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  1. So a bit tin pot that you have no control over what goes on in your own stadium then?
  2. I'd be quite interested to find out which artist created this piece of Scottish football surrealism.
  3. Each of McPake's seasons have been slow starts with a stronger second half of the season. The difference is this season that the performances are decent enough and we're creating chances but we just can't stick it in the net. Our season starts on Saturday.
  4. Ehh, he should, ehh, take lessons from, ehh, Callum Davidson, ehh, in how to become an, ehh, articulate orator, ehh, IMO, ehh.
  5. No official coaching role at the club that I know of but he has the UEFA B licence and was doing the A badge but dunno whether he completed it or not. I reckon he'll go onto coach at the club in some capacity and would not be surprised to see him be our head coach one day. Possibly our next.
  6. I think even Guardiola would struggle to get the best out of Adam when he's sat in the stands injured tbh.
  7. I hope Shaun Byrne took exception to Shaun Rooney taunting the Coxy and sticks one on him early doors to assert dominance in the battle of the Shauns.
  8. This. Pop into Tesco and grab a few light refreshments then lubricate your vocal chords in the lane up the side on the way. Obviously not if you're the driver.
  9. I honestly don't think Adam will be quite ready for this. Even if he's 90% fit I reckon they'll sit him out so he gets the international break to recover fully rather than risk aggravating it.
  10. I particularly enjoyed the posts about the boy Kerr Smith going for £1.5m before he'd even kicked a ball and then when he did kick a ball it turns out he has lungs the size of raisins.
  11. Oh great, a thread where 95% of the posts will be from one poster banging on about how Leigh Griffiths is worse than ISIS.
  12. Kilmarnock are not a "premier class type team", they are shite and are where they deserve to be.
  13. I'm with you here. This is me right now: This is me if we're still bottom after Christmas:
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