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  1. SFA will surely sign up this ref to bring some stability to the SPL next year
  2. Probably the best post you’ve ever made here have a greenie
  3. Absolutely gutted I’m missing this . A few weeks ago , I wasn’t overly bothered as I thought Hearts would get humped.Now the day of the final has arrived the usual unrealistic optimism has surfaced and maybe, just maybe miracles happen .
  4. Keith Moon Oliver Reed George Best Mary Whitehouse
  5. ^^ Thinks wearing a sevco top makes him a “ proper” footballer
  6. Couldn’t give a f**k who “ Banter Queen” is tbh and maybe you’re right , but then again maybe you’re not and just jumping to conclusions. What times your dental appointment?
  7. Brilliant 50 mild spin in the sunshine this morning up Carron Valley , down into Fintry , Kippen , then back through Stirling. Makes a huge difference with a bit sunshine on your back and no moronic weekend driver types to contend with
  8. I bought my first bottle on Sunday, after trying it at a cafe on the way home from Inverness. Life changing tomato sauce. Totally agree Seemingly their brown sauce is amazing too
  9. Some come here to read and write Some come here to wonder But I come here to have a good shite And fart away like thunder
  10. Calling Cards Of Morons thread for this pish
  11. Tried this for the first time the other day ... fucking amazing stuff
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