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  1. Two things . 1. TV programmes where they show you highlights of what’s to come , totally preempting all the good bits. 2. Sportscene final score when the scores on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen don’t match the scores from the same game on the main screen.
  2. Which begs the question. Whats the vegan equivalent of a fat gammon ? Also a bit ironic that vegans will probably still taste like chicken
  3. Scary stuff Just brings home what an utter cuntup they’ve made of things
  4. Yup You obviously have degree in “ Stating The Fucking Obvious “
  5. Never thought I’d say it but I’m actually getting to the point of not giving a flying f**k about Hearts anymore. The way the clubs being run , the fact that after making a complete c**t of things, Leveins still there, the fact that everyone but Budge can see what a mess he’s made, the fact that we went for a manager with a less than impressive track record and the fact that we have a bunch of totally spineless players who look like they really couldn’t give a shit . Relegation fodder to the core
  6. Best short vid of the year https://mobile.twitter.com/Barcajim3/status/1209432732897595392?s=09
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