuses but that was kellos 1st game of pre season and i believe it was saints 5th, take a good team to stop skins team a mean rabs team????? To win that league
  2. Rumour has it the crichton has new management for next season, the 1 and only speedy clark
  3. Get eccles in that team of the year, his throw ins are huge
  4. Wigtown pumped the ym 18.0 tonight, but ym only had 9 men, hats off to them for that, newton stewart take note
  5. newton will have to win there remaining games to have a chance which am sure they'll win, but cant see any1 beating wigtown noo like, best team in league for the last 2 seasons
  6. Who do newton still have to play biggiesmalls1?
  7. What was the final score today in the big championship game at tram? Took in the ym saints game 4.3 to saints, ym deserved a draw imo
  8. You better make sure newton game is on, been a bit of rain, after all its the worst 3g in britain
  9. 2.0 wigtown, wigtown to go unbeaten for rest of season in the south, lots of desire to win so we have
  10. Aye and the ym are going for, things can only get better by d-ream
  11. Well said left half, could'nt agree more with you, usually the load of shite posted is newton and wigtown numpties
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