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  1. The signature strip on the back of credit /debit cards etc . Far too fucking small
  2. What could be more complicated than being fucking Italian ?
  3. I was reading somewhere that a big issue Is a handy alternative to a roll of Andrex FTFY
  4. You seem more concerned about us than your own heap of utter shite . #jamboobsessedhobo
  5. Totally predictable to see the usual Hobo trolls crawling back out from underneath the stones they hid under when their team got well and truly spanked on Tuesday night
  6. To be honest they weren’t even that good
  7. @BawWatchinis as absent as the Hibs defence 😂
  8. Thanks for your attendance Your team were truly shafted
  9. Hibs Hibsing it as only Hibs can Fucking hilarious 😂
  10. I’ll take your word for it . Thanks for enlightening me
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