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  1. Pats new kicker Rohrwasser has a tattoo of the symbol for far right wing militia group the Three Percenters. Now claiming he thought it was just a symbol of military support.
  2. Good to see Gerry Britton break up the monotony of the lockdown by doing his own hostage video.
  3. Playoffs moved to June this year if situation allows the games to be played.
  4. A genuine no lose trade for the Cardinals. Dumped a salary they wanted rid of and get a genuine superstar in return. Delighted with that, Keim doing a decent job for a change.
  5. Regardless of whether anyone cares about it there's meant to be 8 UEFA teams in it in 2021 and I imagine FIFA won't be keen on moving it to suit UEFA.
  6. Prices were £27-£30 for the Euro qualifier campaign but they didn't categorise them this time so Russia and Belgium was the same price as Kazakhstan, Cyprus and San Marino. Worked out £18-£21 a ticket if you bought the 5 match package which was decent value other than the fact it meant you'd paid £90-£105 for the 5 games and we were pretty much out before we'd played a home game.
  7. Slovakia sold out at 4 points on the old system and the Czech Republic friendly went down to 1, don't see either making it to 0 points this time around.
  8. Israel (H) - Friday 4th September Czech Republic (A) - Monday 7th September Slovakia (H) - Thursday 8th October Czech Republic (H) - Sunday 11th October Slovakia (A) - Saturday 14th November Israel (A) - Tuesday 17th November
  9. Suggestions on whether to book in advance or turn up on the day? Best to buy in advance, a lot pf teams we've played in recent years have done mobile tickets or print at home. Keep an eye on the tamb forum or the Tartan Army facebook groups nearer the time as there's usually plenty on there buying for the home end and offer advice on how to buy.
  10. In your example the playoff spots should go to the group B winners based on what I've read. I'd probably be sceptical about it though and expect UEFA to shift the goal posts if one of the big countries massively fucks up in the normal qualifiers.
  11. You'll hardly ever struggle for a ticket in the home end at a Scotland away game, you'll get one for Czech Republic no bother. Your only problem is occasionally you might get a country that decides to clamp down on away fans in the home end like Macedonia did years ago but I doubt it'll happen in Prague.
  12. Israel, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Meh but winnable
  13. Have you just ripped off UEFA's own explanation, made it worse and then made it into a blog?
  14. I believe we switched wholesale because of the Celtic game in January where the old ticketing company the club used were blamed for selling tickets for seats which didn't exist to Celtic fans and part of the club statement about it was about finding a new ticketing provider. At least we now have a PR expert on the board for when the inevitable shambles happens at the Dunfermline game.
  15. Don't forget they also sent ballot papers to under 16s to vote which is against their own rules alongisde not sending out papers to a large number of eligible voters. Two of those in charge at the time are now on the club's board.
  16. Good to see the interim board which is made up of fans unanimously electing someone a large portion of the fanbase thinks is an utter chancer. Bodes well for the future under fan ownership.
  17. You could've just put any passport number in, they never check. Even at the last World Cup where everyone had a Fan ID which doubled up as their visa no one cared if the ticket matched any passport details.
  18. There was 15-20mins ago when I was in.
  19. Amsterdam tickets sorted, in the queue for around 2 hours. Just need Munich and then that's me sorted, wasn't paying 185euro for cat 1 though.
  20. Rudden, Cardle, Williamson and Saunders out for this one.
  21. Draw for this is a week on Tuesday (3rd March) at 5pm UK time. Scotland are in pot 2 in League B meaning we will get a team from each of pots 1, 3 and 4 below: Pot 1: Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic Pot 2: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland Pot 3: Slovakia, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland Pot 4: Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania Fixtures are played September, October and November 2020. https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/0258-0e2bb376a99e-1984c4ff291f-1000--2020-21-uefa-nations-league/ The playoffs for World Cup qualification will change this time so it'll be 2 rounds which are made up of 10 runners up from the normal World Cup qualifying groups plus the 2 best Nations League group winners with the 3 winning teams from this qualifying for the World Cup along with the 10 qualifying group winners.
  22. Around 5-6k allocation based on the percentages a couple of other host nations are getting so 7 or 8 points to be guaranteed a ticket. It should go lower than that though since there'll be plenty of members who get tickets through the UEFA ballots.
  23. I take it with the card no longer having a picture we now need to bring other ID if selected for pick up at an away game rather than being able to just bring the card along?
  24. I was a point short and emailed them to query and they added it. They put something in one of the recent SSC emails asking folk to double check their points and email if you thought it was wrong. There'll also be a few in your almost 100 who got an extra point for now being a member for 3 previous campaigns if this is their 4th campaign in a row.
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