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  1. Feel free to elaborate on this substantial debt Beattie ran up. Beattie was first appointed a director in 06/07 at which point the club owed the bank £1.35m and by the time Cowan and Hughes retired and left control of the club to Beattie and the other directors it was £1.41m. The club were losing around £200-£250k a year until Beattie and co took over, The year where they took over part way through the tax year the annual loss was reduced down to £117k and then after that the club largely ran a break even budget for the next few years. I'm at a loss to work out exactly what you and others who have repeated the same think Beattie is responsible for here.
  2. Can't believe the stick Sneddon's getting. Seems harsh. Having watched goals back, not sure what more he could've have done to prevent first. Moved feet well and was at full stretch and still got nowhere near it. Should more be asking why was Shankland was completely unmarked. For second, he's deceived by Pawlett's scuff and can't recover in time to prevent it creeping in. Mcginty allows Pawlett to get in front of him. I'm guessing you must be related to Sneddon since you consistently come on to defend him. He was shite yesterday.
  3. How many strikers on top of Miller, Jones and Mansell were you expecting Caldwell would sign? I do think that's his chosen front line, it just isn't very good.
  4. Is there a new code @Mayos Noun? Original one doesn't work and I don't think I was in it to begin with.
  5. The Hampden last 16 game is 30th June, are schools not finished for the summer by then?
  6. It makes complete sense. Dunfermline declare the attendance tickets sold (or given away if the post a few above is accurate), Thistle declare attendance as people through the turnstile. If both used the same method then either Thistle would have much higher attendances announcing every ticket sold in their attendance or Dunfermline would have lower attendances by announcing those that have actually turned up and the difference between the two would be far less than the 2000 it is as it stands.
  7. If only there had been a way for Colin Weir to spend some of the £2.5m invested in the club to prevent someone that he doesn't want coming in and taking over.
  8. It also mentions logistics which will include the team bus that some are getting far too upset about and refutes the claim about not aiming for promotion. The only things not mentioned are the training ground which as the previous board were at pains to mention was being done by this Three Black Cats separate company and therefore is nothing to do with Beattie and whether Colin Weir is still involved.
  9. My wife got 1 of the Hampden games, a Budapest group game and Bucharest last 16 so got 4 games all in. Should be able to pick up another couple in the next phase too.
  10. Got 1 of the Budapest games. None of the Hampden games but I should be fine for them if Scotland qualify.
  11. This will essentially be the test case other than the SFA previously limiting Mike Ashley to owning no more than 10% of Rangers' shares. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/1819/articles-of-association.pdf Article 13 is about dual interests in clubs and really all the rules show is that it's not allowed unless the SFA decide to allow it. I'd imagine 13.6 coming into play and if the SFA grant permission then it'll be with conditions regarding how Thistle and Barnsley co-operate or if we're even allowed to.
  12. The training ground plans were a mess before the takeover and it appears one of the intentions of the article is to lay the blame for that at the door of the new board when anyone with eyes can see it was doomed long before Beattie and co came back. However I'd say Colin Weir is probably right to decide not to continue funding the youth academy. Why would he pay for the development of players for a billionaire to profit from his investment? It's an entirely different story when he knows that any profits will be reinvested back into the club.
  13. McGarry clearly had a relationship with the old board and now knows nothing about the goings on at the club now they've been turfed out. I'd take anything he's getting from "a source within the club" with a massive pinch of salt.
  14. The worst thing about Saturday was our attempts at goal kicks. It was as if we'd practiced them all summer without thinking that the opposition might press us up the pitch if we start passing between the 2 central defenders before just launching it up the park anyway.
  15. Good to see the club doing all it can to allow blind fans to come to games.
  16. Even though there was no credit card info taken I'm sure you give passport details so how can you make multiple applications?
  17. If he is who I'm thinking of I always thought he looked decent at Motherwell.
  18. If the other corner is in KFC then Harkins will be delighted.
  19. Votes as of right now: Cyril the Swan - 2705 Super Pepino - 4464 Boiler Man - 5296 Kingsley - 6302 Grayou - 6158 Palmerin - 3419 He's got the most votes out of any of them in the group stages so Kingsley and Grayou are worth a bet. Metz fans seem to be right behind voting for Grayou.
  20. Looks like we'll just have to qualify all by ourselves then.
  21. Don't forget they used to employ Bomber Brown too. Makes supporting a rapist and a racist seem like relatively normal behaviour tbh.
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