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  1. Get yourself 90 stories up the John Hancock building in Chicago where the windows tilt outwards, that'll sort you out. Don't be like the shitebag in the middle...
  2. The Blackpool Tower has got one of those glass panels at the top, it's a piece of piss. I'm hard as nails though.
  3. Na, I'm west coast and the bad ones have been over east. Been a few around here but nothing major and no loss of life.
  4. Vaccine will be ready in 16 weeks so I'll just stay in the house until then, just to be on the safe side.
  5. At least the Doon Derby chat doesn't get to you, that's the main thing.
  6. You're going to have to back up that racism claim you jakey fuckwit.
  7. You could be on to a winner there. I watched an interview of his last year and I've never seen or heard a guy sound so finished with life.
  8. Never heard of that. I wonder if it was the smaller version of the Vektar the same way that the Tomohawk was the smaller version of the Chopper and the Budgie was the smaller version of tbe Tomohawk. You could get insane height on your bunnyhops on the Budgie.
  9. Up there with one of the worst 45 minutes I can remember of which there are plenty to choose from. Utter gash.
  10. My brother was going to get the artwork for the American Psycho bookcover tattooed on his arm, but he didn't. True story.
  11. I've already got the JackHamiltonvirus so I won't catch it.
  12. I hope I get it, work is starting to do my nut in.
  13. Genuine question as you seem quite knowledgeable about it - what other measures should they have taken? And that cartoon is missing an apostrophe.
  14. I know it's a thread about China but no need to talk in Chinese.
  15. Co-incidentally for me, that looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan, as I've just been sent an interesting video of what is allegedly her.
  16. Wuhan Flu Ain't Nuttin Ta f**k With
  17. Putting two massive cities into lockdown seems quite drastic for a government attempting to play it down...
  18. I'm sure NAFF was a sister brand, offshoot or somehow affiliated with NAF NAF, but either way there was a guy who came into school one day with a FAN FAN top, presumably purchased in The Barras or somewhere, and needless to say he didn't wear it again.
  19. They actually don't say runnos or runnys, I just made that up, but it wouldn't surprise me if some did. For clarification I was referring specifically to running shoes for running as opposed to trainers/gutties. Drivey or drinky wouldn't work as they're not abbreviations.
  20. A marginally better choice of word than runnos or runnys.
  21. I made this very point years ago in a debate in English about consumerism and Miss Cowan was very impressed with my input although that was probably more to do with me actually contributing something to the class for a change rather than fucking about tbf. Nike is extortionate and is utter shite. They won't be alone in that when it comes to clothing. Bit of a generalisation, surely it depends on which product? I've never bought Nike products in the past other than runners but for me they are by far the best between them, Saucony, Asics or Adidas.
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