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  1. One game Anderson is my favourite player then the next he's the worst on the pitch. I was screaming for him to be subbed against Sevco, then he produced the pass for the penalty. Then he got subbed. If we can get a hypnotist to calm his mind down he'll be a great player. I always imagine his brain to be like the Hadron particle accelerator for some reason.
  2. Not content with being filthy grasses St J are also disgusting xenophobes. Hopefully Jordan Marshall bags the winner.
  3. McPake should instantly be made manager of the season if we don't score but go on to win.
  4. The first thing that springs to mind is Ronaldo blatantly getting fouled in the box versus West Ham the other week, went to VAR for a minute or 2 who then referred it to the ref to decide, he then runs over to view it only to rule it wasn't a penalty. What a fucking waste of time. Get this idea fired directly into the sun.
  5. Punishing St J by keeping the dark blue pound due to their non-stop grassing IMO.
  6. I've read he's handed in his notice to leave in January because he can't work with the board. Sounds like a bullshit rumour though because surely the MSM would have a hold on that story and what manager these days leaves without getting pushed so they can get their pay-off?
  7. Just so everyone is aware, this guy is a talk shite walloper who is universally despised by the other Livi fans on their thread, generally for talking shite and attempting to start up pathetic rumours.
  8. He's definitely not "guaranteed" to score. If there was any clubs that were shitting themselves and bracing for an inevitable goal it would've been the dabs and Sevco but neither transpired. I packed the church in this week as that was proof there is no God.
  9. As CK says, it's not their stadium though. Aye, I was pished last night and don't even remember writing that. Quite impressed with my ability to write a coherent sentence even if it was a lot of shite tbh.
  10. So a bit tin pot that you have no control over what goes on in your own stadium then?
  11. I'd be quite interested to find out which artist created this piece of Scottish football surrealism.
  12. Each of McPake's seasons have been slow starts with a stronger second half of the season. The difference is this season that the performances are decent enough and we're creating chances but we just can't stick it in the net. Our season starts on Saturday.
  13. Ehh, he should, ehh, take lessons from, ehh, Callum Davidson, ehh, in how to become an, ehh, articulate orator, ehh, IMO, ehh.
  14. No official coaching role at the club that I know of but he has the UEFA B licence and was doing the A badge but dunno whether he completed it or not. I reckon he'll go onto coach at the club in some capacity and would not be surprised to see him be our head coach one day. Possibly our next.
  15. I think even Guardiola would struggle to get the best out of Adam when he's sat in the stands injured tbh.
  16. I hope Shaun Byrne took exception to Shaun Rooney taunting the Coxy and sticks one on him early doors to assert dominance in the battle of the Shauns.
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