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  1. I don't know but he's definitely kilt before and no doubt will again.
  2. All this shit will be heaven for busybodies everywhere. There was a guy in the bank the other day who literally had his toes over the yellow marker tape on the floor and the woman at the next till couldn't wait to say, "Excuse me, you're supposed to stand behind the lines to keep a safe distance". The guy looked a bit embarrassed and took a step back whilst this silly bint looked very proud of herself. As much as there has to be an element of self-policing, I would have very much been on his side if he'd told her to f**k off.
  3. Just caught the arse end of a report on the radio so I've got no idea who the American woman was but she was saying there's a possibility the virus could be spread simply by breathing or talking. Cool story bro with a great source.
  4. Interest is frozen on credit card for 6 months. Mortgage interest is capitalised but the money not being spent just now is getting invested elsewhere.
  5. Me, I'm going to be fucking minted after this. I'm freezing mortgages, credit cards, loans, school fees and everything else I'm being offered while sticking the cash away. Not being able to go out and spend the cash helps as well. 'Mon the Covid.
  6. Hancock bragging about the "diagnostic industry" they're creating meaning that 100,000 tests will be getting done by the end of the month. It's just a pity that it took the virus to be rampaging through the UK for them to realise that might be a good idea.
  7. Stirling will be the epicentre this time next week.
  8. Same. Aimen starts the China episode with a disclaimer saying he has business interests in China so he clearly has no intention of sticking the boot in. He also gets his information on what is going on in China directly from Chinese officials so I think those versions of events can be chucked straight in the bin.
  9. Not sure you can say that they should all be automated then go on to write about your concern for workers.
  10. Boris really missed an opportunity to lift the morale of the country by making the letter an April Fools prank like making it a glitter bomb or a boxing glove on a spring or something.
  11. McCoist will be demanding to know who these people are.
  12. This reads more like Wisbit to me than any other ex-poster.
  13. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/88435z/wuhans-crematoriums-are-filling-thousands-of-urns-with-coronavirus-remains-each-day?utm_source=vicenewsfacebook&fbclid=IwAR2lboB3oWq6oQPRBr4gxe4bNbvmRetSurz-ew2oEp2hkr4U5p0ml6Cx51Y
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