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  1. 7 minutes ago, Number seven said:


    If that’s your idea of a footballer then fishing might be a better pastime for you.

    You’re actually trying to say that Craig Gordon isn’t a good goalkeeper !!!

    Granted he made a f**k up of the attempted clearance, but you obviously haven’t a fucking clue what you’re on about mate

  2. Another disappointing result on Sunday against Aberdeen 

    I appreciate the fact we have lots of injuries, but this isn’t helped when you have consistent under performer in your team like Barry McKay.

    He’ll have a half decent game once in a blue moon and some fans wax lyrical about him , then he does f**k all for weeks .

    Imo vastly over rated and has been a casual bystander in the team for weeks now 



  3. Absolutely awful performance against an above average team.
    Don’t want to hear any excuses regarding injuries, there’s just no fight in this squad, or  players who get stuck in ,

    I’m also getting sick to the back fucking teeth about what a brilliant atmosphere we have a Tynecastle, yet again it was pish even before we went 1 down 

    Last point , the fucking morons who sang GSTQ etc, should f**k off to Sevco 

    In summary , a truly awful night for Hearts and if any supporters think otherwise, they’re deluded fools 

  4. 7 hours ago, Stylish Kid said:

    I know that Sibbick is deemed to be the bombscare de nos jours, and everyone is keen to give him some grief, but the lad is seriously unlucky at the moment, didn't think he did much wrong at the goal really (having only just seen it!). He really can't catch a break at the moment.


    I think he's had "involvement" with at least 50% of our concessions in the last 10 days and has had a red card 😵💫😂😂😂🥹

    Cool post Mrs Sibbick

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