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  1. No it counts as one for both teams. The only way to make a sub that doesn't count towards the stoppages is to make the sub during the half time break (or any additional breaks during a game that goes to extra time).
  2. Nah it happened and isn't the first time with Jack either. Some people at Hampden need to grow the f**k up.
  3. Max is 5 subs over 3 stoppages which he'd already used by bringing on Dykes on his own then Christie with McTominay and then Patterson.
  4. u21s 2-0 down to Wales at half time. Youth results clearly don't matter if the SFA continue to keep Gemmill in a job with this current run which I think is 2 wins in the last 15 if this stays the same. Game is on youtube if anyone cares. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR9x-Ty0rlc
  5. 2-0 Spain. Watched this full match and still none the wiser about how good either side really is.
  6. He wouldn't last 5 minutes as Scotland manager.
  7. Doesn't look like it as nothing on the channel from last night or the Welsh FA youtube. U21s are on the Scotland NT youtube at 6pm.
  8. Really hoping Woody Williamson makes it to the senior team just for his name.
  9. In order to be worth another call up I guess he'd have to wait for Jacob Brown to go 16 caps worth of games and have Scotland score just 1 goal whilst he's on the pitch and then have Brown be overheard slate Scotland and then play a friendly for his club side 2 days after pulling out of a Scotland squad injured. Even then he'd probably need to wait for Ross Stewart, Lawrence Shankland and Kevin Nisbet all doing similar before he was worth considering again.
  10. Who'd have thought thick as mince Kevin Kyle managing his under 8s at Red Star whatever would be the most qualified member of the Open Goal podcast to talk football come the end of the season.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0f9x1n5 Brian Graham getting interviewed by Leanne Crichton and Rachel Corsie. Talks about being manager of the women's team mainly since that's the general theme of the podcast but there's a bit about how the men's team is doing, McCall's sacking and Doolan taking over.
  12. Back to 2nd choice for Tierney. *runs*
  13. It's been the same discount code for years and they've never bothered.
  14. SLJ posted this in the Thistle v Dundee thread and is reliable on this kind of stuff.
  15. Stephen McGowan from the Mail reporting Dominic Hyam is getting called up.
  16. Putting your team up in a hotel and bussing them to training seems the exact opposite of Sunday league unless budgets have improved at that level.
  17. The SFA have kept ticket prices fairly reasonable over the last few qualifying campaigns so it'll take more than 1 special edition £90 top before I can get too annoyed at them.
  18. Pedri has been pulled out the Spain squad due to injury.
  19. Spain under their new manager are properly ripping it up and starting again. Only 10 of the 26 that went to the World Cup are in this squad (copied this from twitter so take no responsbility if it's wrong) Sanchez (Brighton) , Raya (Brentford), Balde (Barcelona), Laporte (Man City), Carvajal (Real Madrid), Rodri (Man City) , Gavi (Barcelona), Pedri (Barcelona), Morata (Atletico Madrid), Olmo (RB Leipzig)
  20. They've put more tickets for the Spain game on general sale. A3-A5 in the West Stand so looks like Spain returned more away tickets.
  21. Aye it's James' son, also called James. ETA: From our bench Mason McCready's dad having a Super Bowl ring > > > > McFadden's dad playing for Scotland.
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