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  1. No Low in the directors listed in the statement on the official site which is encouraging. Less so is the inclusion of the Thistle Trust board members who never seemed to give any answers to the questions surrounding why many people entitled to a vote in their elections never got their ballot papers and u16s who are not entitled to vote under their constitution were able to vote. Directors Dr Charan Gill MBE is a well-known business entrepreneur who has spent most of his life working in Glasgow’s West End. From humble beginnings, he built the largest chain of independently owned Indian restaurants in Europe which he sold to focus on personal interests. His Ashoka restaurant were one of the Club’s first shirt sponsors and he has maintained close links with Partick Thistle ever since. Ian Dodd retired at 60 to spend time travelling after a highly successful career acquiring experience and knowledge in a range of business sectors, including the motor industry, oil and gas industries, banking sector and corporate property/facilities. Ian joined Thistle’s Board in 2010 and over that period has had special responsibility for the stadium and facilities management. Alan Caldwell is a graduate in Applied Economics, who worked in financial services for 13 years before joining the Civil Service in 2008. Over the past 11 years Alan has performed key organisational roles within government. Alan has been a Thistle fan for over 35 years and for the past two years he has been a Trustee on the Partick Thistle FC Trust. He is currently Vice-Chair of the Trust. Andrew Byron has worked for an Investment Bank in Glasgow for the past five years and has a degree in Risk Management. Over the past two years, Andrew has been a Trustee of the PTFC Trust, initially as a Co-opted Trustee, then an elected Trustee where he held roles as Vice-Chair and most recently Chair. He has been a Thistle fan for over 20 years and has performed various roles at the Club, from ball boy to matchday volunteer and office worker at Firhill. John Penman had a career as a journalist covering politics and business for over 25 years for the Sunday Times, Scotsman, Business am and Daily Record among others before joining Lloyds Banking Group in 2009 to oversee its corporate communications in Scotland. He has his own consultancy advising corporates on matters ranging from communications to public affairs to sustainability and inclusion. John was also part of the working group which set up the media regulations for the Scottish Parliament. He has been following the Jags since the mid 1960s, having inherited his support for Thistle from his late father who came from Port Dundas.
  2. For anyone considering going to the 9/11 museum I'd recommend doing the smaller 9/11 tribute museum which is a couple of mins walk from the 9/11 memorial site. https://911tributemuseum.org/ It's run by a charity set up by survivors, families etc and they run guided tours of the 9/11 memorial area. Our tour was taken by a guy who was on the 62nd floor of one of the buildings and he lost a couple of co-workers who worked on the floor above. It was quite moving listening to his experiences from the day. Depending on when you go there's tours by first responders who were there on the day, people who lost family members so I'd imagine the tours can be very different depending on who you get. I probably wouldn't recommend doing both as it'd be a fairly depressing day of your trip to New York. I've done both on different trips and preferred the tribute museum and tour to the main 9/11 museum.
  3. Anyone coming to Firhill and ending up in either Munns or the Aitken Suite is doing it wrong.
  4. Week 1 - Ravens and Seahawks Week 2 - Patriots and Chiefs Week 3 - Cowboys and Vikings Week 4 - Packers and Rams
  5. We'd be an utter diddy club confined to the seaside league if we end up fan owned. As a support we can't even run an effective supporters organisation never mind own the club. If the Trust are against the takeover then I'm all for it.
  6. Week 1 - Ravens and Seahawks Week 2 - Patriots and Chiefs Week 3 - Cowboys and Vikings
  7. Kenny Miller in interim charge would make sense while the takeover is sorted. By make sense I of course mean it'll be a complete disaster.
  8. Is that not missing the 5-0 win v St Mirren in the league cup group stages? It was a Saturday 3pm kick off but on BT Sport I'm 99% sure. Helps if I can read that it says league games.
  9. The SFA and SPFL might be forced into acting now that UEFA have punished rangers, and it may be anti sectarian, but do we really need to sing f*** the Pope and f*** the Queen loudly and proudly? Most nuetrals I know think it makes us no better than old firm fans, even if you explain the sentiment. UEFA have strict liability, the SFA and SPFL don't. How exactly do you propose the SFA and SPFL being forced to act when they don't have the authority to sanction clubs for fan behaviour?
  10. That statement from the club is some laugh. Imagine anyone believing that singing a song can get the club into trouble with the SFA after 100+ years of them doing absolute nothing about the 2 clubs down the road. I almost want us to get punished now to highlight what a farce the whole situation would be.
  11. It's just too difficult to work out exactly who this source is who McGarry constantly gets negative stories about Beattie and his board from.
  12. Altglienicke are at home the same weekend as Union v Leverkusen so you can see them at Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark and avoid Dynamo. Lichtenberg are also at home that weekend against Dynamo if you fancy that instead.
  13. Got the other 2 group games at Hampden I didn't get in the ballot at 50 euro a ticket.
  14. I'm in. Fine for whatever draft date suits.
  15. What exactly are the Glasgow FA going to do if we don't field 6 first team players? Chuck us out of a competition no one cares about anyway? With any luck the games against the colts will get treated with the contempt they deserve by our support.
  16. Maybe you could just admit you made a c**t of it by making up that Beattie and co ran up the debt? That's my feelings on the subject. Time to move on.
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