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  1. Question. When the f**k did Kevin Thomson turn into Mutley from Wacky Races ?
  2. Absolutely awful performance against an above average team. Don’t want to hear any excuses regarding injuries, there’s just no fight in this squad, or players who get stuck in , I’m also getting sick to the back fucking teeth about what a brilliant atmosphere we have a Tynecastle, yet again it was pish even before we went 1 down Last point , the fucking morons who sang GSTQ etc, should f**k off to Sevco In summary , a truly awful night for Hearts and if any supporters think otherwise, they’re deluded fools
  3. Didn’t want to say too much in case my team ( probably ) get a pumping tomorrow night , but get it right up the ugly sisters
  4. Neilson should be kicking Grants arse up and down the dressing room after that dive. We should’ve taken our chances in the first half and paid the price for poor finishing. With regards to the atmosphere at Tynecastle, considering how big a game this was for us, it was utter shite . As per usual , Hearts fans sing for the first 5 minutes or so then give up . We should have made that much more intimidating. Ended up where we deserve to be
  5. All those c***s wetting their pants about the Queens Jubilee celebrations
  6. You’re forgetting that in all probability , the US has more fucking idiots per head owning guns than Switzerland
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