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  1. Aye mate , it’s ridiculous celebrating when your team win and make it to the cup final. Dry your salty tears you absolute fud
  2. Just got back home after another wonderful day out . Reading through some of these posts and all it does is reinforce what an absolute shower of pathetic c***s Hibs and their supporters are.
  3. Amazing day yesterday. Hibs defender Rocky is the most appropriately named player I’ve ever seen. Please , please play him and Porteous next week
  4. A Celtic fan ( rightly ) berated the Rangers supporters for the bottle throwing incident . I reminded him that his own supporters were guilty of such action too , without trying to suggest in any way that all Hearts supporters were angels . Explain why that’s doing it from my “ high horse “ when simply stating facts Take you time !!
  5. “ Whataboutery” A Celtic fan bleating about the disgraceful scenes at Ibrox ( which was justified ) , but then conveniently forgetting their own support pelted a player with coins and bottles not too long ago
  6. Yup and I’m not denying that or the fact we ( like most clubs have a toxic element ) However , I didn’t come on here wearing a halo as most Celtic supporters seem to do
  7. Drop the halo. Your lot are just as bad or have you conveniently forgotten about Barry McKay being pelted with bottles and coins at Parkhead when we played you? Youre both as fucking scumy as each other
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