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  1. Yesterday was my first visit to Tynecastle in a long time and absolutely nothing I witnessed would want me to hurry back any time in the foreseeable future . It was interesting to hear quite a few Hearts fans actually praising some of the players for doing basic stuff, which would normally go unnoticed, and that in its self shows how accustomed they’ve become watching this utter dross. The team had no shape , no fight and no leadership and no one ever looked hungry for the ball. Relegation definitely beckons
  2. Fact is , the final score was 1-0 to us. Dry your salty tears
  3. Always good to beat my most hated team in Scottish football and as per usual Falkirk supporters thinking they’re a bigger club than they really are.
  4. I see Falkirk travelling rug masses have decided to stay in their care homes tonight
  5. Too many TV shows these days are bland, uninteresting and basically all variations on a similar theme, which is an indication of how fucking lazy and predictable producers and TV companies have become . So it got me thinking , how these could be spiced up a bit and as a result , viewing figures would soar. My nomination would be Bargain Hunt. Time after time the so called “ experts “ usually get it wrong and a high percentage of the time, their “ special purchase” is sold at a loss, despite the fact they’re meant to be specialists in this field , So, in order to focus their minds and make this much better viewing , if they make a loss, taser the c***s ! What programme would you make changes to and what would they be?
  6. I like how KFC have tried to add a wee bit glamour to a photograph of a truly disgusting looking pizza , by adding a wee bit nail polish to the grasping thumb !
  7. Definitely one way to keep up a certain degree of fitness , as are wattbikes. However, they can lull you into a false impression of being “ bike fit” as I found out last year having hammered myself on the wattbike over the winter months, thinking I was super fit , then getting an absolute pasting when I went back out with guys who’d been out on the road over the same period of time. Theres no real substitute for actually getting out on the bike
  8. Probably more appropriate for you to change your name to Boostin Kevin !
  9. Never had a cocktail, but I’ve heard Katie Price can tell a few
  10. In a sexual allegation case isn’t it a bit much for some fucker to be touching up one of the witnesses belly whilst she’s giving evidence ?
  11. Aye it’s a right c**t that , when you store you’re food in a sauna instead of a fridge or a freezer
  12. Two things . 1. TV programmes where they show you highlights of what’s to come , totally preempting all the good bits. 2. Sportscene final score when the scores on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen don’t match the scores from the same game on the main screen.
  13. Which begs the question. Whats the vegan equivalent of a fat gammon ? Also a bit ironic that vegans will probably still taste like chicken
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