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  1. Killie v Dundee

    Shiting it.
  2. The Universe

    "You let your star die".
  3. The Universe

    A spider monkey's left nipple.
  4. Infuriating things your parents do

    Parents aren't beyond criticism just because they happen to be your parents. I doubt the Philpott or the West's kids would be shy in getting tore into their parents shortcomings. Assuming they were all alive of course.
  5. The Universe

    You have to admit, the Universe is quite big.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Only cool, sophisticated gentlemen wear a watch.
  7. Hibernian v Celtic

    Absolute minter. Whoever from Holyrood Boxing Gym put that up should repeatedly punch themselves in the face.
  8. What air-tight material are you transferring yours to?
  9. How do you think I feel? I've mentioned it before but mine ties the fucking loaf closed every time. Ties it. Why could you even be bothered to do that every fucking time? Utter lunatic.
  10. Ruined Christmas stories

    The font and exclamation mark for the Xmas Horror story seem to belie the true gravity of the article. It reminds me of a debt collecting letter I got years ago in a yellow envelope with my name and address in comic sans.
  11. The Universe

    OHHHH I hope it's giraffe! Sorry, it's a gnu.
  12. Ruined Christmas stories

    That murdered mum has* a bigger 5 o'clock shadow than me, and I've got a beard. *had
  13. The Universe

    We are living in the neural pathways of another being.
  14. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I was staying on a house boat on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (not relevant to the story but makes it sound more exotic). I got up one morning and started brushing my teeth with what I obviously thought was toothpaste but turned out to be my girlfriend at the time's Canesten - thrush cream. Would not recommend.