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  1. Rumours coming in that Will Smith has taken his own life in the knowledge that Granny Danger doesn't give a f**k about him. RIP sweet Chris Rock slapping sweet fresh prince gnbf xxx
  2. He clearly didn't flinch apart from his head flying back? Are people actually blind or just talking shite for internet controversy?
  3. Currently working my way through the thread and have happened upon this belter. Who decides what is crossing the line in comedy? There are far, far, far more distasteful jokes that have been said than this yet no-one thinks it's appropriate to physically assault someone for it. Why have Trey Parker and Matt Stone not been smashed for the special Olympics or countless other episodes that are 'close to the bone'ffs? The people who are offended by comedy are always the ones who have been personally affected by the particular joke - every time. Fair enough that dig was at Jada individually and was in poor taste but it seems a bit weird to be worrying about your wife's name coming out of someone else's mouth but not being too bothered what's going into hers. Booom. Come at me bro's...
  4. It made me laugh as well and I don't even know what or who it refers to. Can you explain please? Thank you.
  5. You need a Dangerous Goods license to drive them so they'll probably be on 2 roubles an hour more. Well worth the risk IMO.
  6. Has the fuel shortage theory for the convoy been reported as fact or is it still speculation? Absolutely nuts if that is the real reason they've been stalled all this time.
  7. I never suggested the Americans take him out - hopefully there is a plot to finish him from within Russia. Unlikely, but you live in hope.
  8. If by "a country" you mean it's citizens, there's literally no way to gauge what the average man on the street thinks. Obviously those protesting aren't believing the propaganda and you'd have to believe that far more people would like to protest but would rather not face the consequences. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Russians who could see by now that it wouldn't be a bad thing. Not to mention that number will now be rising by the day.
  9. Just racists, not sectarian, so they're not all bad.
  10. You'd like to think there was talks going on in the background somewhere regarding a hit squad being sent in to take out Putin and his cronies. I've seen talks of the power vacuums and the subsequent mess that countries have been left in after the shitshows of Iraq and Libya etc, but it's hard to imagine the threat to world peace being any worse than it is now after the current Kremlin incumbents have gone, Shirley?
  11. He said "the world's fucked". That doesn't necessarily mean nuclear holocaust, it just means the world's fucked.
  12. I was thinking today how there has been a disappointing lack of roadside IEDs. I was yearning for the good old days of the Iraq war.
  13. I've just been reading this thread from the start and stating personal opinions as facts is probably not a very good idea tbphwy. There is nothing that can be confidently predicted right now.
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