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  1. What would you call a place where you get Chinese food?
  2. What would be your recommended course of action be if the response was "Waffen Thin Mint"?
  3. Decent job for someone forced to work from home during lockdown that.
  4. There is only one question you need to ask - bog roll to the wall or not?
  5. Someone needs to go into these Bangladeshi sweat shops and get the little fuckers telt.
  6. Is there any evidence to suggest that girls actually do like Simon Murray or is it, as I suspect, purely because his name scans perfectly in the song?
  7. Are you male or female? Genuine question as not many guys would wear them. I would though, they are fucking pimp.
  8. Does anyone know if Niall McGinn has any underlying health issues?
  9. The proof that your DNA sample isn't completely confidential is in the fact that there have been a couple of unsolved murders being solved thanks to the authorities getting a match with access to these companies databases. Always good to solve murders IMO, but I wouldn't be trusting these mobs with my genetic make up. Particularly if I ever felt the urge to murder someone.
  10. Agreed on 212. She is absolutely mesmerising in that video.
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