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  1. Strava calorie count is always very inaccurate
  2. I think it was more about the mileage total rather than the scenery he was interested in tbh
  3. Just thought I’d share this. One of the guys in the club did this yesterday. 😳
  4. Definitely, all except Ardbeg as it’s way too peaty for me
  5. I wouldn’t even attempt it tbh When I cycled the NC500 two years ago , we came inland a wee bit. It added around 17 miles but well worth it for the safety aspect
  6. Road bikes go faster than a Kia Ceed and are also less embarrassing to be associated with
  7. The wind was a bit of a b*****d yesterday and did a complete 180 after 11 ish
  8. Brilliant ride this morning. Larbert - Bridge Of Allan - Dunblane - Braco- Comrie -Crieff then return. 75 miles and averaged 17.2 mph
  9. You’re absolutely right and thanks for reminding me it should’ve been, “ I always imagined you as a spotty wee pre pubescent w**k, who’s balls were still to drop tbh.” Sounds better now, cheers
  10. Utter shock that you’re 52. I always imagined you as a spotty wee pre pubescent fud, who’s balls were still to drop tbh.
  11. Interesting article https://www.cyclingnews.com/features/belgian-study-on-safe-distancing-while-exercising-goes-viral/
  12. Having lost my mojo a bit for the bike last year, mainly due to other commitments, getting right back into it and building back up my bike fitness. Managed two longish runs in the past week ( 64 and 48 miles) and averaged 17.8 & 18.5 mph averages , so its slowly coming back . Great to see so many people out and about on their bikes during lockdown , which will hopefully continue once we return to some kind of normality
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