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  1. 22 minutes ago, AberdeenHibee said:

    Jambottled it.  Heartsd it. 

    That was glorious.

    I think the original “ Hibsed” it post came about after your team got pumped out of competitions by lower league teams .

    To make the comparison to a Championship team being beaten In the Scottish Cup Final on penalties by the reigning champions going for the quadruple treble ,kind of proves you’re not the brightest.

    Good attempt though . 

  2. Have to be honest and fully expected Hearts to get pumped yesterday, but truly proud of the way they performed , especially in the second half and extra time .

    Celtic were definitely there for the beating and sadly it all hinged on two horrendous penalty misses by us .

    A sore one to take and in a way I’d rather have been thumped 5-0 than lose as we did .

    The only unsurprising thing about the game was Scott Brown yet again proving that he is truly one of the most despicable , low life c***s ever to grace Scottish football .



  3. 1 minute ago, G51 said:

    I think people need to understand what kind of player McBurnie is. He gets this same treatment from Sheff Utd fans too.

    McBurnie can play two main roles in an attack: he can play as a target man and link up play by dropping deep and laying the ball off to runners. This is what Clarke is asking him to do, and he's done it very well in this half.

    He can also play as a penalty box striker in a team that plays in transitions. This is what he did during his breakout season at Swansea.

    The way Clarke is asking him to play, he's not supposed to be the guy that gets shots away. That's what we have Ryan Christie for. McBurnie's job is to get the ball from the middle third to the edge of the box.

    So, in summary... Fucking Pish 


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