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  1. I can't find it online but I remember howling at the Viz advert 'Is your house on fire? Call the Fire Brigade on 999'
  2. How big a gap do you recommend between upping the life insurance and them falling down the stairs?
  3. Fucking size of that thing, it looks like a huntsman. Check if he has the correct visa documents and you may be able to get immigration officials to come and deport him back to Oz.
  4. It shows how quickly people have become conditioned to notice whether or not people are wearing masks and how it's obviously now part of the public psyche. Western Australia nipped Covid in the bud pretty early on and closed the borders here so life has carried on as normal for the most part. I was at a motor racing event at the weekend and sent a couple of videos to my car enthusiast brother-in-law whose first comment was, "Why is no c**t wearing a mask?"
  5. The big guy sitting as close to my face as is humanly (felinely) possible.
  6. Thanks bro. Yesterday will stay long in the memory.
  7. JAMEY Godley. My eagle eyes spotted a way around suicide.
  8. Definitely no ghosties today - quite the opposite if the truth be told.
  9. Having just re-read your post and if I really must choose, I'll go for Jamey Godley then as I don't know who that is. And I get to live.
  10. Could you phone my boss and let him know please. Thank you.
  11. Does anyone have any images of a white knight with a brown nose I can borrow please?
  12. Fairy nuff, but anyone waiting for him to get the bullet anytime soon are just going to find themselves disappointed. Nelms has shown that he gives his managerial appointments a fair crack of the whip and if anything, hangs onto them longer than he should in the hope that they'll somehow turn it around. I believe the 3 shots on target stat from Saturday is misleading if you just had to read that without seeing the game. We were utterly dominant in the first half and had tons of corners and dangerous crosses into the box. Clearly none of these turned into anything and that will need to be worked on but that first half looked like men against boys IMO, although admittedly that could be to do with Morten being utterly gash. I suspect he's not going to cut it as a manager but he's going to be in charge for at least this season so we might as well strap in and try to enjoy the ride.
  13. First pair I picked up earlier to double check were Adidas Broomfield and they were UK 10/US 10.5. Tears for Fears were right, it is a mad world.
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