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  1. Not much, just philpy being a Lee Wallace. Is this on his neighbours for flouting Covid restrictions again or something else? Not me, but I may have mentioned on here last year that I had my backpacking cousin and her fiancè staying with us for what ended up being 3 months...she's now single and he's in the jail over here.
  2. Aye it was strange how he mysteriously left that out of his rant. I can't wait for his head, replete with shite hair, to disappear into orbit when we win the league.
  3. I've not posted or even browsed on here in a good few weeks due to a variety of boring reasons including finding myself addicted to online Scrabble. Have I missed anything interesting?
  4. Hold on, either you or @Shandön Par did that one already last year. Please don't tell me it's all been a mad dream and I'm actually going to have to relive 2020 all over again?
  5. Thank you for asking, Miguel. I just had a wee break and thought tonight would be as good a night as any to return with the potential to goad some Jambos too irresistible to resist. I got a notification from Bairnardo for this page but it looks like the shitebag has deleted it.
  6. I'm not too clued up on the technical details of how the internet works but I don't really understand how bans are enforced as my IT expert mate said that mobile phones just constantly change their IP address. I get how users sat at home on the same PC can be blocked but I know even that can be circumvented. I don't understand.
  7. Is this a well known or little known fact? The 3 family's surnames in Gavin and Stacey were Sutcliffe, Shipman and West. Surely Mrs @mathematics will have known that, although tbf I don't have her down as an avid viewer of that show. www.tyla.com/entertaining/tv-and-film-all-the-gavin-stacey-characters-are-named-after-serial-killers-20190606.amp.html
  8. Aye, her and Ginger Spice. Obviously I wid, but they're both definitely not great examples of stunning redheads.
  9. BarraJag/ Tarmo Kink will say he's up for it but won't turn up. I'm still up in Inverness 6 years later waiting on him to show up for a pre-match scuffle but I'm beginning to suspect he's not coming.
  10. The thing I love about Gowser's pirouettes is that 60% of the time, it works every time.
  11. Beautiful. Is it the keyring? I'd love that as an ornament for the house. Tell Minty I'll be in touch.
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