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  1. Scary stuff Just brings home what an utter cuntup they’ve made of things
  2. Yup You obviously have degree in “ Stating The Fucking Obvious “
  3. Never thought I’d say it but I’m actually getting to the point of not giving a flying f**k about Hearts anymore. The way the clubs being run , the fact that after making a complete c**t of things, Leveins still there, the fact that everyone but Budge can see what a mess he’s made, the fact that we went for a manager with a less than impressive track record and the fact that we have a bunch of totally spineless players who look like they really couldn’t give a shit . Relegation fodder to the core
  4. Best short vid of the year https://mobile.twitter.com/Barcajim3/status/1209432732897595392?s=09
  5. Poor lassies had her face superglued to his shirt !
  6. Comedy Gold by Wullie Rennie last night. Was it actually him or Tam from Still Game ? Tam from Still Game Wullie Rennie
  7. People from the falkirk area all over social media bleating like f**k because the gas and electricity is going to be down for a few days. Some total knob even described it on BBC News this morning as “ a disaster” There are men, women and children who are homeless and out there sleeping rough. Get things into perspective you moaning faced c***s
  8. Tbh I usually go around 2am after they’ve brushed their teeth
  9. Using that is like getting a blow job off a Polar Bear ( allegedly)
  10. Even a Batman Croc wearing c**t like him can get his hole before virginton
  11. Andrew Neil ripping Nicola Sturgeon a new arsehole was fucking excellent viewing last night .
  12. Realised how utter shite we are when I read that Robbie Savage had signed for a club and I was hoping it was for us !
  13. Y0veb33nHaCk3dB4ck Makes the hackers nervous as f**k once they’ve hacked you .
  14. I’m surprised at this tbh, as I would have thought Monty would’ve tipped you a decent wedge .
  15. If something’s in reverse , it’s not exactly the same Same the exactly not it’s, reverse in something’s If .
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