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  1. Almost as big an arse as your making of yourself on here tbh
  2. You’re actually trying to say that Craig Gordon isn’t a good goalkeeper !!! Granted he made a f**k up of the attempted clearance, but you obviously haven’t a fucking clue what you’re on about mate
  3. Referees determined that we have additions to our injury list
  4. Thank you Rangers for 6 weeks of utter comedy gold, ably assisted by the moronic Kevin Thomson with his drivelling narrative each game. ( Did he actually refer to a player as a “CDM” tonight )
  5. At least they were “ in” in the first place , unlike your team
  6. Kevin Thompsons ability to talk utter pish in sentences of only 4 words is to be admired . What a slavering c**t he is ETA He constantly sounds like he’s squeezing one out when he talks
  7. Another disappointing result on Sunday against Aberdeen I appreciate the fact we have lots of injuries, but this isn’t helped when you have consistent under performer in your team like Barry McKay. He’ll have a half decent game once in a blue moon and some fans wax lyrical about him , then he does f**k all for weeks . Imo vastly over rated and has been a casual bystander in the team for weeks now
  8. Putting things into perspective here We we’re totally outclassed over the 2 legs by a squad who’s current market transfer value is just over £252m https://www.transfermarkt.us/ac-florenz/marktwertanalyse/verein/430
  9. Question. When the f**k did Kevin Thomson turn into Mutley from Wacky Races ?
  10. Absolutely awful performance against an above average team. Don’t want to hear any excuses regarding injuries, there’s just no fight in this squad, or players who get stuck in , I’m also getting sick to the back fucking teeth about what a brilliant atmosphere we have a Tynecastle, yet again it was pish even before we went 1 down Last point , the fucking morons who sang GSTQ etc, should f**k off to Sevco In summary , a truly awful night for Hearts and if any supporters think otherwise, they’re deluded fools
  11. They obviously forgot they “ don’t do walking away “
  12. Didn’t want to say too much in case my team ( probably ) get a pumping tomorrow night , but get it right up the ugly sisters
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