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  1. I fucked that up a wee bit - I meant half blackcurrant, half blackcurrant and a dash of blackcurrant.
  2. Pints of Diesel - half cider, half lager and a dash of blackcurrant. Absolute rocket fuel. Some pubs refused to serve it - pretty sure it was/is illegal - and gave the half pint of lager and half pint of cider in separate glasses along with an empty pint tumbler for you to pour yourself. Definitely not a drink for a quiet night.
  3. Maybe the 100% definitely happened evil skull face in the clouds was here...
  4. This image has just been shared by one of my work colleagues. I originally thought it was obviously photoshopped but as you can see the original poster has written,"No edit", so boy, did I feel stupid after reading that...
  5. If this is a rope or lace related pun then I don't get it I'm afraid. (I'm a frayed knot lol)
  6. I've got know idea who this Phil guy is but I think I like him.
  7. It works for me, but only because I built my racquet with a barbell as the handle and a 5ft trampoline as the head. I also use a medicine ball instead of shuttlecock.
  8. f**k all by the look of it. Exactly as my mate described it to me at the time - lets the ball run right across the front of him. Looks like he forgot that as a goalkeeper he is allowed to use his hands. Easy mistake to make.
  9. I noticed you never tagged me in this in the hope that it flew under the radar - you're claimed ya c**t.
  10. There was silence from me on the thread before the game as well - I knew what was coming.
  11. Going by commentary and my mates at the game - aye.
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