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  1. Up until the council voted to accept reduced rent this season they were paying 3.2m a year to rent the stadium. That plus servicing the debt they'd already run up left them with a playing budget comparable to a lot of the teams in the league that get much lower crowds.
  2. From what kicker are saying this morning it seems that they are using the current situation to their advantage. DFB suspended the standard 9 point deduction for an insolvency event due to the Covid situation so Kaiserslautern can avoid relegation and either come to a settlement with those they owe money to or end up with the German equivalent of a CVA. With them not owning their stadium they don't have many assets which means the % of debt they'd have to repay will end up less than 10% of the current toal with new investors ready to step in once this is all done. They've been a financial basketcase for years now and apparently they've been running at a loss of around 5m euro a year in 3.Liga so it's been coming.
  3. Kaiserslautern are to file for insolvency with debts of 24m euro. A terrible shame, I've been over to see them a few times and their fans have always been great with us. They have a friendship with Kilmarnock since the European game between the sides in the 90s and seen a couple of Kilmarnock flags in their ultras section.
  4. German media reporting the 2 scenarios for playing the playoffs which UEFA will discuss next week. The 1st scenario would presumably mean scrapping the 'week of football' to fit 3 fixtures for each side into the international week.
  5. It's the same as anything that comes out the club from Jacqui Low. A lot of words with little substance. 'Do no harm' says the failed Tory candidate.
  6. I went vegan 3 years ago and have found it pretty easy and the choice in supermarkets and when eating out between now and when I started out is night and day. I never really bothered massively about cheese when I wasn't vegan which probably helped me as the alternatives aren't great. Partick Thistle do a vegan sausage roll as do Hampden. The one I tried at Firhill was grim and the one at Hampden is just OK. Ive not came across many options at other grounds but I tend to plan ahead and avoid getting anything at the football anyway. I rarely bring it up and it rarely comes up in conversation so only ever see the hilarious 'vegans bang on about it' and 'mmm bacon' patter online.
  7. With any luck a 12-10-10-10 vote with the Championship forum having to keep Sting gets voted through.
  8. Reports suggest this proposal is a permanent one rather than some of the temporary nonsense Budge has proposed over the last couple of weeks.
  9. He did but it was around this time of year he did it which would suggest the deadline is around now.
  10. There can't be many Caldwell signings left if you exclude those extended for a month for the furlough scheme. Are Williamson and Mansell all that will be left?
  11. I've just updated the link in my bookmarks to go to the League One forum so it better not be.
  12. Plenty of clubs do the same just in case they turn out to be decent. Barcelona had one with Celtic for Marc Crosas when their midfield was Xavi and Iniesta so I don't think it's too odd for Rangers to do the same.
  13. Robson, Saunders, Cardle, MacKinnon and Jones from the first team.
  14. If the offer is genuine then offering it as sponsorship would mean it goes into the prize money pot and is distributed under the current model where 82.25% of the money would go to the Premiership clubs. I'm not sure that the best way to help clubs survive this is to hand over the lion's share of any funding to the clubs that need it the least.
  15. The Danish league is a 14 team league that splits and teams end up playing a different amount of games albeit it's more complicated than what this proposes . From the outside it seems pretty shite tbh.
  16. We paid a fee for Rudden and signed him for 2 and a half years. I don't see how he goes anywhere unless a club battling relegation at the time he signed were daft enough to have it in his contract he's free to go if we go down.
  17. Can't wait to pretend I'm boycotting away games when I can't be fucked going to Airdrie or Dumbarton next season.
  18. I've still got my original CD from the time up in the loft. Can't believe it was out 10 years ago.
  19. Kheredine on twitter saying less than 5% of season ticket holders took the club up on their offer of a partial refund.
  20. She's so good at getting ousted from the board and then reappearing she managed to do it in a company where she's the only known director.
  21. Any club that wanted to be involved could be so she essentially nominated herself.
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