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  1. Thanks for the explanation Great bit of backtracking there
  2. Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean , but it sounds like some kind of threat , so please explain Careful though , it could lead to yet another ban for you.
  3. If anything , I think these posts prove I am . Youre absolutely fucking raging
  4. It’s brightened up my afternoon tbh Great entertainment
  5. Tbf PB can actually sometimes be quite funny . However , Romeo is obviously of a lower intelligence and resorting to personal insults and posting silly photographs . His desperation levels here and in other threads are pathetic
  6. Not when it involves showing you up as a blabbering moron , no .
  7. Oh dear .... it’s gone from embarrassment, to making a total c**t of yourself now .
  8. Sorry mate but you absolutely pale into insignificance in your attempt to try and outdo PB here. Your pathetic efforts at trying to emulate him , is actually quite embarrassing.
  9. Absolutely However, it makes a pleasant change from his regular trolling on many of the football related threads , but as you say , utterly desperate.
  10. The utter seethe from fat , unfit , lardass drivers on here is fucking hilarious
  11. Slightly off topic , but does anyone else see the irony in the post below ? Hilarious
  12. Hope the fat racist little c**t gets in trouble for this
  13. Think it’s fair to say , assumptions being made that all people who own a bike, don’t own a car . “Calling Cards Of Morons” thread for this pish
  14. Then they queue for hours to sign a book of remembrance! Totally bizarre behaviour
  15. People who get excited about the birth of a royal baby or indeed anything remotely related to The Royal Family are total c***s
  16. There was internet access in Larbert in 2004 ?:o
  17. Apologies if any of these have been posted before
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