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  1. By far the weirdest one I’ve seen. Wtf ?
  2. As some have said already , mask wearing should have been compulsory since day one, but because the government had totally fucked up on PPE for the NHS they were telling us that masks made no difference, unless you were showing Covid 19 symptoms. Whilst I appreciate masks only offer some protection, surely if they can help an infected person from spreading the virus, they can also help others from getting it? Also, the fact that many people who had the virus weren’t showing any of the classic symptoms, then surely making everyone wear one works have been the safest approach, All you have to do is look at the infection and mortality rates of the countries who have been using masks and the figures speak for themselves. Until they start making it compulsory to wear a mask in enclosed spaces in the UK, I really can’t see the infection and mortality rate figures substantially decreasing.
  3. The signature strip on the back of credit /debit cards etc . Far too fucking small
  4. What could be more complicated than being fucking Italian ?
  5. I was reading somewhere that a big issue Is a handy alternative to a roll of Andrex FTFY
  6. You seem more concerned about us than your own heap of utter shite . #jamboobsessedhobo
  7. Totally predictable to see the usual Hobo trolls crawling back out from underneath the stones they hid under when their team got well and truly spanked on Tuesday night
  8. @BawWatchinis as absent as the Hibs defence
  9. Thanks for your attendance Your team were truly shafted
  10. Hibs Hibsing it as only Hibs can Fucking hilarious
  11. I’ll take your word for it . Thanks for enlightening me
  12. It was all a bit believable until the third sentence!
  13. Can never understand why some supporters take an interest in the way their city rivals run their club . Personally , I couldn’t tell you , or give a flying f**k about the way Hibs are run as they’re absolutely of no interest to me whatsoever.
  14. Off to Vietnam for 3 weeks holiday Been nice knowing you all
  15. So hopefully that result answers some of the “wee ****” brigade . Let it be known that we equally hate both cheeks of the ugly sisters arse.
  16. Yesterday was my first visit to Tynecastle in a long time and absolutely nothing I witnessed would want me to hurry back any time in the foreseeable future . It was interesting to hear quite a few Hearts fans actually praising some of the players for doing basic stuff, which would normally go unnoticed, and that in its self shows how accustomed they’ve become watching this utter dross. The team had no shape , no fight and no leadership and no one ever looked hungry for the ball. Relegation definitely beckons
  17. Fact is , the final score was 1-0 to us. Dry your salty tears
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