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  1. The funny thing is, they already did play on another day, against Croatia, and they were shite then as well.
  2. Without wanting to sound disrespectful, who was the fat Karen inbetween Scott Brown and Robbie Earnshaw?
  3. They have reminded me very much of Scotland - fire in their bellies, give their all, phases of quality, passionate and determined, but ultimately, not good enough.
  4. The Only Fools and Horses guy? Has your missus left you recently or something?
  5. https://twitter.com/DundeeFC/status/1405164587079585793?s=20
  6. Sounds like Ryan Inniss inly an inch or 2 smaller. What is his criminal record like?
  7. Don't get me wrong, she'd still be in my top 1 of hottest chicks I've been with.
  8. She looks like she's got a fat English fan's belly on her chin.
  9. Jim Jeffries does some great stuff about gun control. Here's a snippet on The Second Amendment:
  10. Have Ukraine had two different keepers in each half?
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